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Yin-Yang v0.9.2

Yin-Yang config for foobar 1.0+

Get all required files in one place : [link]
- images + .fcl file
- components package
- fonts required

Installation notes:
1) install the fonts on your windows OS
2) copy the required components in foobar2000/components/ folder
3) extract the yinyang/ folder from the .zip in foobar2000/skins/ folder (create the skins/ folder if it doesn't exist)
4) run foobar, go to File>Preferences, in Tools>WSH Panel Mod> disable the "safe mode" option
5) always in File>Preferences, in Display>ColumnsUI, Import the .fcl file to install the config
6) finish 3rd party settings required like covers path, colors and fonts to use in QuickSearch Toolbar, Playlist Dropdown ... (the main brakground color used is 025-025-025)

!!!Important!!! before importing the .fcl file, go to Preferences>Tools>WSH Panel Mod>> Disable "Safe Mode"

Sorry for the lack of support for this 1st release, so i only recommend it only for advanced foobar users or curious foonoobs ;)

v0.9.0 released on 2010-03-14 at 23:15 (GMT+1)
v0.9.1 released on 2010-03-15 at 22:42 (GMT+1) => minor fixes
v0.9.2 released on 2010-03-17 at 18:55 (GMT+1) => %cpu decreased now, fix done in WSH seekbar panel.

If you like it, please, give it a :+fav: :p


Official Forum to discuss about this Skin (and the others):
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I know you're not willing to update this great skin, but is there any way you can give access to download the original files once again? Sometimes I just get an itch for some Yin-Yang and it won't be scratched till I have it once more ;)

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here is a link to original files as requested, HTH…
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Can u deverlop next version of YinYang?
There is still a lot of love for this skin. Is there any chance it will ever be updated to work with the newer foobar versions? Thanks for all the effort you put into foobar skins, and glad to see you have come back to your fans!
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i'd never gone, working on Xch4nge just after the last release of Spotifoo, i've just take my time ;)
No new version of Yin-Yang is planned
Sad to hear the news, but TY anyways for the reply. I'll wait for one of your newer projects to catch my fancy then :)
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Your best skin. Could you make update with love button lastfm?
I 2nd this request.
I need to clarify my last post. I use the album art in the ...Filling mode. I would love to be able to see the whole album art in this mode with more (full) height. Thanks to anybody who can tell me if this is possible in this skin, without some full reconstruction (I am NO programmer!).
I'd like to know how to do this too.

Had a poke around in the script but alas I am no programmer. Being able to enable resizing of the top album art portion would do quite nicely.

Even though I have a minor problem using this skin (when I use the drop down menu, and select File for instance, sometimes nothing shows, sometimes only part of the whole Menu/File selections show) I keep coming back to using it. The only thing I would like from this skin is to show the entire Height of the Album Art. If I could make it do that, I would be in heaven! Thanks for all your excellent efforts Brett!!
I have a bit of a display issue. In the top panel (where the artist image is displayed) there are two boxes which presumably contain track times. The text in these boxes is wrapping to a new line causing it to be illegible. See my screenshot: [link]

Also, possibly not related to the Yin-Yang config, but periodically the albums in my playlist keep expanding, any way I can make them stay collapsed?
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just install the missing font!

to collapse : ELPlaylist settings, behaviour tab (from memory)
Thanks for the font tip, I'm not sure how 1 font failed to install.

I can't find any ELPlaylist settings.
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right click on the playlist -> Settings, that's it!
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Really ulximately love this cui setting!!!!!Hope for update although it's been near perfect.
Is there a way to remove album art and the groupings from the playlist window? I just want a list of my music sorted by artist, let me know if its possible, thanks for the great theme.
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??? it seems that you haven't found the settings panel button yet !!! just click it, and tick the option "No group header" to remove hide them from playlist ...
oh yes thanks, one more thing, instead of disk number, can i just get the number that track is in the list? so 1 - 1000 (if i have 1000 tracks)
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The best skin to foobar2000.
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thanks a lot !!! I made it!!!
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Plz , Help
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in Preferences > Tools > WSH Panel Mod

untick Safe mode option
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