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Alter-Ego: Melinda Bridget Crane

Identity: Secret

Marital Status
: Married (John Crane, Private Investigator and Owner - Argo Investigations and Security (AIS))


Cecilia Crane (daughter)
Joseph Crane (son)
Theresa Doherty (niece)
Dr. Richard Doherty (father)
Karen Doherty (mother)
Malcolm Doherty (older brother)
Michael Doherty (younger brother)
Dr. Sabrina (Brie) Doherty (aunt)

Current Occupation: Lawyer and Owner - Phoenix Law LLC

Prior Occupations:

Mayor - City of Angel Falls
Professor of Law - Pianosa Academy
Lawyer and Senior Partner - Crane, Poole, & Schimidt LLC

Birthday: October 19th
Age: 35 (as of October 2016)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Green (as Melinda)/ Electric Blue (as Mindy Marvel)
Hair: Dark Red (as Melinda)/ Scarlet (as Mindy Marvel)
Ethnicity: Caucasian (of Irish and English heritage)

General Appearance:  Due in part to her superpowers, along with her lifetime of athletic endeavors, Melinda's possesses a lean, muscular physique. 


Left-handed, but signs things as Mindy Marvel with her right hand
Has to wear glasses in her civilian identity due to being slightly nearsighted
Places index finger parallel on lips when thinking or listening

Hometown: Ocean Gate

Current Base of Operations: Dream Haven

Group Affiliation: None

Personality Traits (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator): ESFJ - The Consul (Outgoing, Loyal, Organized, Sensitive and Warm)


Mindy is able to tap into the Earth's natural electrical field and is the source of her powers which include:

Enhanced Physical Abilities

Superhuman Strength:  Mindy is able to lift up to 25 tons

Superhuman Stamina
: Mindy's musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. She can physically exert herself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair her.

Superhuman Agility
: Mindy's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Reflexes: Mindy's natural reaction time is enhanced to a level that is beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Durability: The tissues of her body are somewhat harder and more resistant to injury than those of an ordinary human. While far from invulnerable, Mindy is able to withstand impact forces that would severely injure or kill an ordinary human with only mild to moderate discomfort.

Accelerated Healing:  Mindy is able to heal or recover very quickly from surface injuries and minor illnesses (usually the same day).  Small injuries and illnesses such as the flu would be at a 90% rate. Her ability decreases at a similar rate the more severe the injuries   Mindy is not invulnerable to poisons and is as susceptible to diseases, such as cancer, as a normal person.

Flight:  By utilizing magnetic levitation (maglev), Mindy is able to fly up to a maximum speed of 375 miles per hour.

Electricity Manipulation


Electrical Blasts
:  Generated from her eyes, Mindy is able to shoot blasts that are equal in intensity to an average bolt of lightning (30 kiloamps).  She is able to increase the intensity to a larger bolt (up to 120 kiloamps) at the expense of her other abilities.

Energy Gauntlets
: Mindy is able to wrap a certain amount of electrical energy around her hands and forearms, increasing the potential to stun targets in close quarters/melee combat.

Taser: Mindy is able to generated modulated blasts of electricity from her fingertips that can be used to temporarily stun the nervous system.

Thunder Drop: Mindy can drain the energy around her while in the air, and send a powerful shockwave upon impact with the ground. The blast force and range can grow greater depending on the height from which she drops.


Polarity Wall:  Mindy is able to generate a personal force field that can withstand up to a .50 caliber heavy machine gun, granting her limited invulnerability,  Mindy can increase the size and strength of the wall, for a limited period of time, at the expense of her other abilities.

Shockwave: A method of crowd control and object manipulation, Mindy is able send pulses of electricity from her hands to physically push or throw objects away.  Used against people, it can temporarily (or permanently) incapacitate others.

Electrified Epidermis: Similar to the electric eel, Mindy can send a shock of 860 volts throughout her body for two milliseconds producing a brief and painful numbing shock, similar to a stun gun discharge, for those in contact with her skin.


Electromagnetic Sense: Mindy is able to "see" anything with electric or magnetic properties. This sense works in conjunction with her regular eyesight but is most dominant when normal visibility is limited. Electricity (e.g. electrical wires/current) glows the brightest and metal (e.g. nails in furniture, studs in walls, pipes, etc) is dimmer. This sense does not work on items that are not metal (wood, plastic, etc).

Mind-Reading/Lie Detector: Mindy is able to read thoughts by analyzing the electrical activity that makes up a person's brainwaves - limited to surface thoughts.

Pulse Heal
: Similar to a defibrillator, Mindy is able to deliver a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to a person by placing her hands on them.

Electrical Absorption: Mindy is able to absorb the electrical energy from surrounding objects (i.e. car batteries, outlets, street lights) by direct touch.  This is used primarily to recover from extensive use of her powers but, if needed, it can be used to boost her powers/abilities temporarily.

Form Changes
: Using a small portion of her powers, Melinda is able to make changes to her physical form to help protect her identity. Her green eyes become a glowing electric blue and her dark red hair, a vibrant scarlet. Melinda’s voice is altered as well, sounding similar to synthesizer reverb


Her powers can be disrupted by electromagnetic pulses. This will cause her to lose her abilities temporarily and her recovery will be slower than normal.

If Mindy absorbs an excess amount of energy, and is unable to discharge it, it will interfere with the electrical impulses in her brain and central nervous system causing mental confusion / disorientation and seizures.

Since Mindy's powers are tied to the Earth's unique physiology, if she is in an alternate dimension then her body will not be able to recharge.  She will have use of her powers but they will deplete with use and, ultimately, Mindy will be rendered powerless.


An upgraded version of Mindy's uniform was developed by Dr. Tiffany Johnson (Crimson Dynamo/Crimson Valkyrie) during their first encounter in Steel City.

Top/Skirt/Sleeves/Gloves/Boots: A variant of the Dr. Johnson's Battle-Skin formula, a leather-like synthetic material that is extremely light and durable, capable of turning away bullets and blades of most calibers and varieties. Mindy's uniform is bound in a ferromagnetic fluid and is housed in a compartment in her belt. Using the "Body Map" created by the nervous system, along with her control of magnetic fields, Mindy is able to form this liquid version of the Battle-Skin to form the uniform (with the exception of her belt and cape) on her body. Since this is controlled unconsciously, her uniform can't be removed even if Mindy herself loses consciousness. 

Belt: In addition to storing her costume, her belt contains two ion batteries on each side of her belt for a quick charge, to boost or recover her powers, if needed. They can be opened via the two nodules on each side through the interface built into the fingertips of her gloves. There's also a communications device built into her belt buckle that enables her to contact her fellow heroes/heroines and emergency services, along with a GPS locator and distress signal. In addition, her cell phone is patched into this device for personal calls.  She is able to communicate through a specially designed Bluetooth headset.

Cape: Mindy's cape is made up of nano-tube fibers that make it tear resistant and a tensile strength of steel cable, while giving it the weight and feel of silk.


After arriving in Angel Falls, Mindy has been increasing her fighting skills by training in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), rising to a current rank of Black Belt 1st Degree.  MCMAP is a hand-to-hand and close quarters combat system that draws influences from several disciplines including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing, jujitsu, judo, sambo, krav maga, karate, aikido, eskrima, hapkido, taekwondo, kung fu, and kick boxing.  Training has been overseen by former Marine, Maj. Maia Bonner-Yezhov (Walkiria) and Olga Yezhov (Soviet Superwoman).

Mindy's education and experience has given her an extensive knowledge of the legal system.


Mindy has played basketball her entire life with participation in sanctioned leagues since age 8.  Her skills and ability helped her obtain a scholarship to Faber College.  She continues to play as a form of recreation.

Mindy has played the Piano since age 6 and has a moderate skill level comparable to a person with a few years of structured lessons.


St Terese of Lisieux Catholic Church


Melinda grew up in a middle class Irish Catholic family in the Midwestern United States. Her parents instilled a strong work ethic and a desire to help those less fortunate then her. This helped her throughout her youth as she excelled both in sports and school as she was able to attend Faber College on a combined academic and athletic scholarship (basketball).

It was there where she met John, a starting linebacker on the team and computer science major. Melinda graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and, were married shortly afterwards. That fall they moved to Steel City and Melinda started law school at Steel City University.

She was hired by the firm Poole and Schmidt LLC after passing the bar exam and worked on a few low profile cases. Her major break happened when John was framed by Petromerica, one of the largest oil producing corporations, of murdering James Caldwell, a powerful environmental activist. She led John's defense team and it was during that time that Melinda was exposed to the Transformatrix, a device that activated her dormant meta genes and granted her amazing powers. Using her newfound abilities, she was able to track down key evidence and bring the man who orchestrated the plan to justice.

John and Melinda moved to Angel Falls soon after to help set up the firm's newest office in the city. Displeased in seeing how the city was being run, she declared her intention to run for the office of Mayor despite her lack of political experience.  It was at her announcement of her candidacy at the reopened Tartarus prison where she defended the crowd against the attack of the evil Dark Star, exposing her identity to the public at large. While Mindy was able to save the public at large from her attack, she later found out she was rendered sterile due to the radiation exposure from the damaged fusion generators.

The reaction to Melinda's public outage as Mindy Marvel was a boost to her campaign but it had an equally negative consequence to her private life.  Dark Inferna attacked Melinda at her work and John at their home.  Mindy was let go from the firm due to safety concerns. John was kidnapped and Mindy's was embroiled in a sex scandal with Olga Yezhov.  While this was later proven false, the media circus that accompanied was too much for the voters to ignore and she lost a close election. 

A bright spot in an otherwise dark time was the adoption of Cecilia Baldwin, who was recently orphaned following the murder of her parents and saved from a similar fate by the Soviet Superwoman.  After her mayoral campaign was derailed, Melinda accepted a position at Pianosa Academy, a prestigious boarding school whose goal is the training and education of children, aged 14 to 18, who possess superhuman abilities. Mindy acted as a legal adviser for the academy along with teaching and counseling those who would be the next generation of heroes for Angel Falls until another opportunity at the mayoral office presented itself.

Again her campaign faced hurdles, this time an assassination attempt, but Melinda ultimately prevailed as she was elected Mayor by a wide margin.  Although her term was short she was able to accomplish some of her promises, including balancing the budget without affecting the core services provided by the city.  She was forced to resign from office after discovering she was pregnant, a development thought impossible as she was previously rendered sterile from the exposure of radiation resulting from Dark Star's attack on Tartarus.  After safely delivering the newest member of the Crane Family Melinda went back to her roots and opened up her own law firm, Phoenix Law LLC
A more in-depth look at Mindy's background and updated powers and weaknesses. Any input or ideas are appreciated.

Updated 8/29/15 with elements derived from a bio sheet created by pablodiablo316 along with bringing Mindy's history up to date

Updated 5/14/16 with removal of Super Speed and updated history to reflect upgrade to original costume.

Updated 5/22/16 with addition of Electromagnetic Sense. Updated description and max speed of Flight.  Ionic Storm removed to compensate and retain balance.

Updated 4/21/17 with addition of Energy Gauntlets, Electrified Epidermis, Form Changes, updated costume description.

Updated 4/22/17 with re-addition of Thunder Drop and Mindy's strength level increased to 25 tons (up from 5). Also added some manners and characteristics. Idea borrowed AzureVirgo 's character files.

Updated 7/28/17 with some subtractions to her Form Changes (removal of height and muscle mass increases) and change to profile image.

Artwork by PGandara

Walkiria (c) Teri-Minx , Soviet Superwoman (c) Soviet-Superwoman , Crimson Valkyrie (c) CrimsonVlkyrie

Mindy Marvel (c) brad328 and is a proud resident of DreamHaven-WestEnd / Dream-HavenDA
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