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Commissions: Friday Night Score Poster Art

Ive been working on this for a long while :iconadrianfns: is part of a rock/metal band from Germany called Friday night score. He commissioned me for a few pieces of art of the band's latest CD called Nightmares. This is the poster version of the CD case ar which while be somewhat abbreviated due to space limitations but the initial art was done to fit those dimensions and so some of the image is cut off. But I thought it would be most fun to show you the expanded art which depicts all the arms and weapons carried by this menacing Kraken.  This was a very exciting project for me as Ive always wanted to work on album art for rock bands and Id like to thank Adrian for offering me this opportunity to do so. Some might recall I did some art for a local band called Prowler but that was a poster/t-shirt thing. This is my first true album piece! I hope you all enjoy this and please check out the band on Facebook.

CD album art: Commissions: Friday Night Score Poster Art
T-Shirt art: Commissions: Friday Night Score kraken
CD Art: Commissions: Friday Night Score CD

Friday Night Score:…
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"D'ya feel lucky, structured-body punks?"
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It's got arms up to it's teeth I mean it's armed to the the teeth,wait no BOTH! This really makes me laugh,I kinda feel bad for doing so,but what the hell LOL.
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Armed with arms
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All the seafod is getting avenged now.

Epic cover!:D
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There is definitely no sea food lover in him!
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I can just see him screaming out "WHO ORDERED THE CALAMARI!!!!"
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seriously you need to run a CAPTION THIS contest for some of your art, and then do a poll for the best captions.
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Heh I never thought of doing something like that. What an entertaining idea.
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It might help you bump up traffic for your page here, especially if you post in on the forums & in the group sections.
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Meeting this guy would your last Friday Night party XD. Excellent!
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Thanks very much.
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Not a problem!
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You don't want to meet that on a Fryday night out o.o
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What a nightmare!
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Now there's a nightmare of a pic! Never seen a Kraken wield all those weapons. :D
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