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Mindy Marvel: Reverse Retro

Lady Justice: Court is Adjourned
Isla: Jules! Jules: What is it this time? Isla: Computers! Everyone's talking about AI and creating pictures with just a few words. Jules: Right, it's causing a little bit of a controversy. Isla: Yeah it doesn't work! I typed in #BestBritishRedhead and look what it came up with! It doesn't even look like me! Jules: But, it doesn't look like Poison either... Isla: Well, I'm not happy with this. Jules: You should be. You're so unique, even the smartest computers can't duplicate it. Isla: Thanks always know the right thing to say... Jules: You're welcome, now go back to bed. It's 3 o'clock in the morning and you probably woke up the rest of the house...
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Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for your support in 2022. What does the next year...meaning the next month or so hold? More of the twins, CeCe and Allie. They're following in their mother's footsteps, and they've already done the Wonder Woman cosplay But there's a few other outfits they may try on as well... Melinda: Not this one! Probably not that outfit...but there are others. ;) Hopefully another adventure in the "Wonder Twins" universe is in the cards as well...will their mighty Amazon mothers show up? After the Tesla Twins/Wonder Twins are out of my system, I'm aiming for more of Xia/Bauhinia in both of her heroic forms And I'd like to get stories involving the below three: her best friend Jasmine/Lotus, her former college roommate Emma/Shadow Samurai, and collaborator Sofie/Machtiga Plus, we can't forget the lovely Jade Lotus Or Xia's assistant who is also the Avian Angel, Wonder Wren After that, who knows? Maybe more Melinda...or getting back to the
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We've seen what the audience has responded to for this year, but here are some of my favorites: It's a solo adventure for Jules...well, not quite, solo. Dynamite, the #BestBritishBulldog tags along to see Jules fight a crook and the puppy helps save the day. Minx gets into the hero game...reluctantly. Her plans for liberating some art from a famous museum in New York City are turned upside down as she's forced to stop a bank robbery and save a young girl's life. Unfortunately, the police were unable to find the money stolen from the bank...;) Xia and Emma reunite, and Shadow is surprised at what her former roommate looks like now. After defeating Potentia and her minions, the two regroup at the hotel for Xia's explanation of her new superpowers and talk about the upcoming nuptials between Tiffany and Ashley. Romance is in the air for Nari and Xia but it seems Nari is a bit tied up. Xia goes "full bloom" to save her partner. :D
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