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Isabelle is getting ready for Smash!!

By BrachyArtz
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This is too cute

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someone pls make this a animatsion

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Such a short and strong girl. Isabelle is cute no matter what she's doing. 
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She is more like Spoengbob, Like spongebob can't Really Easily Lift the Barbel, BTW... Nice cute art, I Really Wanna be a fan of her...

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She needs to improve more is she want defeat everyone.
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she only weighs 13 Ibs tho

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That seems very few for a character that tall.
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she is a shitzu. they dont weigh much

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Yes but she is a big shitzu. Around the same size that the mayor.
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This is amazing 
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With the addition of 2, COUNT 'EM, TWO marshmallows!
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I see she's on the Bikini Bottom Training Regimen.
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Next on her Workout list: FINGER EXERCISES WITH THE TV REMOTE! (50 bucks if you can guess why I said this)
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*arm falls off*

Could you get that?

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Now I'm a jerk and everyone loves me!
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Go get 'em!
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I'm gonna main her... it's going to be a tough road ahead of but I mained Sonic before so I will make this work.
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Is dis a spongebob reference?
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