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DU - Mr Happy - Heroes United 1

Alright fan fans this is what you've all been waiting for the big finale of :icondeviantuniverse: sumer event for Thunder Force's Gamma Team. I requested this part of the story because I really wanted to draw a balls to the wall epic Avenger's level battle. I hope you all enjoy it. 

:iconbracey100:'s Mr Happy…
:iconjavipascual213:'s Ghost…
:icondondevious:'s Tanook…
:icondarkdancing-blades:'s Leo darkdancing-blades.deviantart.…
:iconmja42x:;s Psi-Void…

Continues from here:…
Page 1:…
Page 2:…
Page 3:…
Page 4:…
Page 5:…
Page 6:…
Continues here:…
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Cosmic Mr. Happy (aka Mr. Cosmic) seems to be very similar to your other character named "The Maker".
Well The Maker is another version of Mr. Happy and both have the same body with blue energy cosmic.
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They are indeed quite similar on purpose.
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I hope we see more of The Maker and The Taker.
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Not for a long while Im afraid. But there are plans.
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Everything, perfect!  :)  I have not been able to log on in a while, glad I saved a huge stack of your pages to peruse!!!!  Now that I have time.

Amazing work as always.
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Thanks for the fan service. Its appreciated.
N-I-V-E-K's avatar
This is why this group is so fun to be a part of! Absolutely breathtaking artwork showcased here:)
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Thanks a lot for the high praise. 
N-I-V-E-K's avatar
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Your style indeed does Psi-Void justice here. Nice work.
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Thank you, Psi Void has such a great classic comic villain look, very Golden/ Silver Age in a lot of ways. I really wanted to honor that as much as I could. In fact on page 4 he rocks a nice Dr Doom pose in the last panel.
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I'd say you nailed it :).

Hm, didn't notice the Doom-connection there. Nice touch.
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And now the moment where Happy will be serious in a serious matter where he will act serious agaisnt Psi-void. Which is serious.
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Indeed, he doesn't crack one joke the whole comic which was very intentional.
I'm missing something. I looked at the other comics but can't see where Tallington got killed.
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Here ya go:… Turns out she didn't actually die she was saved by Ghost but most of the team thought she was dead.
Many thanks for this
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Epicly awesome!
Keep up the awesome work.
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Thanks Winter!
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Looks like Mr. Happy got a BIG Power-Up!
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He did, for a short while anyway. Better enjoy it while he can.
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