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well, installed and quickly tested this evening .... it's an amazing tool !!!!!!!!!!
i'm very impressed by the new itunes 11 demo, it makes me wonder to adapt it or at least some features to a foobar2000 config :)…

what do you think about it? Album browser with drop down tracks content looks really beatiful and very handy!

*** project started *** check updated screenshot preview here:
project started today ...

stand by due to the amazing iTunes 11 demo i've seen at the Apple keynote! so iTunes 11 config started before to complete Tech 2.0
i've just started a new script for a WSH playlist panel, a one with groups header :p

EDIT 2012-03-10 : i share a version of the script as it is today here :…

>>> feel free to test it (but keep in mind that many things are still to add ...)
yep, always working on a playlist viewver for foobar2000. This time, no group header, but we keep the cover art and group breaks. Album name is displayed on mouse hover the cover art with a tooltip...

stop talking, check it out now :…
I'm working on an update of my config TECH (actually in v1.4) ... more news a.S.a.P
No work on my xchange4 wip config this week-end, sorry ... better things to do ( playing with my new ipad 2 ^^)
Today i have searched (and found) a way to draw a reflection of my cd case in my Glass config (using WSH panel Mod Mod).

Here is the result Glass WIP 1 by Br3tt