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Deviation Actions

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Your Featured Gallery

The featured gallery is the first impression someone gets of your deviations. But did you know that your featured gallery does not have to include all your deviations?

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You can choose upon submission and at a later point, whether or not a deviation should be visible in your featured gallery or not.

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Additionally, you can re-arrange the deviations in the way you prefer. They are sorted after submission date by default, but you can arrange them however you want using the click and drag method. By arranging the content and order of it, you can choose what a visitor of your page sees first.

The rest of your gallery will of course stay accessible from the "All" button on the left side.

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KVJudge's avatar
I can't deselect an artwork from the "Submit to Gallery" (and "Update") options shown here. I just made a new folder and put it there, but both folders were blanked out.

Never mind! I found if you go to Browse Gallery/that folder, you can then press "Edit Page" in the right corner of the thumbnail pane. There you can individually select deviations and move or copy them to a folder or remove them from that folder specifically.
KVJudge's avatar
My next question is: can I remove something from Newest Deviations preview on my page?
FangurlFriday's avatar
How can I feature a gallery in my journal? Like a thumbnail? Is that possible?
lion-essrampant's avatar
I use my featured folder for the best pieces that I write for that year. Then I move them to a separate folder for the new year.
miontre's avatar
:love: This was a surprise! =P

Cool article, I think there are some people who don't realise this :noes:
CelestialMemories's avatar
I knew this but I never thought about using my featured folder! :la: I'll probably put things like DLDs and DDs and contest winning pieces in there!
elicoronel16's avatar
Oooh I recently organized my gallery into folders and left only some of my fave in Featured :la:
herebewonder's avatar
Hmm. I didn't know you could rearrange. Interesting...
Nameda's avatar
yep knew it use it :) one of the good changes dA made.
Lintu47's avatar
Urus-28's avatar
Yes I know and I use it ^^ It's very useful to give a good first impression of your gallery =)
Shirei-Shou's avatar
" I able to rearrange my featured folder"
I just knew it umh.. last 2 month? EEEECK....
I knew not all deviation will put there. But I never thought I also able to drag it like other folder. wakakaakak
I knew it accidentally.
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
I think that is one of my favorite changes ever on dA was the ability to edit our featured and folders.
CavyMomma's avatar
I'm such a neat freak that nothing is in that section because it's all organized into folders. I guess I could have some in both though.
ChelseaHantken's avatar
Haha, I was like that too. I still get reeeally freaked out when I see my boyfriend's desktop... icons everywhere O_O
CavyMomma's avatar
I use a 29" tv as my monitor at 1080p so because of my bad vision I have to keep my desktop clean so I can find stuff
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