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WSH Playlist 2013 v0.0.8

Finally my new WSH playlist viewer script for the foobar2000 component "WSH Panel Mod" (version v1.5.6)

* Groups (collpase or expand them, add extra lines)
* Arrange columns as you want
* Playlist Header at Top (can be disabled)
* Wallpaper as background supported with (option) with no loose of reactivity or %cpu increase (or really minor)
* ... and more

* foobar2000 v1.1 or better >> [link]
* WSH panel Mod v1.5.6 or better >> [link]
* Font guifx v2 transports >> [link]
this font is required to get nice stars for the rating columns, but if not installed, it will works with standard star (*) character

* disable "Safe Mode" option in WSH Panel Mod preferences (menu File>Preferences>Tools>WSH Panel Mod)
* copy "wsh_br3tt" folder into your foobar2000 Profile folder
* import/paste this script into a WSH Panel Mod instance of your foobar2000 layout (DUI or CUI)
Important: for any update of my scripts, replace the whole folder "wsh_br3tt" each time!

* Use Jscript9 engine (if supported by your system) for better performances (known issue: high %cpu on mouse move with Windows 8 versions, prefer Jscript engine)
* change colors and fonts in foobar2000 Preferences > DefaultUI or ColumsUI
* Some Settings can be changed in window Properties (right click on a playlist item > Settings...)
* double click on toolbar > Show Now Playing item
* use Keyboard for searching artist in the playlist (incremental search feature like in ELPlaylist)
* Right Click > Settings to chang some extra properties !!

[Change Log]
* v0.0.2 (2013-05-01 15:05 GMT+1):
- toolbar headers now are following column text alignment
- column name "N°" changed to "#" because of some problem with asian code pages ...
- Right click context menu on toolbar Header => Edit Column moved to top of the menu, no more in "Columns" sub-menu
- drag'n drop in this panel => support added
- some useless trace still wrote to the console removed!
* v0.0.3 (2013-05-01 16:05 GMT+1):
- Refresh of the top playlist header fixed on tracks added or removed from the playlist (on drag'n drop adds too)
* v0.0.4 (2013-05-01 22:33 GMT+1):
- bug fixed on last group of a playlist when collapsed (auto or manual) when focus changed (thanx to asionwu for the report)
- bug fixed for different groups of tracks stored in the same folder that force the same cover art for all the groups of the disk folder...
* v0.0.5 (2013-05-01 23:25 GMT+1):
- bug fixed on calculation of group length (thanx Tedgo)
- fixed overlapping text in group header (thanx to marc2003)
- cosmetic change: text alignment adjusted on the right of the group header to always match the last column alignment
* v0.0.6 (2013-05-02 0:50 GMT+1):
- bug fixed on calculation of group length (another one)
- cosmetic change: mood heart icon enhanced
- tweaks...
* v0.0.7 (2013-05-05 10:20 GMT+1):
- some bugs fixed
- wallpaper feature enhanced, now, you can set the wallpaper to the now playing artist image (check panel properties)
* v0.0.8 (2013-05-08 11:50 GMT+1):
- bug fixed to avoid crash on dragging group when auto-collapse is active
[Change Log]

I Hope you'll like it, please report me any bugs you may encounter, thanks by advance :)
© 2013 - 2021 Br3tt
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Hi Br3tt,

I'd like the double click to automatically start playing the selected playlist, preferably at the place where I left off the last time I opened that playlist. I listen to audiobooks a lot and remembering the position and the track I last played is really important for me.

Thank you for the help!
Thank you for the help Br3tt. I've used your JSPlaylist script as you suggested and it works like a charm! The interface is both beautiful and intuitive, I really enjoy it.
One minor thing that I'd like if I could change is that the playlist starts playing when I double-click it in the playlist viewer. I'd also like if there wasn't  X button for deleting the playlist in the playlist viewer so I do not accidentally delete one of my playlist when switching between them.
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What do you want it does on double clicking a track ?

I've followed the instruction but I don't know how to import the stuff you provided into the WSH plugin. I've done as instructed:
 * disable "Safe Mode" option in WSH Panel Mod preferences (menu File>Preferences>Tools>WSH Panel Mod)
* copy "wsh_br3tt" folder into your foobar2000 Profile folder
* import/paste this script into a WSH Panel Mod instance of your foobar2000 layout (DUI or CUI)

I'm not sure what I should import into the WSH Panel Mod? When I click Import  I'm asked for a .cfg file which is not supplied in the .zip file I've downloaded. Can you help me with this please?
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this playlist script is out to date, prefer JSPlaylist script, it replace this one the bugs less :)

for installing a wsh script this video should help newbies like you :…
It's Great WSH playlist I like it
but I often used "Add Playback queue"
in columns playlist
Playlist view-columns-Scripts-Display
How can do it in
this WSH playlist?
sorry I'm a beginner thankyou
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Not possible in this version... Maybe in my next version that should be out soon...Btw, you can see the queue content as a playlist, just right click on the columns header and select the feature.
queue content playlist is one idea
but maybe I do not use it very much
but someone need it thankyou
please add custom wallpaper path with different artist like C:\foobackground\%artist% - %album%.bmp. Thanks. I love this playlist so much!
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will try to add that feature in my WSH playlist v3 currently in progress...
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How can sort the this playlist with artist,album,playcount ??
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menu Edit > Sort > ...
Hey Br3tt,
I really love the way this playlist looks but I have one question. Is it possible to add middle mouse click actions, like send to a queue playlist? That's the one thing I really need as a function and I'm not sure if it's possible to do easily.
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Right-Click > Add to playback queue, does the job as well, why asking for another way which the facility is to debate imho.
Do you know of anyway to do what I said using a WSH Panel? Could I code it? I forgot to mention that one other thing I really like is that when it gets added to the queue, the '#' column changes to whatever position in the queue the song is.
By the way, I hope you don't take this as an insult, I don't mean to give the impression that this "isn't good enough" or something. I added the feature myself to vanilla foobar2000 and I just really like it a lot.
I love this playlist! I want to know how to change scroll steps too! (default is 4)
I registered here to say I use your script which works fine. Thank you (Merci).
If you could add the possibility to rename playlist, it would be perfect.
CoverFlow is already perfect :)
I can't get this too work :/ 
So i pasted to folder "wsh_br3tt" at C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000

But then i don't know where to paste the scipts :/
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look at this, that should help you to understand where to paste it...
In the video there was only 1 script, and i dont seem to have that script, how can i get it?
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the script to past in WSH pane mod is the one (playlist.txt) stored in wsh_br3tt\panels
Omg thank you so much! Sorry Im new to the skins stuff thats why,  but thanks it works like a charm :)
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