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Kaiju Revamp - The Giant Claw

By Bracey100
Ah The Giant Claw, the worst of all kaiju. Such a horrible monster it desperately needed a revamp. The monster (a bird from outer space with an antimatter force field as big as a flying battleship) looked like a cross between a giant turkey, vulture and pinata. So with the them of alien bird in mind I angled for something more Gigeresque here, since Giger will always be definitively alien for me. I couldnt seem to get away from feathers though without my designs straying to far from the original and would in fact have ended up looking like a Banshee from Avatar. So I went with the California condor for inspiration as well as prehistoric terror birds (nasty predatory ground birds up to 9 feet tall). Google The Giant Claw and I think you'l see I did this more justice than it ever deserved.

I think Ive been working on this for 3 days non stop now, all that Alien style detail takes a LOT of time to draw. This piece was also done completely digitally in the same process as Gabara: PS pencils, AI inks, PS colors. Done in something like 24 hours over 3 days...yeah Im slow.
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My god! That's one scary flying battleship!
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funny enough legendary monsterverse rodan is about the same size as the giant claw
Awesome! I like how it looks badass and disturbing while still keeping the goofy appearance of the original! (To give an idea of how stupid the original looked my mother is horrified of birds to the point that she says that she even finds parrots unnerving and says she doesn't trust the warm happy look on their faces and the giant claw STILL doesn't scare her!)
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it's like the vulture from hell

Bracey100's avatar
Thank you, yeah one dare a say it, foul bird!
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JJWS92's avatar
Saw this on Svengoolie last week! SUCKED BUTT!!!
Bracey100's avatar
Oh yeah its THE worst!
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Go and watch the youtube video:
RODANRodan - ShodaiRado [Roars] [V.1]  vs The Giant ClawBuzz Buzzard smile !
You will laughlaughing felix Laugh Laugh  your butt off
as Rodan takes out this birdRoasted Turkey icon.3  in a special way!!!
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Oh I cant wait to see this!
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I can see this revamped giant claw as a species of giant kaiju that is able to use diseases/germs as attacks. instead of using beams or extremely powerful wind, it'll spread deadly diseases. it may not have the strength to destroy a lot of buildings, 

the bird itself doesn't come from outer space. the virus that infects the giant claw/infects others with is the one that comes from outer space
Bracey100's avatar
That would be a great revised origin for this thing!
Milesium-487's avatar
it can also be the reason why the giant claw flies a spiral like path. the virus screwed with its how it flies
Bracey100's avatar
Just one good idea after another!
Milesium-487's avatar
i actually have a lot of ideas and headcanons for different kaijus
Bracey100's avatar
Im down with some good ole headcannon.
steam-dieselpunkpunk's avatar
why this terrible kaiju does not deserve this at all. I mean the art is I'm preside its just the whole thing was terrible
Bracey100's avatar
Yeah it was SOOOOOO bad!
0-DarknesShade-0's avatar
THIS is a Re-Design! ;D
Bracey100's avatar
Takes a bow! Thanks!
DrvonSchmeltwick's avatar
How did you make that look cool?!
Bracey100's avatar
It took some work lol.
TPCKRULEZ's avatar
will your design should be used if he has a remake but is the name of the 9  feet bird in real life you mean? 
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