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Inspired by the Ki-Ya Karate Monsters show within a show from the Simpsons episode, I came up with the idea of Dojo Daikaiju, a comic strip mixing martial arts action with monstrous parody characters. Other inspirations included TMNT and Ultraman.

Goi-Judo – a reptilian monster and the leader of the team. Wields a katana.

Name: Goi-Judo

Daikaiju type: Mutated Goijrhedosaurus Rex

Martial art: Judo

Weapon: Katana

Powers: fire breath, spiky tail, amphibious nature, Size Shifting 

Role in the team:  Leader

Positive traits: Charismatic, born leader, determined, strong-willed, driven

Negative Traits: hot-tempered, overemotional, rude, crude, somewhat amoral, violent, vengeful, aggressive, impulsive, not very cooperative

Backstory: Goi-Judo was once the alpha male leader of a pack of Goijrhedosaurus, a species of theropod dinosaurs that lived in the late Cretaceous period. He was killed by the meteor that wiped out most dinosaur species, and turned into a fossil. Many Millions of years later, his fossilised remains were found and displayed in a museum in Brightokyo Zoo, to demonstrate the history of life. When the power crystal hit him, he was not only brought back to life, he was also mutated into a more humanoid form. After wandering aimlessly, seeking revenge for his lost species, he received a flyer to come to Sensei Omnui’s dojo, and trained in Judo.

Favourite doughnut flavour: Mint with Coconut shavings

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