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by moppaa

Ok thats just awesome. Just when I think Ive seen everything that can be put into an eye here comes something new. The monochrome schem...

Only 5 hours! God, you are SOOOOOO much faster than me! Im a snail of an artist it seems. that aside this is simply gorgeus! The compos...

by SylwiaS

Quite honestly this is one of the best manips Ive seen here at DA. Your stocks are blended together perfectly, all the elements fit tog...


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Southern Comics Handbook: The AMBULANCE
Here for your pleasure is another hero of my comic book universe. The Ambulance like many characters was developed while playing RPGs. This time I was playing Champions Online. The idea was simple I wanted to create a support character with healing abilities and I already had an angel character so I wanted to go from mystical to high tech and essentially created robot combat medic for super hero support. It became part of an initiative by the government that sponsored or military hero teams would have access to an AMBULANCE unit. 

When redoing the character for my comic I decided it should be a war vet and not an AI and ended up reimagining him as well Doctor Iron Man. Eventually he and the government will still implement the AMBULANCE Initiative to help lend support to both military heroes (and normal troops) as well as government sanctioned heroes. He is easily one of my favorite creations.

Bonus factoid: I like drawing organic shapes a lot, I hate drawing technical stuff so to achieve the kind of machined precision I wanted for this drawing I used the Line Tools in Manga Studio to make it look all nice and pretty as if I was drawing it in Adobe Illustrator.
Commissions: Monsturra Triumphant
So this took decidedly longer than I thought it would to finish, thought I was gonna be done a couple of weeks ago honestly, but I decided to get all dramatic with the shading and lighting and here we are but I think the end result turned out pretty well. This is Monsturra (or my take on him) standing over a defeated version of Omekegan.

Both of these kaiju are the creations of :iconjacobspencerkaiju79:
Mr Happy 1 page 8
More than 3 weeks since I could last post anything! Work got insanely busy leaving me with no time or energy to draw. Last two days have eased up and I could finally finish this, the long-awaited page 8. Hope it was worth it. So we see Mr Happy pulling himself from the crater that the beast created when it attacked him. Seems it didn't do him any lasting damage but if that's the case why give it the opportunity to cause destruction or even risk folks being injured. Time will tell gentle readers, time will tell. So many mysteries to be addressed in the coming pages.

Previous (page 7): Mr Happy 1 page 7
Next (page 9): WIP
Mr Happy 1 page 7
This page is a quick read as there is no dialogue but hopefully still fun. I don’t have much to say about this one other than I realize I don’t like drawing rollercoasters. Too the comic is set in a place with an amusement park eh? Next page is gonna raise the stakes a bit as the lamprey attacks the Pavillion! Oh noes!

Previous (page 6):…

Next (page 8):…
Mr Happy 1 page 6
First off gotta sing the praises of my iPad Pro in conjunction with Clip Studio Paint. This new tool in my arsenal has allowed me incredible freedom to work practically anywhere even when working a 61 hour work week. I use it at work when things are slow, Ive taken it to restaurants and out to karaoke and etc. In spite of my work schedule I was able to complete this page in 5 days. Admittedly there are no backgrounds to speak of which made things easier but Im still quite pleased. Im currently just using my cintiq for doing my lettering.

Now as to the page itself, Mr Happy of course tries to avoid conflict in a rather flippant manner, which ended with what should have been predictable results. In a lot of old kaiju films the monsters seem to have anywhere from primate to low human intelligence. Now while Im fairly certain this beastie has never seen The Killer Condom, I'm positive it recognizes an insult when it hears one. 

Previous (page 5):…
Next (page 7):…


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Myrtle Beach, SC
Favourite genre of music: Rock/metal
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: drawing and photomanipulation
Operating System: OS X
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard: Hellsing or Vegeta: DBZ
Personal Quote: Im Always Funny to Me.
So I got tagged by :iconblazeknightdt: and decided this might be fun so here goes.

🌟 How old are you? Middleaged

🌟What gender and pronouns do you identify with? Sorry, I don't go in for this 72 gender crap. I'm a man, nuff said.

🌟 How social are you? Online, not overly social I'd say, I really need to better utilize my various social medias. But in real life, I'm extremely social. I generally prefer to deal with people face to face, even over talking on the phone to someone.

🔆 ART Not sure exactly what this meant as its just a single word so I'm left to interpret as best I can. Obviously yes, I do art. I largely work in illustration of a comic book type or style. I'm also proficient in pure illustration, that its illustration that does not have the particular stylization of comic book art. I'm also skilled at photomanipulations, painting and airbrushing but Ive been working almost exclusively digitally for several years now.

🌟 How long have you been on DeviantART? Wow, 10 years, had no idea it had been so long.

🌟 What are your future plans for the site? Continuing to use the site as a place to showcase my art and solicit work but now also to promote my comic book Mr Happy. Mr Happy 1: Cover

🌟 Do you want to pursue a career in art? Oh yes, in some fashion or another but what I'd really love to do is at least make a living producing a Mr Happy comic book and at best have a sprawling comic book company the likes of Marvel in the 90s and cameoing in a mega-successful series of films about my comic book universe. Hey, might as well dream big if you're gonna dream.

🌟 On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills? Honestly, I'd have to say a 5. I do some things reasonably well but I'm FAR behind where I want to be. I can point to artists here half my age who run circles around me. It's mostly because I allowed myself to be discouraged several times in my life from pursuing art. There were stretches where I didn't draw a thing for almost a decade. If I'd been committed from the time I was at least in high school forward I could arguably at the level of pros like Jim Lee. Lesson, don't ever give up because if you stop using it you do indeed lose it. 

🌟 Do you ever plan on leaving DeviantART? I don't foresee any reason to. I've had to take hiatuses due to outside circumstances from time to time but this site is still my favorite art community.

🌟 Who is your favorite visual artist? Jeez, no way I could name just one! I've been inspired by so many people over the years. Gun to my head maybe Frank Frazetta as his career was very diverse with his art being used for comics, movies, animation, metal albums, fantasy books and more I'm sure. I'd love for my body of work to bee all over the place like that. Man was a legend!

🌟 Do you use a tablet or a mouse? Currently, I draw using a Wacom Cintiq 13HD which is really nice but soon I hope to purchase an iPad Pro 12.9 inch. It will grant me more flexibility and mobility that my current set up does.

🌟 How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork? Depends really, anywhere from a day to a week depending on the project. For instance, a comic book page can take 3 days or more. This is because I have to pencil, ink, color, letter everything myself.

🌟 How well do you handle criticism? Very well. Talk to a few editors at a comic con and you grow a thick skin fast! You have to be able to take criticism if you want to make it as an artist in my opinion.

🔆 RELATIONSHIPS Happily married for many years now.

🌟 What is your sexuality/romantic preference? I luvs tha women!

🌟 Are you currently in a relationship? Previously answered.

🌟 Is your partner/spouse a deviant? No, while she is in fact, a creative herself (she makes jewelry) she has never shown an interest in joining the community. Perhaps she should showcase some of her jewelry here.

🌟 How long have you been together? Longer than some of you have been alive.

🔆 TAG EIGHT PEOPLE HERE!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! Naaaahhh, do it if ya want.



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but anyway  keep up  the good work with your idea
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