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WSH Tree Explorer 1.7

A Jscript for WSH panel Mod v1.4.2+, foobar2000 panel for ColumnsUI or DefaultUI layouts :)

I hope you'll like it, just paste the script into a WSH panel mod panel in your foobar2000 config :D

Important note: Do not forget to untick 'Safe Mode' option inWSH panel Mod settings (from foobar2000 menu File> Preferences), or you'll encounter a Aw crash :( message on startup

- '&' display fixed
- Drives Check accurated (was causing a crash on CD/DVD
unmout ...)
- New context command on right clicking the root node : File types to filter ...
- quickfix for UI Hacks users : virtual RAM Disk feature was crashing the panel.
- now open any file type on double click :)
- right click context menu code reorganized
- bug fixed when 'Computer' node was disabled
- bug fixed when removing a removable disk
- quickfix of v1.6 for UI Hacks users
© 2011 - 2021 Br3tt
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Hi Br3tt,
I'm new to jscript and scripting for foobar and was wondering if this script could be easily modified to only show the contents of one folder?
I keep songs on my android devices in sync by having them linked to a folder on my Google Drive. I would like to have a way to manage these folder from Foobar. The main thing I'm having trouble with is listing items in the folders so that I could select and delete them from within foobar. I already found and modified code that allows me to drop files on the panel and have them copied to the folder but right now the best I've been able to do with listing the files is just one long string with each filename on a new line.

Any help at all would be appreciated as it is very hard to find tutorials for WSH Panel beyond the samples it comes with.
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hi brett, can you help me? im missing a folder in the wsh tree explorer, cant find where the problem
here's the preview :
foobar >>
win explorer>>
thanks in advance
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Hi Br3tt,
This is the only "explorer" type of filesystem viewer left which works with newer versions of foobar2000 ! and my usage of foobar tends to be that way rather than using media library viewers.
This means I really NEED to get your WSH Explorer to work for me !
Unfortunately for me, there is no preference in the Properties page for EXCLUDING files; this is a showstopper problem for me...
My music collection is heavily biased towards CUE+IMAGE files and my naming scheme is: [01.cue + 01.cue.flac][02.cue + 02.cue.flac] etc etc .
This means I need to exclude files like this: *.cue.flac,; *.cue.ape; *.cue.wv .
Your WSH script does not work for me without an exclusion list.
I'm also scratching my head trying to make the Background "Dark Grey" and the font "White"
Yes I am a total noob at JScript... but I'm not that bad, I can read the logic in the code, I just don't know enough to edit :-(
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i can't help for now, i'm on other stuff, maybe later
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Thank you so much,
I've tried moving over to foobar many times from winamp but couldn't as there was nothing that replicated the function I had in WA with the dynamic library plugin. Now this is perfect

I do have one question though is it possible to change/add a root directory to another folder? Browsing from My Computer is a little too many clicks =)
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Error: WSH Panel Mod (GUID: 17736927-8DB5-4A93-9E55-B34ECC291B8B): Microsoft JScript runtime error:
Object not a collection
Ln: 621, Col: 5
<source text only available in compile time>

var e = new Enumerator(fso.Drives);
WSH Tree Explorer 1.7

foobar 1.1.6 CrossOver OsX
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no OsX here, so i can't help with the drive that cause the error.
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Big like :)

I just try this script and for now it's amazing. You rule
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Anything about problem above*?
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But i'm out of luck :(

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found tracks is enable ONLY for tracks present in the selected folder! that doesn't search for tracks that could be in all the subfolders. That's it.
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But that is the problem. When i want add simply AVB whole folder then sux.
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Since I was bored I thought I was gonna play some more with this Tree Explorer and I found one thing that I disliked a lot.
When I right click and choose "Add tracks to playlist", the tracks doesn't get added in order, they're all over the place! I tried to add an album with two discs but it just gets messy.
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Even if it's only one disc it's still a mess.
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how to apply this in spotifoo ?
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Depends on where you want it.
I am a novice in using Foobar, I have installed Spotifoo 1.3.1 and very happy with it.

I read your WSH Tree Explorer installation instructions many times I have no idea how to install it , can you explain(extra info) how I can install it. Thanks
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Download this script.
Open it.
Use CTRL+A to mark the whole document.
Go to Spotifoo.
Right click in the top (where the lines are), choose 'Splitter Settings'
If you want to install the Tree Explorer instead of the Playlist Manager, then click on 'WSH Playlist Manager', choose 'Configure'
Paste the script which you copied
Press "Apply" and then "OK"
There, done
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One final suggestion (idea)...
Maybe you could make this WSHExplorer panel even more fantastic
by including in the right-click ---> "Open With ..."
which pops up a simple launch menu (which is custom populated with programs)

If this function existed then the first two programs I would be adding would be
"MP3Tag" and "Photoshop CS3"

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Another problem...
I went into foobar preferences and deleted the path to my music library (F:\music).
I restarted foobar, I deleted references to all old links in in all my (columnsUI) panels other words I went back to a blank fresh state.

So now... I went to "WSHExplorerTree~Br3tt" panel, and navigated to my music collection (at F:\music) and tried operating on the music files and NOTHING HAPPENS !! Right-click menu does not perform the "*... Playlist" functions !! Double clicking on a music file does not do anything !!
But... double-clicking on a text file and an image file still works OK
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One small problem...
I renamed a playlist item inside your WSHExplorer Panel,
and "Playlist Switcher" component also synchronized with the change,
so far so good,
But when I deleted the playlist item inside WSHExplorer Panel
the "Playlist Switcher" component did not synchronize with the change the change did nothing.
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Great Script Br3tt ++++++++++
In fact it's more than great is legendary !
A gift from from God landing directly on the lap of the foobar power user !

It is super responsive and feels rock stable (unlike the foo_uie_explorer and foo_uie_library_tree).
This script throws them into the "removed from foobar" bin ...forever!

It's so cool and precise to be able to navigate the whole computer like that, especially if you have a massive complex music collection, and also have a very eclectic naming convention (mine is all lowercase ...everything).

One example: my Pink Floyd "lossless" folder alone has over 30 albums ! vinyl, cd, reissue, remaster, original, 1st press, 2nd press, hi-rez, 24-96, MFSL, Mono, Bootleg, and so on, and so on...
This "WSHExplorerTree~br3tt" script is heaven for users like me !

All my albums also contain (apart from the music files) a "folder.txt" and a "folder.jpg" and this script allows me to "see" them and manipulate them in real time ...great stuff !

Hey br3tt, you should check out this other WSH script for viewing TXT and NFO files inside a WSH/Foobar Panel, it's cool:
"nfoo Viewer by ~MatthijsB []"

*** Br3tt, do you have any tips to change the default colors of your script? I have a dark foobar theme.
maybe point out the relevant lines of code in the script, thanks.

*** WISH LIST: Right click on a folder and "Add folder to Playlist" (with selected folder name, like in AlbumList panel)

Thanks again for making and sharing this script ~Br3tt ++++++++++
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does "auto collapse“ this work?

why every time i rerun foobar2000, it is always collapsed?
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