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Hurricane Data File

Heroine Name
: Hurricane
Alter Ego/Civilian Identity: Charlotte Watson
Occupation: Intelligence Officer
Rank: Flight Lieutenant (RAF)/Chief Operative (SIS)
Birthplace: West Newborough, Scotland
Age: 25 
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 150 lbs. 
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Race: Human (Cybernetically Enhanced)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual


Supersonic Speed (maximum ground speed of Mach 1)
Superhuman Durability and Metabolism
Superhuman Agility and Reflexes
Enhanced Strength (1000 pounds overhead /  1500 pounds bench press)
Charlotte Watson was a standout pilot in the RAF's Joint Helicopter Command, specializing in search and rescue missions along with medical emergency response. But her career l
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Lotus Quick Data File

Heroine Name
: Lotus
Alter Ego/Civilian Identity: Jasmine Patel
Occupation: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Mitchell AFB
Rank: Captain (USAF) / Senior Nursing Officer (Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service) / Lieutenant (Royal Navy)

: Westlon Isle, Wales
Current Residence: Orchard City, California
Age: 33
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Race: Human (Genetically Enhanced)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight


Superhuman Strength: Jasmine can lift a maximum weight of over 50 metric tons with normal effort.
Supersonic Flight: Jasmine can reach a maximum flight speed of Mach 1.
Superhuman Durability and Metabolism:  Jasmine's bones, skin, and muscles are denser and tougher. While not invulnerable, she is able to absorb blows that would affect normal
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We're in the last month of 2018...where the time go? 

So it feels like a good time to assess the year and get an idea of what may happen the next.

2018 featured a lot of character work. For Mindy, there was work on some supporting players, villains, and career (thanks to CrimsonVlkyrie for the Crane Foundation concept).

Supporting Cast
John Crane: Melinda's husband, the two met at Steel Canyon University during Freshman Orientation. After graduation from SCU with a degree in criminal justice, John served as a Military Police Officer in United States Army at a base near Steel City before joining the Angel Falls Police department as a detective. After the family's move to Dream Haven,  John started his own private security and investigations firm while also serving on the board of The Crane Foundation.
Cecilia (CeCe) Crane: John and Melinda's adopted 10 year old daughter. Enthusiastic and curious about everything, CeCe always tries to be helpful (even if she unintentionally gets in the way). Wants a pony.
Joseph Crane: John and Melinda's 3 year old son. Currently the quietest of the Crane children.
Elizabeth Meiri: Melinda's college roommate at Steel Canyon University, Fashion major. Originally from Southern California, Liz has a big and bubby personality that draws in everyone
The Crane Foundation
Based in Dream Haven, the Crane Foundation is located in the former West End Savings & Loan building and is owned and operated by Melinda Crane. Her husband, John, has a small stake in the foundation, which he helps run when he isn't busy with his detective work. The two story building houses Melinda's law practice, which offers low cost legal help to those in need, and her charity organization where she uses her contacts and resources to help the less fortunate.
The Foundation also has a mentoring program and heavily supports the local orphanage and its adoption programs.
Along with private donations, the Crane Foundation is funded, in part, by royalties received from Mindy Marvel related merchandise and licensing fees.
The basement contains Claudia's work area where she has room to do the repairs and upgrades of people's computers, smart phones, and tablets. There's also a private elevator that goes to the second floor.
The ground floor houses

Potentia: Vanquisher of the Light by brad328 Chanteuse: Siren of Shatachna by brad328 Minx: On the Prowl by brad328

But then everything took a hard left turn in the last third of the year with the introduction of Isla/Spitfire, which then led to Jasmine/Lotus, then Charlotte/Hurricane...then the avalanche of Caitlin/Ember, Claire/Frost, Megan/Bluebird, and Li Na/Bauhinia. And Isla's nickname "The British Bombshell" turned into a league of British Bombshells

Spitfire: English Power by brad328 Lotus: Indian Flower by brad328 Hurricane: Scottish Speedster by brad328 Ember: Irish Fire by brad328 Frost: Irish Cool by brad328 Bluebird: Welsh Wonder by brad328 Bauhinia: Orchid of Hong Kong by brad328

So, overall, there was a lot of production here. Not any long form stories but some shorts that I'm happy with and that's probably what you will see going forward. And speaking of going forward...


New Characters

As I've mentioned in previous entries, there will be no new characters introduced next year. Mostly because I don't want a large roster that I know I'll never be able to manage (not saying a large roster of characters is bad, there are some talented people who do and they handle it well). And that means no villains as well. Why? Because, at my core, I love the good girls. I mean, I used a villain's outfit and turned it into Isla/Spitfire which then beget 6 more heroines.  So if one villain ended up adding seven do the math. :)


There's been a lot of new artwork posted this year, which is cool because I like getting it done and sharing it and seeing the feedback it creates. But I'm hoping to scale that back going forward. My plan is one piece per month and a short story accompanying it.


So you haven't seen much of her in the last few months.

Mindy: "Unless you follow CrimsonVlkyrie, she hasn't forgotten about me! :( "

That's true, follow her for amazing content featuring Crimson Valkyrie, Silver Falcon, Hornette, and others (including Mindy... ;) ).

I have a pretty one track mind so when Isla came together, the whole Bombshells concept became my focus. So once that train makes it back to the station, you'll see more Mindy. Not sure when, but sometime next year. 

Thanks to everyone for your support this year, in the past, and (hopefully) in the future. :)

Headtrip's hair color for Dark Trinity persona 

20 deviants said Red hair
18 deviants said Black Hair


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