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DU - Mr Happy - star wars 1

Big rush on these pages for the :icondeviantuniverse: summer event. Still got 2 in the story but couldnt get them done for the deadline. Keep a watch here as I'll be posting them as I finish as well as tweaking the art. I only had time to do flat colors (bummer).
:iconbranded-curse: Firebird…
:icondoctorvorlon: The School Girl…
:iconbracey100: Mr Happy…
:iconjavipascual213: he Ghost…
:iconlatroma: Samantha Grey…
:icondarkdancing-blades: Leo darkdancing-blades.deviantart.…
:icondondevious: Tanook…
:icongpapanto: The Empty Suit…

Page 1…
Page 2…
Page 3…
Page 4…
Page 5…
Page 6…
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Spectacular page. Love the inventive use of Mr Happy's powers, and you make the other characters look great - even the really weird ones!
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LOL thanks but thats all part of it yes? Im trusting Happy with others to treat him properly, the least I can do is give their characters my all as well. Branded Curse in particular seems to be tapping into my brain when it comes to writing Mr Happy. I love what he does with him. 
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"Missed me! Missed me! Now you gotta kiss me!"
.... actually, no. Being kissed by lasers sounds like a horrible first date.
Bracey100's avatar
Nope not the best first impression lol.
Branded-Curse's avatar
Talk about happy go lucky :XD:
( you have a typo in Tanook's monologue, btw :shh: )
The characters look absolutely awesome in your style!
Of course I'm saying thank you in particular for Firebird Tallington :-)
Bracey100's avatar
Yeah I saw, heh was in such a rush to get this uploaded. I'll fix that as I update the page (cant leave my colors flat like this). I like Tallington a lot cause she has a great looking space suit. Pain in the ass a bit but also very interesting to draw. Shit! I forgot to add in my Metroid joke. I'll have to do that for the next part. 
Branded-Curse's avatar
There once was a team captain in the depth of space :sing:
And she could easily combine yer stupid ass with yer face :sing:
Her name was M.A.T. and she was hunting metroids :sing:
And when she wasn't totally pissed off, she was EXTREMELY annoyed :sing:

You do the Metroid joke, I dare ya! :eager:
Maybe we should team up next time? Or does Happy go with Tanook?

So happy you like her :-)
The suit is a bit detailed and tricky, I'll admit, but once you got used to it, it's a piece of cake.
Bracey100's avatar
Im so gonna use that song! Not sure who Im teaming with yet. Tanook seems to be a natural fit but maybe MAT wants to keep an eye on Happy or pair him with someone more serious to keep him in check. We can discuss it in Latroma's thread.

Trust me Im all about detail, even when it drives me nuts. Just look at what I do for Avarice lol. Im a glutton for punishment.
Branded-Curse's avatar
I'll be over there in a minute - or ten :-)
Bracey100's avatar
Cool, Ive got a statement going and yeah, I think its gonna be too good not to have Tallington pair off with Mr Happy.
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This is really good.
Bracey100's avatar
Thank you sir!
MrPlaid81's avatar
Welcome! I really like your figure work shadows. They work nice.
Bracey100's avatar
Im one of those artists who love doing anatomical structures. Its why I love classic heroes with the spandex tights. All those muscles to draw.
MrPlaid81's avatar
Same here. I just get hung up the backgrounds. I've spent too much time studying anatomy instead of that. :\
Bracey100's avatar
Yeah me too. I cheat my backgrounds a lot by tracing stuff in photoshop or manga studio.
thedude255's avatar
There is never a dull moment with Mr. Happy. Even in tense situations he can still crack jokes with the best of them... much to the annoyance of some of his fellow team members XD
Bracey100's avatar
If he's not annoying someone its just not fun. :)
MyEyesAreTiny's avatar
For flat colors, it still looks really nice.
Bracey100's avatar
Thanks, I'll be updating this as soon as I can. 
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Great page! That last panels layout is excellent. Great job conveying their core personality
Bracey100's avatar
Thanks, that last panel was some serious work.
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