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Lepidoptera-ronin – a moth-like monster samurai-esque armour, wields a bow and arrow. One of the two females in the main quartet.

Name: Lepidoptera-ronin

Daikaiju type: mutated butterfly

Martial art: Kyūdō

Weapon: bows and arrows

Powers: Flight, Multiple Arms, Size Shifting 

Role in the team: Gadgeteer and weapons expert

Positive traits: Weapons expert, fantastic variety of trick arrows, intelligent, analytical, elegant

Negative Traits: moody, pessimistic, critical, inflexible (metaphorically)

Backstory: Lepidoptera-ronin was once a small average caterpillar in the Zoo’s bug exhibit. While she was in her Chrysalis, she was transforming into a butterfly, but was hit by a piece of the power crystal. This mutated her DNA, transforming her into a gigantic four-armed winged humanoid form.

Favourite doughnut flavour: Orange and Apricot

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