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Kaiju Revamp - The Giant Claw


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Ah The Giant Claw, the worst of all kaiju. Such a horrible monster it desperately needed a revamp. The monster (a bird from outer space with an antimatter force field as big as a flying battleship) looked like a cross between a giant turkey, vulture and pinata. So with the them of alien bird in mind I angled for something more Gigeresque here, since Giger will always be definitively alien for me. I couldnt seem to get away from feathers though without my designs straying to far from the original and would in fact have ended up looking like a Banshee from Avatar. So I went with the California condor for inspiration as well as prehistoric terror birds (nasty predatory ground birds up to 9 feet tall). Google The Giant Claw and I think you'l see I did this more justice than it ever deserved.

I think Ive been working on this for 3 days non stop now, all that Alien style detail takes a LOT of time to draw. This piece was also done completely digitally in the same process as Gabara: PS pencils, AI inks, PS colors. Done in something like 24 hours over 3 days...yeah Im slow.
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The head is defiantly an upgrade from the original! He looks awesome!