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January 4, 2018
Chrysalis by Bra1nEater features a smooth painted style emulating the look and feel of classical paintings.
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by AngeKrystaleen
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Happy 2018 everyone!

Closeup with Celestia:
Celestia (fragment) 

Wow, my first DD! Thanks so much for the feature! This is a really pleasant surprise, and a great morale boost :)


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Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Skipping the holes? With realism, she’d have to look like a dead horse full of large ball bearing buckshot, so, wise, for good taste.
KopaLeo's avatar
The Usurper enthroned
SeptimaWindsong's avatar
А какие кисти ты используешь? Очень уж похоже на настоящее масляное полотно =)
Bra1nEater's avatar
Для этой использовал только oil brushes by Grzegorz Rutkowski, сейчас еще вдобавок к ним юзаю сет nicponim-а)
SeptimaWindsong's avatar
AuroaSkyfall's avatar
This looks like a more detailed drawing of fluffymixer’s french girl style crysalis and I do not mean that as a bad thing I honestly really love your realistic artwork
WhiteSkyline's avatar
Комната в стиле эрмитажа,  мебель во французском стиле и даже поза. Примерно 18 век...

Мне нравится! :) (Smile) 
1over0's avatar
You have captured Queen Chrysalis in all her creepy, elegant glory. Her wearing, what I presume are, Celestia's shoes and Celestia's crown being on the mantelpiece makes me think something sinister has happened to the beloved princess.
Bra1nEater's avatar
Indeed ;)
There's also Luna's crown behind the clock as well.
rio-grande's avatar
Imagine what those horseshoes do to that parquet floor.
Bra1nEater's avatar
FirestormDangerDash's avatar
You need to calm down on your detail da Vinci!
ChristopherDavies's avatar
1deathPony1's avatar
Ток сейчас врубил, а чо она не дырявая? 
Bra1nEater's avatar
Я художник, я так вижу :D

(На самом деле, я просто с трудом представляю, как при такой рисовке сделать дырки, чтоб это смотрелось нормально. С самого начала не планировал их добавлять)
1deathPony1's avatar
И то верно, понапридумывали дырок, а художникам потеть :D
convon's avatar
“ draw me like one of your French girls”
SirGarchomp45's avatar
Look at her, smiling evily while waiting on the couch like a James Bond villain.
Jatheus's avatar
First of all, I'm blown away by the level of detail you put into this... amazing! Also, the painting of Celestia on the wall is a wonderful touch! :thumbsup: :love:
Bra1nEater's avatar
Thanks! There's also a picture of Luna if you look closely :D
Jatheus's avatar
Oh my gosh!!! :faint: You got me. Nicely done! The details!!! So amazing! :thumbsup:

Well played! :clap:
Berry-MLP's avatar
;I armastan seda/Love it
Bra1nEater's avatar
Спасибо/Thanks :D
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