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Mr Happy 1: Cover


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So this is where its all going to begin. This is the final cover image. This has been a VERY long time in the making as I first conceived of (and drew) Mr Happy way back in 1988 and spent a few years in the early 90s trying to develop the idea as a comic. But I don't think my writing or art skills where where they needed to be back then. Mr Happy's story and concept have evolved quite a bit since my first ideas of who and what he is and after doing a lot of world building and testing him out in the :icondeviantuniverse: I think its finally time I got this ball rolling. 

Here's to hoping all of you who are already fans of myself or Mr Happy will continue to enjoy this project, and here's to all of the fans to come. And thanks to everyone out there who has offered support, encouragement and constructive criticism. 

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are you going to finish this piece of art?????

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That piece of art is finished, do you mean the comic? If so yes. Unfortunately I kinda went half blind and couldn’t draw at all for the past two years.

MutanerdA's avatar

I hope you find a way to continue with the character story.

Bracey100's avatar

Eventually. I lost the majority of my vision for a couple of years. But I've got one eye back in good standing thanks to laser surgery.

MutanerdA's avatar

now you are Deathshot the killer artist:clap:

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LOL, well there's a silver lining after all!

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Such a silly and charming design for a hero, his powers fits him perfectly too.
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Thank you, so glad you like him.

PatricktheHenchman's avatar
I always feel that a hero named "Mr Happy" needs an archenemy (or just another foe) named "Mad Lad" or something
(unless there's already a character like that)
albert1614's avatar
Nice comic book cover
Bracey100's avatar
Thanks very much.
albert1614's avatar
Hey your welcome hope u like my new artwork
Latroma's avatar
oooh, looking forward to this.
FoxyLoxyRobloxy's avatar
Bracey100's avatar
Its a possibility. But he will likely get indigestion.
Kostmeyer's avatar
Great image - really showcases the comedy and drama that you bring together so well with this character - best of luck with this!
Bracey100's avatar
Thanks man, thats huge props coming from someone whose work I admire.
Kostmeyer's avatar
Very kind - thanks - right back at you! (LOL @ mutual admiration society!)
bogmonster's avatar
Love it!  best of luck!  I've already seen you take mr. happy into storylines that I never would have imagined.  this is very exciting!
Bracey100's avatar
Thanks a lot BM! Yeah I'm going to go into all sorts of tangents. Over the past two years I've developed years of storylines that deal with everything from terrorism, to a planet full of cartoon animals to some deeply metaphysical stuff. Its like I told my wife when we got married, "I don't know what the future holds but I can promise you this, it will never be boring." Turns out I wasn't wrong lol.
Bracey100's avatar
LOL, ah that made me smile so much! I so miss Robin Williams. Thanks for that, btw I should have been watching you long ago. You do some really great work with the Hero Machine (or the Spanish version Fabrica de Heroes?).
NRGPreview's avatar
I do too. I would have loved for him to voice Toonman in a movie.

Thanks. All this time I thought you were. LOL:lol:
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