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Deviation Actions

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Message Stacks

Suggested by namenotrequired, written by bradleysays

Did you know that messages can be stacked in your message center?

Using my message center as an example, stuck-in-suburbia has submitted two new deviations. They are shown separately in the deviation portion of my message center (see below).

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 12.19.11 PM by bradleysays

The stack feature allows you to group together deviations submitted by the same deviant or collected by the same group. (see below) All you need to do is press the stack button (Stackbutton by bradleysays), which is located on the right side of all "sections" of the message center.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 12.09.09 PM by bradleysays

As well as deviations, the stack feature can be used for other things:

  • Announcements: Announcements are stacked according to which group they are posted to.
  • Journals: When journals are stacked, all journals submitted by the same deviant or group are stacked.
  • Polls: All polls submitted by the same deviant or group are stacked.
  • Comments: All comments you receive that are placed in the same place (deviation, journal, user page) will be stacked.
  • Replies: All replies are stacked according to the comment they are responding to.
  • Activity: Favourites are stacked by deviation; all new deviantWATCHERs are stacked; and Llama Badges are stacked together.
  • Correspondence: Correspondence messages can NOT be stacked.
  • Notes: Notes can NOT be stacked.

Now you know how to stack messages! :)

Commissions Portal

Suggested by namenotrequired, written by bradleysays

Did you know that you* can browse Commissions via the Commissions Portal?

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 2.39.36 PM by bradleysays

The Commissions Portal allows you to browse Commissions with your own search terms or with pre-selected search terms such as Icons, Sketches, and Pixel Art. Once you have searched for a term, you can then sort by price range, allowing you to browse for commissions within your budget.

Read the Official Pre-Beta Announcement here

*Please note that this is in a Pre-Beta stage and is currently not available to all users.

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Good job you two!
SingingFlames's avatar
Excellent series! Thanks for sharing! :clap:
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I didnt know either that stacking could be turned off :faint: I just wish you could stack by deviant in faves and watches.. why? because then I could more easily thank a deviant, not saying thanks and then seeing oh there is another one..
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:thumbsup: Good job! :D

Also, for those that didn't notice, according to the commission page everyone gets access to the Commissions Portal by either installing the commission widget or buying a commission :)

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Love these article series, I didn't know I could turn stacking off, that's wonderful O.o