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Xch4nge foobar2000 configuration for Windows Vista or Seven (aero required)

v1.0.4 uploaded on 2011-07-20 (bug fixing in QuickSearch)

.zip file contains all required files included installation notes (read it to know where to extract files for Standard or Portable foobar2000 installation) and video links, but required fonts are not included, see below for the link

Required dependencies:
foo_wave_seekbar component requires Ms Visual C++ 2010 SP1 32 bits > [link] 64 bits > [link]

Required Fonts (package of free fonts available here : [link])
    Segoe UI (included by default in windows Vista & Seven)
    Uni 05_53
    Tahoma (included by default in all Windows version)
    Guifx v2 Transports

Playback Statistics:
Xchange include its own stats system and rating engin for taging your music file, but you can install foo_playcount component if you want to handle stats thru an external database (playcount and rating) ;)

Lyrics settings information:
My WSH Lyriks panel use Lyrics Show Panel v2 to grab automatically lyrics from the web. To edit the settings, display the Lyrics Show Panel window by using the menu entry: View->Lyrics Show Panel v2, then right click in the lyrics window and select Settings. Be careful, lyrics have to be stored in profile foobar folder .../foobar2000/lyrics or in ther music folder or in the TAG <UNSYNCED LYRICS> or <LYRICS>, otherwise, my wsh lyrics panels won't load anything!

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This theme does not work in Foobar2000 x64 version. It works well in foobar2000 x86 version.

Is there a way to work well?