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So I got tagged by :iconblazeknightdt: and decided this might be fun so here goes.

🌟 How old are you? Middleaged

🌟What gender and pronouns do you identify with? Sorry, I don't go in for this 72 gender crap. I'm a man, nuff said.

🌟 How social are you? Online, not overly social I'd say, I really need to better utilize my various social medias. But in real life, I'm extremely social. I generally prefer to deal with people face to face, even over talking on the phone to someone.

🔆 ART Not sure exactly what this meant as its just a single word so I'm left to interpret as best I can. Obviously yes, I do art. I largely work in illustration of a comic book type or style. I'm also proficient in pure illustration, that its illustration that does not have the particular stylization of comic book art. I'm also skilled at photomanipulations, painting and airbrushing but Ive been working almost exclusively digitally for several years now.

🌟 How long have you been on DeviantART? Wow, 10 years, had no idea it had been so long.

🌟 What are your future plans for the site? Continuing to use the site as a place to showcase my art and solicit work but now also to promote my comic book Mr Happy. Mr Happy 1: Cover

🌟 Do you want to pursue a career in art? Oh yes, in some fashion or another but what I'd really love to do is at least make a living producing a Mr Happy comic book and at best have a sprawling comic book company the likes of Marvel in the 90s and cameoing in a mega-successful series of films about my comic book universe. Hey, might as well dream big if you're gonna dream.

🌟 On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills? Honestly, I'd have to say a 5. I do some things reasonably well but I'm FAR behind where I want to be. I can point to artists here half my age who run circles around me. It's mostly because I allowed myself to be discouraged several times in my life from pursuing art. There were stretches where I didn't draw a thing for almost a decade. If I'd been committed from the time I was at least in high school forward I could arguably at the level of pros like Jim Lee. Lesson, don't ever give up because if you stop using it you do indeed lose it. 

🌟 Do you ever plan on leaving DeviantART? I don't foresee any reason to. I've had to take hiatuses due to outside circumstances from time to time but this site is still my favorite art community.

🌟 Who is your favorite visual artist? Jeez, no way I could name just one! I've been inspired by so many people over the years. Gun to my head maybe Frank Frazetta as his career was very diverse with his art being used for comics, movies, animation, metal albums, fantasy books and more I'm sure. I'd love for my body of work to bee all over the place like that. Man was a legend!

🌟 Do you use a tablet or a mouse? Currently, I draw using a Wacom Cintiq 13HD which is really nice but soon I hope to purchase an iPad Pro 12.9 inch. It will grant me more flexibility and mobility that my current set up does.

🌟 How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork? Depends really, anywhere from a day to a week depending on the project. For instance, a comic book page can take 3 days or more. This is because I have to pencil, ink, color, letter everything myself.

🌟 How well do you handle criticism? Very well. Talk to a few editors at a comic con and you grow a thick skin fast! You have to be able to take criticism if you want to make it as an artist in my opinion.

🔆 RELATIONSHIPS Happily married for many years now.

🌟 What is your sexuality/romantic preference? I luvs tha women!

🌟 Are you currently in a relationship? Previously answered.

🌟 Is your partner/spouse a deviant? No, while she is in fact, a creative herself (she makes jewelry) she has never shown an interest in joining the community. Perhaps she should showcase some of her jewelry here.

🌟 How long have you been together? Longer than some of you have been alive.

🔆 TAG EIGHT PEOPLE HERE!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! Naaaahhh, do it if ya want.
So I used to be all about doing photomanipulations for a few years there. really loved it and I created some cool stuff before I went back to just drawing. During that time I made a piece called Mr Scary. Its been the most popular thing in my gallery for like, forever. 

Mr Scary

Well out of the blue the gentleman who's stock I used to create said imager :iconmorf-stock: hit me up to let me know that I had made him a local legend. The hell? So I followed his link and discovered this:…

Fascinating that my art is now being used to create a false urban legend. Who knows it may become the next Slenderman. Apparently, my art has become rather popular for unauthorized use of late.
Just found this out a moment ago, I was just watching a video on YouTube from D Man1954. He's usually pretty up on what's happening in the world of Godzilla and kaiju movies in general and he's commenting on a possible leaked design of King Ghidorah for Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters coming out in 2019. Now I'd seen some other deviant's art used in supposed leaks of Godzilla 2 designs which I instantly recognized from here and took the time to put such rumors to bed. I did not, however know that my work had also been used in such a manner in particular this piece:

Kaiju Commissions - Monarch files: Rodan

It can be seen at the 1:17 mark in this video: [link]

Pretty crazy to find my stuff has been used to perpetuate some fake news but it probably hasnt been the first time this has happened. Usually someone sees my work and knows where it came from and lets me know but somehow this one slipped by. I was extra surprised that my stuff was used because most of these fake spoilers are usually either taken from the work of 3D artists or painters. You don't often see a who lot of comic book style art making the rounds of concept work these days. Only exception I can think of was the Slattern concept design for Pacific Rim.

If anyone knows of any other example of my art being used like this Id be curious to see it and the context its being used in..
Kaiju creator and former client of mine :iconjehubuddaka: reached out to me announcing that he had a Kickstarter for his comic Gurral the Smasher. Gurral is a pretty cool kaiju, a straight up brawler type with no special powers. He's very much Kong: Skull Island in that way, just a physical force to be reckoned with. Gurral first came to my awareness as a prospective kaiju for the game Colossal Kaiju Combat or CKC. I was asked to do a commission of this mighty beast and it was a rather enjoyable piece to work on. Later Gurral fo the Matt Frank :iconkaijusamurai: treatment for the game (which is freaking spectacular) and it wasn't too long after that, that the webcomics started appearing. They are good fun and actually gave the character more depth than I was expecting for a kaiju. Be sure to check out that link as well and read the free comics.

Now the author wants to expand on both the quality and quantity of his story. Check out the links, read the comics, visit the Kickstarter and if you dig all this, please support his efforts. And whatever you decide, thanks for giving this journal a look regardless.

Gurral Commission I did:
Kaiju Commission - Gurral the Smasher

Gurral Concept for CKC (Colossal Kaiju Combat):
Colossal Kaiju Combat - Gurral

Current Gurral webcomics:

Support the Kickstarter here:

So Ive been tagged by 3 people so far so I guess there's no avoiding this or denying my popularity among my DA friends lol. So I bend to your will and submit the requested meme. One tag was nonspecific, the other two tags had particular characters requested.

Tagged by :iconstrangestaeons: :icondoctorvorlon: :iconrevenant901:

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars


Deviant Universe - Mr Happy by Bracey100

1. Mr Happy is based at least in half on my actual self, right down to having my same name as his own. While a good portion of his life is pure fiction my own history, personality and ideology serve as his foundation.

2. Mr Happy was created by me in college back in 1988 for the superhero roleplaying game Champions. His original power set was akin to Superman's (just FAR less powerful) but with my personality and warped sense of humor.

3. Mr Happy's name was inspired not just by the smiley face motif but by a joke from my favorite comedian Robin Williams. Williams claimed to have named his penis Mr yeah, why would I admit this lol.

4. Mr Happy plays the court jester quite a lot but is actually very smart and often very shrewd. His nerdish devotion to superhero culture has allowed him to outwit many of his foes because he has a great deal of knowledge and understanding about how super powers work. He studies everyone like Batman would (even if he trusts you)...just in case.

5. Mr Happy's comic was originally going to be a spoof comic filled with archetypes of other heroes before I decided to get serious with his universe. This was largely due to my fandom of comics like Ambush Bug.

6. Mr Happy's definitive powers and personality traits  came from 3 sources. 1. Answering the question every comic nerd must answer. If you had powers what would they be. For me shapeshifting. 2. My enjoyment of heroes like Plastic Man, E-Man, The Mask, Morph and Slapstick. 3. Several long running RP sessions in the Marvel Super Heroes RPG developed in the 80s.

7. Unlike other heroes who have powers Mr Happy literally is his power. Nullifying his powers somehow could actually destroy him.

8. Mr Happy must sleep and dream each day to sustain both himself and his powers. 


Deviant Universe - Mr Yuck by Bracey100

1. Mr Yuck was indeed inspired by the poison control sticker. 

2. Back when the Mr Happy comic was gonna be a parody book Mr Happy after being exposed to radiation was going to turn into a Hulk like monster called Mr Yuck. His face was going to be a literal translation of the poison control sticker complete with its tongue sticking out. Because of that no one could understand Mr Yuck because his tongue was always out and it impossible to get what he was saying. For instance "Yuck smash!" would come out as "Yuug smath!'

3. Mr Happy doesn't know it but he and Mr Yuck know each other outside of their powered identities. 

4. In one possible end for my story Mr Happy and Mr Yuck are the last two beings in existence at the end of the universe.

5. Mr Yuck doesn't seem to exist. Attempts to scan reveal only an absence of information. Some sensors have detected him by registering this void.

6. Mr Yuck's existence is a tortured one due to the paradox of both being and seemingly not at the same time. While he does not need to eat, breath or sleep he will sometimes "slumber". In this state Mr Yuck rests in a state of oblivion, the only time he knows peace.

7. Mr Yuck hates Mr Happy, though Mr Happy has no idea why.

8. Mr Yuck was was at one point going to be a separate part of Mr Happy that split from him and became his own being. Basically all of Mr Happy's hidden negative emotions given form and substance. 


Deviant Universe - The Astronaught by Bracey100

1. The Astronaught was born in 1938.

2. His existence is a closely held government secret.

3. Apollo's blood has been replaced by nanobots. 

4. The nanobots have fundamentally changed his physiology adapting him for life in space. Because of this he cannot live on Earth without his space suit.

5. The nanotech in his system was part of an alien technovirus. It was meant to adat Earth to the needs of the alien invaders but when The Astronaught tried to assimilate it into his technology it ended up adapting him to the environment he was in at the time.

6. The Astronaught left behind a wife and son on Earth. Because he cannot live on Earth he decided that is was best if they thought him dead on a mission. The government sees to their well being on his behalf.

7. The Astronaught can exist in the vacuum of space without the aid of his space suit thanks to his forced mutations.

8. The Astronaught's technology allows him to speak and understand all human languages and several alien tongues.

Let the tagging commence!

:iconalecyl: Because you said you hoped no one would lol! Wouldn't mind some Oblivion facts.
:iconursamagnus: Give us some extra Steel Wolf knowledge.
:iconestonius: Because the Glyph is so mysterious and Lovecraftian to me.
:iconmilandare: Cause Airhead is PURE AWESOME!
:iconrodcom1000: Because Rod has made not just a great hero but a great team.
:iconkostmeyer: Just cause I like Centauri and Kostmeyer so much.
:iconlordwormm: Cause he's freaking Lord Worm, that's why!
:iconkaufee: Such a great artist with such imaginative characters. Tell me more about the Orbiteer.

So I'm sure most of you have wondered whats been going on, where have I been, how have I been and such. Well its been a long and bumpy road to sure and first I must offer apologies for anyone who has been waiting on art for me. And that will be the first thing Im addressing upon my return though there are issues concerning that which I will detail shortly. 

What's been happening:
Well 2015 was a period of constant chaos. Continued financial issues for both myself and my wife's parents required me to work like I've rarely had to before. Ive spent the better part of the year working 3 jobs to keep things afloat and pay off debt. I was never supposed to be away for so long but I seemed to get caught up in crisis after crisis that needed immediate attention. I'd get a hospital bill paid and then Id need new breaks on a vehicle. Get that taken care of and my in-laws didnt have money for their medication, etc. Which meant I could'nt ever afford to be on the internet for long stretches at a time. Heh, I just finished going through almost 8,000 missed emails. It was just always something in a never ending cycle. And frankly thats why Im back, Ive come to realize its just never going to end. If I keep trying to wait till everything is stable I'll never be able to return to the online community so Im just going to grin and bear it and make time once more. Plus Ive been dying inside without my creative outlets.

What I'll be doing:
First order of business is to complete my commissions. I will not be taking any new commissions until my backlog of work is completed. When that is accomplished I will start a journal announcing my availability for hire once more. Here however is the rub. My latest problem is that my Imac has crashed and crashed hard. It tries to boot up and then shuts off. Ive tried everything to get it going with no result and foolishly I was'nt prudent in backing up my machine. So in order to save everything I have on my 1TB drive Ive gotten a secondhand macbook pro (which is what Im on right now). I'll have to turn my Imac into an external drive with a command and then pull stuff slowly from my Imac to this Macbook and then to a external hard drive. Its gonna take a ridiculous amount of time to accomplish because the restoration of my Imac is going to require a complete wipe/reboot of the system. So this will slow art progress somewhat. So though I have no right to ask for further patience I do hope you will all indulge me.

Future plans:
Something Ive been wanting to get started last year but was obviously unable to was to finally start the official Mr Happy comic book series as well a the set aside Attack of the Zombie Dinosaurs. I have have two fan comics I want to get going,  little hint one is kaiju based the other giant mech and both have their roots in Marvel. And lastly I'm going to try my hand at creating stop motion animation films. In my recent return to YouTube Ive been amazed by the number of animators out there which got me thing, "Hey, Ive got a lot of highly articulated Japanese import toys such as SH Monster Arts, Ultra Act and Robot Damashi." Ive collected these over the years as art reference and lets face it just freaking cool toys. But coming across these videos has certainly rekindled the film maker in me. We'll see how it all goes I guess. 

That's all for now, and thanks to all of you for both your patience and concern. Ive certainly missed you all desperately in my absence.


PS: Excited to see a new Japanese Godzilla coming out. Does anyone else think that the new Shin Godzilla is a]rather interestingly similar to my own Kaiju Revamp: Godzilla 1954 in concept? I noticed the fangs punching through the jaw, flayed patched of skin and burnt appearance and just went, hmmmmmm.
Well got some good news and some meh news. Good news is it looks like I won't be losing my toes or anything else for that matter. The podiatrist at the hospital was able to treat them successfully with no loss of major tissue. They are finally healing and no longer look like bloated rotting tomatoes. The meh news is after thinking my rectal issues were done Im gonna have to go in for at least one more surgery. Its expected to be an easy outpatient procedure but the way my luck's been Im not holding my breath. It things don't go well I'll have several in office procedures after my hospital visit. I have officially spent more time in hospitals these past two months than I have the entire course of my life combined.

In the meantime Ive been furiously working on all my backlogged comissions so I hope you will all abide with me as I move forward. So don't be surprised if you see me suddenly start dropping large amounts of art along with "its finished" notes to many of you out there. 
Sadly my situation has not improved, in fact I write this from my hospital bed. My foot has taken a sudden and drastic turn for the worse. It scares the hell out of me to think that U may lose multiple toes, a foot or even part of my leg (worst case scenario). Trying to stave positive, still making jokes when my family and friends are here. The infection may be MRSA which is really bad in combination with my diabetes. So pray for me, get your churches to put me on their prayer list. Its gonna be a long weekend while I wait to see what my fate is gonna be. I'll try to keep you all updated.
Dammit, seems like all I ever have lately is bad news. My journal has become nothing but one huge pity party!So Im sure you are all wondering what could have happened now. Well first off its not my dad, he's doing well presently, and thank God for that! Ive had my second of three scheduled surgical procedures and that also went extremely well. So well in fact that I may be able to opt out of the third. I'll know more about that next week so I'll keep you all posted. Ok so everything sounds pretty good, so what is the new calamity? I may loose a couple of my toes. I as you may or may not know am a diabetic and this means my immune system and circulation are not ever at 100% efficiency. I was also stricken with a related condition called neuropathy which lead to chronic pain in my lower extremities and a loss of numbing of sensation in parts of my feet. As such I I check my feet every day t make sure they are ok. Because its easy for a diabetic with neuropathy to get something in his foot and get an infection and not feel it, some diabetics loose their entire foot to infections or sores that become necrotic. 

So Im checking my feet last night and my right foot feels wet, I figure its sweat, I just took off my boots after all. But it wasn't sweat, it was fluid from blisters. My feet had swollen during a long car ride. I have to work with my feet elevated to keep them from swelling due to poor circulation, and add to the swollen feet new snug boots and my toes got blistered and grossly infected. I of course went to the doctor right away when rubbing my feet a chunk of skin the size of a nickel came off in my hands. More frightening to me, I didn't even feel it, it dint hurt even a little bit. So I got pumped full of antibiotics to help save my toes (or even my whole foot). So Im somewhere between freaked out and what the fuck ever. Im really fucking emotionally and mentally fatigued by these events. Money is a constant issue and now Im out of work (beyond online commissions) because my real life jobs require me to stand and thats just not happening for the next several days. 

I really wish I had good news to share, Im sick to death of being the herald of gloom and doom. 

For the morbidly curious I always document stuff so yeah, there's pictures but I warn you. If you wanna look, its pretty gross. You can see my denuded toe and the swollen, blister deformed toes next to it.
2014-11-10 13.38.37
And the run of medical issues for my family continues. This time its not my dad though (he's doing much better), its me. Last week I got sick and it just kept getting worse and worse. Couldnt seem to shake it. Then I developed what I thought was the world's most painful hemorrhoid over the weekend. Normally those things are manageable and will self drain or reabsorb into the body (Ive had these before) but it didnt and the pain was staggering (this thing was right next to my butt hole mind you). Four days of little sleep, constant pain and feeling sicker and sicker drove me to seek medical help.

Turns out I was growing a softball sized abscess in my body, a pouch of puss that can lead to blood poisoning in sever cases and with me being a diabetic my case would be severe. Turned out surgery was required to beat this monster as I write this I still have an open wound for the purpose of drainage. The surgery went very well and I thought I would be an outpatient. But my blood sugars skyrocketed due to the level of infection in my body and while they are coming down by degrees the process of trying to get me level again has been going on for a week and Im still here. Ive given up on anticipating when I might get out and asked my wife to bring my laptop so I could let everyone know whats going on and where Ive been.

So my apologies to everyone waiting on work from my as well as to me friends in the:icondeviantuniverse: as this prevented me from completing this past month's challenge. I wont be able to work on anything while here as my work computer is a big Imac and not suitable to bring to the hospital. I know its trivial compared to my health but not being able to draw for a couple of weeks is driving me utterly insane. I just keep thinking about how much work I have to do when I get him. Im bored and frustrated and depressed and angry all at the same time but trying to stay positive as best I can but Im insanely eager to be home. Now that Ive got my laptop at least I'll try to keep you all updated. Perhaps tomorrow will be the day Im cleared to leave. I know they are keeping me here for my health and its the right thing to do but I desperately want to leave. 

See how happy I am:…
Some of you Im sure have noticed my absence of late. And sadly its once again due to my trouble with my family and their health, and worse my wife's as well. You will remember that Ive had to deal with my father's recent illness which robbed him of his muscle motor control and how for months I attended to him at home. No he hasnt had a relapse and worsened from that. In fact he had been making great strides in his recovery. But this past week he's suffered another blow. He has had a mild heart attack. Unfortunately he didnt understand the danger he was in and didnt seek treatment for 3 days. So the damage done is possibly more severe than it should have been. He couldnt be properly treated due to fluid around his heart for several days. They put in stints to deal with 3 blockages but his heart remained in A-Fib. Which means while part of his heart has a proper rhythm, one portion continues to spasm leaving him weak. He has been sent home one a regimen of blood thinners for 4-6 weeks which will hopefully ease any pain he's got and help to correct the sinus rhythm of his heart. So now once again we are left waiting and worrying to see how things will go.

On top of this wife's father may have experienced a mild stroke but it could be Bell's Palsy. We wont know about that till Thursday though as the doctor had to do an emergency surgery today making our trip to the hospital pointless. So once again I must ask you my friends to lend us your prayers once again during this trying time.
Did a screencap of the extended Godzilla trailer and managed to catch a pretty decent shot of the Muto opening its jaws right before it crunches the monorail at the airport. Looks like its got 3 or 4 mandibles making up its mouth. Cant wait for a detailed look at the entire creature. Also here's the trailer if you havent seen it:…
By accident while doing some kaiju research I ran across these pictures of the new Godzilla toy. Sculpt looks pretty good and its going to be a big toy at 24" but there is almost no articulation sadly. Hopefully we will get a Monsterarts version at some point. I'll probably customize some more joints into mine when it comes out. Articulation that can be seen here are cut shoulders, cut hips, cut neck, hinge jaw and at least one cut tail joint.

Prototype and muto silhouette…

And here's a great cover by Empire Magazine giving us a frontal view of the actual film monster:…

He's all thick and armored, reminds me of an alligator snapping turtle.

An update on the situation with my dad. Though they still cant  seem to completely lock down his blood pressure issues, but he has been doing physical therapy for the last week or so. He was able to take ten steps with the aid of the parallel bars, a major feat given that he entered the hospital a total ragdoll. He still has a long road ahead of him but the doctors think he might be able to go home in a few weeks. So to all of you out there, I and my family thank you for all your love, support and prayers. Im getting choked up as I write this just thinking about what a wonderful group of people you all are. You have my deepest gratitude. Please keep us in your thoughts. 

Thank you,

My dad, Roger Roff, has been in the hospital for some two weeks now with a rare condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome. It causes extreme muscle weakness to the point of total paralysis as the syndrome cause the body to attack its own never bundles interrupting the signals between them and the brain. It basically rag dolls you and you have no physical strength or at its worst it kills you as you heart and or diaphragm stop moving. My dad seemed to be recovering, slowly regaining the use of his limbs at least but for the past 3 days his blood pressure keeps dropping with any attempt to elevate him. We are worrid that this could lead to a heart attack and my poor mother who stays at the hospital with him isnt sleeping. As  former nurse she wants to be there incase he suddenly codes and so she stays awake all night making sure he is breathing and so she can help if something does happen until the hospital staff can get there. 

My family is physically and mentally exhausted and so Im asking all of you for your prayers, or if you dont pray just some positive thoughts, anything. Thank you all in advance.

Im fairly sure a lot of you artists out there who work digitally are already using either Wacom Intuos or Bamboo drawing tablets. These things are nothing short of  miraculous if you had previously been drawing with a mouse. Its such an incredible step to have the ability to draw strokes with levels of pressure giving you lines a variation of weight jut like when working practically. 

Well now Ive saved and saved and patiently waited and waited for my newest acquisition be stocked at once more. I now own cintiq!!! Now if you dont know what a cintiq is its a drawing tablet from Wacom that has a monitor bult right into it! This allows you to draw directly on your image!!! No longer do you have the disconnect of drawing with you hand but watching it on your screen. Its a quantum leap I tell you. Its the closing thing to drawing practically one again and its so pleasurable to work this way once more that Ive barely gotten any sleep have pulled all nighters and into the afternoon because I dont want to stop drawing! 

So some specifics, first a video to give those of you who have never seen one of these babies in action some idea of what it is and can do:… This is the model Ive opted for, the Cintiq 13HD. Its small, light, portable and the chords are pretty manageable. I draw with it in my lap and Ive rotated it ever conceivable angle with no problems whatsoever. The screen is well lit at almost every angle and the surface is pretty smooth so the pen nibs dont wear down. I recommend a glove when drawing with this to avoid smudges but I wouldnt bother wit the $20-$40 finger gloves made for these devices. I bought six gloves for $5 at Wal-Mart and cut off the thumb, index and middle fingers myself. There are a number of express keys and a virtual wheel of keys you can bring up on the tablet and customize to each program you are using so you can work without relying on your keyboard shortcuts. You can drag items from your computer to the tablet and back wich i such a boon. My current commission involves a picture of Gipsy Danger so I can look at reference picture of Gipsy while working on it at the same time without hve to flip back and forth from Photoshop to pictures on the web. 

Now with all this awesomeness there are bound to be cons right....sure, but honestly for me they are so minimal that I can even really recall them as I write. The only real obstacle to getting and using one of these is price. Citiqs are EXPENSIVE!!!! They are only for the most dedicated artists or working professionals. The 13HD is the smallest and cheapest o the lot and it cost me $1000 (ok $999, whooo saved a dollar, thanks Wacom). Ive been wanting to get one for the past three years but had to keep choosing between getting it or a new computer, getting it or getting all my videography equipment and so on. But this year was my year and it was worth all the waiting and the money. The new tablets are all hi def so no loss of resolution from my Macs to my tablet. The 13HD is smaller, lighter and better than the previous portable model the 12wx. I look forward to hitting some cons this year and working on this and having my laptop facing out so folks can watch me work. Its an amazing device and I couldnt be happier with it.
I really do, Ive own tarantulas, I dont kill house spiders in my home (anything that eats those damn sugar ants is a friend of mine) but a few days ago I had a really nasty encounter. Thursday it felt like any other itchy insect bite and since mosquito season has started I thought, eh, whatever. Friday, the pain set it and the swelling started, the pain became excruciating and my arm from my elbow to my wrist throbbed. I suspected this was no regular bite and began to suspect the worst, Id been bitten by a brown recluse.

A little research later and I was almost certain of the fact. But it was the weekend...crap, I couldnt see the doctor till Monday. Yesterday I tried to soldier on. So I went to work and my wound seemed to get a hundred times worse. The swelling became a tight little ballon of agony on my arm. Most of my arm became red and enven the smallest movements caused a great deal of pain. It was obvious to my co workers I was in trouble. I couldnt put off seeing the doctor and early this morning I went to an urgent care treatment center.

So they had to slice this puppy open and squeeze out all the bad juice and let me tell you, if Id thought this thing was painful until that moment I had no freaking idea! Having to have those swollen and inflamed tissues mashed with as much force as the doc could manage and then probed and irrigated to cleanse the would and search for all the pockets of poison was excruciating. Got home and with the aid of pain killers was able to sleep (something I hadnt been able to do last night). And joy of joys, I get to go through this again tomorrow to push out any remaining pus/poison. Gonna be a good day yessir!

Sigh...the bad thing about the recluse it turns out is that the sucker is so small most poeple dont even know theyve been bitten until the itching starts (usually the second day), but the pain and infection ramp up quickly from that point on! Could have been worse though. At least I didnt suffer the necrosis of my flesh that some folks experience with these little bastards get you. So no cutting chunks offa me and no skin grafts.

Hope to heal soon (1 to 2 weeks Im told) cause typing one handed is a pain in the ass. For those of you who wanna see the grossness I posted a picture!!! Hey Im a sharer! :)…
So :iconvahzah-dovahkiin: starts a discussion with me on my Kaiju Revamp April Fools image about people hating on Zilla. I try to have an intelligent discussion in response but then he sends back a last word and Blocks me so I cant respond. Wow, what a totally bitch move. Guess he want interested in actually having an intelligent discussion and wouldnt admit to any of the validity of my own points when I was willing to do the same for him.

What a total bitch move.

Think Im gonna have to respond with something extremely futile and childish art wise.
Ok while Im waiting on approval for my latest commission Ive returned to my Kaiju Revamp project and though I had planned on doing a couple of other monsters before hand Ive decided its time. This is no April Fools prank, Im currently inking my version of Godzilla 1954. So get ready because it both is and isnt what I thought it was going to be, like all of the best art it has taken a life all its own and is evolving even as I work. I cant wait to present it to you but there will be no previews, no whips, Im just going to punch you in the face with it when Im done.

Prepare yourselves!
Im quite pleased of late with how much feedback I've been getting from the Kaiju Revamp series Ive started lately. It has even begun to get me some commission work. So I just wanted to put it out there that anyone who wants a kaiju commission is welcome to note me. So here's the breakdown.

Single character B&W with no background $25

Single character color $45

Single character B&W with background $50

Single Character color with background $80

For multiple characters generally, expect to add $15 per additional character to any of the above commissions chosen.

Comic Pages:
I've recently been asked about this so I'm gonna include my quotes here for what I've done so far. All prices are per page.

Pencils/roughs: $40
Inks: $40
Coloring: $40
Everything (including lettering): $175

Also as for Kaiju Revamp, while I'm working through my own list of beasties I want to redesign I've taken several suggestions along the way. So if there is a kaiju you'd like to see me Revamp just let me know and I'll fit it into the queue.

Thanks for all the support guys!

PS: The commission structure works for any subject you'd want to have me do be it superheroes, your own OCs or whatever. A commission doesn't have to just be kaiju.