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Earth. Far into the future, the world is in a crisis of overpopulation and a loss of adequate resources. However, a team has been created to find a new world. Using, a strange gem found with the ability to generate limitless electricity, they journey forth through a portal to gain a new planet.


(Open on a clearing in a forest. It seems peaceful, some animals nearby are playing. Suddenly a portal opens up, and the animals scatter, they stare behind trees watching as a metal transport vehicle comes through. A man in a strange exosuit steps out, and takes a reading of the atmosphere with a hand held device. He looks back at the machine, nods, and then takes off his helmet revealing a large mustache.)

(man in exosuit) Prof. Animus: Alright, Gamma Team, step out, the atmosphere is safe. We’ll set up the lab here.

(The back opens as soldiers in armor march out, carrying chainsaw guns. A young boy steps out the side of the machine, sneaking past the soldiers. He runs straight into the Prof.)

Prof. Animus: Alex? What are you doing out here? You should wait inside until the lab is ready.

Alex: I’m tired of being stuck in that tin can!

Prof. Animus: I know, but- (Two armadillo both red, and three wolves a pink, a green, and a purple walk out from the forest upright, all dressed like royalty)

Alex: Woah… I’ve never seen animals that can do that.

Queen Lola (the purple wolf): Who are you, and why do you trespass on our Kingdom?

Prof. Animus: (Gasp) Well, this is quite interesting. A Canis Lupis with the ability to talk.

Queen Lola: (Angry) Excuse me?

King Gunn (Larger red armadillo): Hold honey. (Ahem.) My apologies traveler, we are the king and queen of Timberoa. Where might’n you hail from?

Prof. Animus: Timberoa? We hail from Earth.

King Gunn: Earth? I’ve not heard of such a place. Perhaps you mean Dirthill. (Alex walks over to the younger trio of the group)

Alex: Hi, I’m Alex.

Bullet (The small armadillo): Hi, I’m Archie, but friends call me Bullet. Nice to meet you. We should be fri-

Queen Lola: Archie, get away from him. (Gun shots)

Soldier: Professor, we’re being attacked!

Prof. Animus: What? A trick?

King Gunn: No! We’d never!

Soldiers (over ear phone): There using some kind of technology to attack us with plants!

Prof. Animus: What? Plant control? Capture as many as you can alive and retreat, we’ll get their secrets out! Alex! (Pulls out a pistol)

King Gunn: What are you doing?! (A small scuffle happens as Prof. Animus grabs his son, pointing his gun at the group.)

Queen Lola: What kind of weapon is that? (Prof. Animus shoots as Lola bounds towards him, but king Gunn gets in the way, his natural armor bouncing the bullet into the air. The humans begin retreating to their machine, as two soldiers come from behind and knock out the King and Queen.)

Prof. Animus: Leave them, take the children. We can always use them as ransom for the Technology. (The machine they arrived on gets packed and leaves through a new portal.)

For the next three years, a war was raged between the Gaussians and the Humans. Heavy Casualties were had by both sides, and a large number of Gaussians were captured for interrogation, until it was discovered that Magic was the source of the Gaussians Power, not Technology. The captured were then experimented on by Prof. Animus, who had slowly gone mad with power, creating dozens, if not hundreds, of special powered Gaussians using two of the gems the Humans had managed to capture. It was not until a small strike force, created by the King of Arbordale Royland, known as the Crown Fangs, managed to sneak into the labs of Prof. Animus, and Killed him, resulting in the lab self-destructing. However, the Crown Fangs managed to escape with all the experiments.

The Human government then agreed that they would not invade their world again, and a truce was signed. The Humans shared their technology with the Gaussians, but very little was integrated. In return, the Gaussians shared a portion of their harvests. But, in the midst of this all, the 2 stolen Elemental Gems were still missing.

-Ten years later-

Arbordale celebrates its ten years since the victory against the humans, and during this day, they have a festival throughout the kingdom, and at Arbordale’s capital, Denton, a great set of games like the Olympics is held at the coliseum. A young purple cat is on her way to compete to gain audience with the king.

(A Purple cat walks into the city of Denton, many citizens are hustling and bustling about their day, it seems that everyone in the country has come out. The Cat is nearly run over by a quick moving brown rabbit in suspenders.)

Jack (The rabbit): Woah! Hey, why don’tcha watch where you’re go-! Oh! Oh, I’m sorry mum, didn’t mean no harm.

Claire (the cat): No worries friend. I should have been more cautious of my surroundings and your approach.

Jack: (Thinking) Boy she talks funny.(End thoughts) Yeah? Well good t’ hear. Name’s Jack by the by. I’m competin’ in the Champion’s Tournament today.

Claire: Ah, yes, that was my destination as well. I am called Claire. Might you be able to escort me there?

Jack: Sure, I can show you the way. But you’ll have t’keep up!

Claire: (Thinking) Yes, this will be a great way to compare my speed with the participants.

(The two take off, leaping over stands and parkouring across the city, until the coliseum is in sight. A lynx sits in a chair, bored with her head in her hand.)

Nicole (The Lynx): (To self) You just HAD to volunteer to do the sign-ups for the tournament Nicole. Oh, sure, you could see all the hunks that come in to test themselves, but YOU took the last minute entrees. (begins slapping self in face) Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Oh well. At least my shift is finally over and I can see them all in action. (Gets up, grabs papers and begins to leave)

Jack: Wait! Me friend and I would like t’have a word wif you!

Nicole: Huh? W-woah! (Claire manages to stop, but Jack tumbles into the table, taking Nicole with him.)

Jack: Sorry about that love. I wanted to get registered and so did my new friend. (Nicole brushes herself off, picks the table and sheets up, then sighs)

Nicole: I suppose I can let you in. (hands the two registration forms.) Fills these out, I have to get these all back to my supervisor in...three minutes so… (The two return the forms filled already) Good. Registrants go through that entrance.

Jack: Meet ya inside Claire.

Claire: Same to you friend.


Two announcer raccoons and an Ox, sit at a table located halfway down, the stands are packed with people, but they, and one other area opposite of the announcers have small booths with much more lavish appearances than the rest of the coliseum.

Mike (Racoon 1): Greetings sports fans! I’m Mike Rofon.

Mac (Racoon 2): And I’m Mac Rofon.

Mike: Today we have quite the event, and it seems that the entire country has come out to see this momentous occasion.

Mac: That’s right Mike, it’s been 10 years to the day that the peace treaty between us and the Humans was signed, signifying our victory.

Mike: Right you are Mac, and to celebrate, as we do every year, the King of Aberdale, Royland, puts on the Crown Fang Games, which are said to mimic the same trials that they went through when stopping the human forces.

Mac: Safely of course.

Mike: Correct.

Mike: This year however is different, being the 10th anniversary, King Royland has allowed the filming of today’s events to be transmitted all around the globe from here to your homes and radios.

Mac: Right you are Mike, and joining us today in the spectator stands, winner of the CFG five years running, Crules’ Number One Son, Ivan Stanworth Bullock.

Mike: Welcome to the show Ivan.

Ivan: Thank you Mike, so glad to be here.

Mac: Thank you for coming on the show.

Mike: So, tell us Ivan, why did you choose to sit out on today’s game?

Mac: Ending your consecutive win streak.

Mike: And losing the chance to be hailed as Champion by the king once again.

Ivan: I tell you why. Ivan wish to pass chance for limelight on to fresh blood. Ivan strong, no doubt, but Ivan humble and charitable as well.

Mike: I see.

Mac: Not because there are rumors of young blood Archibald “Bullet” Arma?

Mike: One of the Gaussians that had been tested on by human scientist Prof. Animus?

Mac: Possibly being given special abilities to surpass your own?

Ivan: (Chuckles) HA HA HA HA! No, Ivan would still crush like little bug. Ivan simply want to see how others compare to Ivan’s skills, without exerting self.

Mike: Good to hear Ivan.

Mac: And just in Time. Camera 3. (Camera pans to a wolf in regal garb with a crown entering the other side of the arena. Behind him are a Weasel in slight bits of armor and a female wolf in a light blue dress wearing a tiara.)

Mike: There he is ladies and gentlemen, King Royland himself, accompanied by his daughter Celene and the King’s Personal bodyguard.

Mac: Prince Solis still absent due to his peace work in the Kingdom of Malum.  In just a moment, King Royland himself will read the names of today’s contestants.

Mike: Each will come out of the locker room, and await the King’s royal graces for a good game.

(on the other side)

Celena: Dad, I don’t see why I have to be here. I need to study if I’m going to be the best queen possible. Besides, I hate this thing. Every year it’s the same. Musclebound jerks just looking to be the next big thing.

Royland: Celena, I’ve told you before, this is also part of being Queen. Besides, you haven’t chosen a groom yet, and your brother is set to wed as well. You’ll need to pick soon, and if you don’t, I may have to use the old rules and pick from the champions your suitor.

Celena: (sighs) Fine, I’ll pick someone within the next month, just please calm down.

Royland: Good.

Nicole: Here are the names sire. (Hands Royland a sheet of paper)

Royland: Thank you Nicole.

Mike: And it looks like the King is ready.

Royland: Greetings one and all. Today, we celebrate those brave men and women that bravely risked their lives to stop the Human Invasion of our planet, and to rescue those of us subjugated by them. Some lost their loved ones, some their livelihood, and some lost their own lives…

-in the locker room-

(a few random animals are talking amongst each other, some hyping themselves up. A red armadillo sat next to a door signing autographs from “fangirls”. Claire approaches him.)

Claire: Might you be the one known as Bullet?

Bullet: I sure am. What might be your name kitty?

Claire: I am Claire Dela Luna. Why, might I ask, are you so…Pompous.

Bullet: Pompous? Look who’s talking.

Claire: I apologize if my vocabulary is superior to your own.

Announcer (Over PA) Would all non-participants, please report to your seats. (The fangirls “aww” and leave blowing kisses at Bullet)

Bullet: Hey, sorry about that. I have to keep a tough guy look in front of them.

Claire: W-what do you mean?

Bullet: I’m a prince. I’m also a hero in my kingdom, and gained the nickname of Bullet. So, that’s what everyone calls me.

Claire: Why ‘Bullet’?

Royland (over PA): Archibald “Bullet” Arma!

Bullet: You’ll see out on the field. (Bullet leaves)

Royland (over PA): Claire Dela Luna!

Jack: See you on the field Claire! (Claire Leaves)

(A pair of yellow eyes glow behind Jack)




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