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December 22, 2018
Nightmare Moon by Bra1nEater
Featured by Astralseed
Suggested by Zixonomixy
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Nightmare Moon

Illustration for RuBronyCon 2018's artbook.

Huge thanks to :iconv747: for helping me out with the interior. I couldn't have done it without you =)

Check out an animated version by 

Other villains:  Chrysalis by Bra1nEater  Tirek by Bra1nEater  Discord by Bra1nEater  Sombra by Bra1nEater  Grogar by Bra1nEater  Daybreaker by Bra1nEater 
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d0ntst0pme's avatar
Holy shit dude...

I would've commented on all your villain portraits because they are all incredible, but instead of spamming your inbox I settled for this one - every one of those is a masterpiece. I bet framed on a wall those would look absolutely sophisticated.

Love your artstyle, man!

Milorits's avatar

Your style is so wonderful! I love the feeling this painting is giving! :heart:

FireDrift-Aventador's avatar
This artwork is just super amazing and breathtaking, super incredible artwork ^v^
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ChibiRenamon's avatar
This is amazing, but what really kills me is that, in the background painting, Celestia is smiling, but Luna is not. That's amazing in-universe foreshadowing, and also extremely tragic. Beautiful and well done!
Maademadeer's avatar
hi where did you get the references of the interiors
can you give me a name of the type of painting or architecture used?
i live for this kind of fanart
Synthasis8's avatar
I for one welcome our new Pony overlords. 
skylacuna's avatar
This is absolutely brilliant! I'm astounded!
Grace-Zed's avatar
Congratulations on the DD~!!! :PeachBlossom: 
Bra1nEater's avatar
Nicely done.  A giant step up.
supernat21's avatar
Wow this is awesome keep up the good work is really different from my little pony but that’s why I lake it is awesome good job
Bra1nEater's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, my drawings are pretty far from the canon look :D
supernat21's avatar
liketheearth's avatar
I love this concept of a unicorn in a museum or something. very painterly. looks great
Bra1nEater's avatar
Championx91's avatar
You're welcome! :love:
Watermelonthecat's avatar
AquaticJM's avatar
This looks amazing! I love the integration of the stars into her mane and tail~ :D

Congratulations on the DD! :clap:
Bra1nEater's avatar
Thanks! The mane was the most fun to draw ^^
Wildfire-of-Mars's avatar
That is 100% badass!
LindArtz's avatar
Very nicely done!!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz
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