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The Letter People Portrait
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Published: May 15, 2016
A big portrait for the Letter People.

The Letter People represented as so:

- Miss A: Achoo
- Mister B: Beautiful Buttons
- Mister C: Cotton Candy
- Mister D: Delicious Donuts
- Miss E: Exercise
- Mister F: Funny Feet
- Mister G: Gooey Gum
- Mister H: horrible Hair
- Miss I: Itchy Itch
- Mister J: Jumbled Junk
- Mister K: Kicking
- Mister L: Lemon Lollipops
- Mister M: Munching Mouth
- Mister N: Noisy Nose
- Miss O: Obstinate 
- Mister P: Pointy Patches
- Mister Q: Quiet
- Mister R: Ripping Rubberbands
- Mister S: Super Socks
- Mister T: Tall Teeth
- Miss U: Upsy-Daisy Umbrella
- Mister V: Violet Velvet Vest
- Mister W: Wonderful Wink
- Mister X: MiXed Up (All Wrong)
- Mister Y: Yawning
- Mister Z: Zipping Zippers 

You can find the entire series here:…
And you can listen to the songs…
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LookOutHereComesTom's avatar
I loved this series when I was little!  Someday I hope I get to make a video game based off of it...
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chrisb4000Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like this drawing!  I watched the letter people series on TV and it's really interesting how you captured some of those characters based on the puppets from the show!
TheIronBrony1981's avatar
TheIronBrony1981Hobbyist Artist
I remember them!:iconcoolplz:
LDEJruffFan's avatar
LDEJruffFanHobbyist Artist
Can you do more Letter People stuff?
LDEJruffFan's avatar
LDEJruffFanHobbyist Artist
Great job! You made the Letter People look NOT absolutely horrifying! My favorite(in general) is Miss E, both for my... interests and actually looking rather cute and not all the nightmare fuel the show/original program is! (They modernized the program, and it is BORING!)
Bradandez's avatar
BradandezHobbyist General Artist
I actually love how "nightmare fuel" the original designs and the show were. They had such a surreal art style to them that I adore and even used some to design my interpretations. 
LDEJruffFan's avatar
LDEJruffFanHobbyist Artist
Yeah... my fave is Miss E. Yours?
jbwarner86's avatar
Never thought I'd see these weirdos again after kindergarten, and I had no idea it was so popular, but this show is apparently way more fondly remembered than I thought. And yours is the first fan art I've ever seen for it, and man, what a great piece it is! :)
Bradandez's avatar
BradandezHobbyist General Artist
Thank you. I remember rediscovering back in 2015, kinda appalled by their cheap designs but the more I looked more into the program I came around and loved everything about it. I've seen fan art before but it's not a lot.
CHCHcartoons's avatar
This looks really great. I love how you designed them from the show (as well as incorporating their original designs from the original art on some of them)
Bradandez's avatar
BradandezHobbyist General Artist
I tried to go with a mix of both. I found every puppet to be an improvement from their original designs, but I added some of the original designs' elements into my drawings because I love those so much. Mr. X I went with his original design because it was way more unique than his puppet.
MSKM2001's avatar
Great work!  I remember this show from when I was a kid.
Bradandez's avatar
BradandezHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
MSKM2001's avatar
You're welcome!!
adventuremaster18's avatar
adventuremaster18Student Traditional Artist
SO MUCH NOSTALGIA! Actually, it's funny, my preschool had the new letter people, which i originally though we're awesome, but one of the first times I went on youtube, i saw the original letter people and admitted they were much better! Amazing artwork!
Bradandez's avatar
BradandezHobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I really don't like the designs of the new Letter People, so it's nice to see others liking the originals.
dannichangirl's avatar
I think it's truly incredible work of art, each and every letter person turn out awesome, love it :D
Bradandez's avatar
BradandezHobbyist General Artist
MrOAH's avatar
MrOAHStudent Filmographer
Didn't you just post this exact picture not long ago? .3.
Bradandez's avatar
BradandezHobbyist General Artist
A similar one. This one has every Letter Person, while the old one only had a few.
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