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Installing Journal Skins

Installing journal skins has always been an easy process, but the install button has recently been moved on the deviation pages which have left a few people confused. Here is a short guide on how to install a journal skin:

Step 1. Go to a journal skin found in the Installable Journal Skins gallery.

Step 2. On the sidebar of the deviation page, you will find an "Install" button. Click it.

Step 3. You will be taken to the "Write a Journal" page, where you can start writing a journal with the skin.

:dalogo: Please note that journal skins can only be used by Premium Members.

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the-Imposible-Cypher's avatar
ok, so I have a problem, I made a journal skin and uploaded it in the proper place, but there is no install button, help?
Nyamo-pon's avatar
Try viewing this tutorial sweetie~!  How to upload Journal Skins III by ginkgografix  It may help yuu~ It helped me <3
arzika's avatar
Some reason everytime I click "edit skin" the options for one of a journal skin I installed, the settings won't show up and I can't delete a journal skin :( (Sad)

SnowEmbrace's avatar
Maybe this is not the right place to ask this but... does someone else have a problem with this button? It doesn't work for me with any Journal Skin I find... I just click it and nothing happens ;u;
pica-ae's avatar
I think an icon would be good on the install button. All other buttons use icons and the install button is way too plain and doesn't get noticed cos of that. Also it would be consistent to have icon on all buttons :B 
bradleysays's avatar
I totally agree with that. :thumbsup:
lion-essrampant's avatar
I do like where it is now slightly better. It was a bit of an eyesore where it used to be. Took me a second to find it the first time after they changed it though. I was like, WTF? I know this is installab- ohhhhhhhh.
neurotype's avatar
I hear you can search journal skins from the journal itself too? Maybe that's how people are getting around o:
bradleysays's avatar
I have no idea. :o
neurotype's avatar
o: Research time.
LabLayers's avatar
Ever since dA moved their "Install" button, I end up not installing the journal skin because I can't find it. :P

But seriously, this is a really useful tutorial! :D
gillianivyart's avatar
I always thought, with the position change, they should have made it the same color it was before to ease the transition to find it.  It seems like Journal Skin deviations always get the last thought for things.  Like Sta.sh, it didn't used to support them.  And there have been other things.  I think there is quite a large community of coders on this site and new features should take that sort of usage into consideration.  :nod: </soapbox>
bradleysays's avatar
I think it would have looked weird if it were the same colour, but I do miss the little install icon that was in the old button. :(
gillianivyart's avatar
The color is better, it is just the old color is what everyone was used to looking for.  I can't think of what the icon looked like.
miontre's avatar
I like this skin. :nod:
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
:iconiseewhatyoudidthere: :giggle:

The skin got a new look, right?
And i am sure this will help a lot of people, even though i always wonder how so many do overlook it. Of course it is less prominent now, but still not that much hidden.
bradleysays's avatar
Yes, it did. :giggle:

I've had several people ask me how to install a journal skin since it was moved. :nod: I do love it's new home, though. :D
3wyl's avatar
Great stuff! :la:

I like the skin in this one. :O
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