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WSH CoverFlow

By Br3tt
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a jscript for WSH Panel Mod component for foobar2000

[Change Log]
2012-05-08 12:10 (GMT+1): 1.4.0 released
2015-02-22 18:05 (GMT+1): 1.5.0 released >> optimized repaint system + new shading effect + now compliant with latest WSH Panel Mod version
2015-02-22 18:20 (GMT+1): 1.5.1 quickfix >> bug on double click cover and cover frame not displayed for centered cover...
[/Change Log]

 * foobar2000 v1.1 or better >>
 * WSH panel Mod v1.5.3.1 or better >>…
 * Optional: Font uni 05_53  >>
    this font is required to display total tracks info on flat display mode

 * import/paste this jscript into a WSH Panel Mod instance of your foobar2000 layout (DUI or CUI)

 * change colors and fonts in foobar2000 Preferences > DefaultUI or ColumsUI
 * Some Settings (*USER_xxx ones only) can be changed in window Properties
 * middle click on cover > Send album tracks to specific playlist "CoverFlow View"
 * keyboard keys : left/right arrows, Home/End, page up/down, spacebar to set focus on the centered album, Return key to play ...
 * Type as you Search feature : type artist name with keyboard to automatically set the focus on its first album
 * Think about it >> Adjust size/effects of the panel according to your cpu capacities to avoid bad perf

© 2012 - 2020 Br3tt
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NeferetitiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello! Thanks for this great component. I use it for years now.

Is it possible for chronflow to show the 'artist art' instead of the 'album cover'?
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Hello, may I ask a question about error? 

JScript Panel (CoverFlow View (stand alone script version) v1.5.1 by Br3tt aka Falstaff >>
JavaScript Runtime error:
개체가 'IsAutoPlaylist' 속성이나 메서드를 지원하지 않습니다.
File: <main>
Line: 3616, Col: 5
<source text only available at compile time>

I got this message after right click over coverflow panel.
What can i do?
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What part of the code handles the "Type as you Search feature"? I'm trying to implement something similar in CUI playlist view and I'd like to see how you did it here.
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
search for "incremental" string in the script, it will point you on all the part of code that handle it (in on_paint, on_char, on_key_down, IncrementalSearch function itself, ...)
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Thanks for the help!
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
you're welcome
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How to set the background to transparent, you can see the custom background image! Making it able to display cover can see transparent background! Or can be added in the next version to be able to customize the properties of an image!
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Salut, est-il possible d'enlevé le dégradé de la couleur de fond (Les éclaircicement sur les cotés) ? Pour avoir une couleur unie. Merci!
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Is there any way to make the search like in JS Smooth Browser? That is make it search album titles as well?
Fizbin69's avatar
Can I make a suggestion for a future update? In addition to the slider, display the letters A to Z that you can click on. For example, if you click B, you'll go straight to the first artist starting with B. This would be a much easier process. I actually find myself scrolling the normal playlist more often than using Coverflow.

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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
useless because of keyboard feature... just tape A to jump to A ... Z to jump to Z ... etc
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
??? there is already a feature to jump to the first artist by typing the letter on your keyboard , have you tried ?
Fizbin69's avatar
Cool! I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up.
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
ok, i was surprise because it's written in Informations section: "* Type as you Search feature : type artist name with keyboard to automatically set the focus on its first album"
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I didn't notice it. :) BTW, just an FYI but when I browse your folder on this site, this page does not exist in it.  I found it on a google search.
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
i have no idea of which folder you are talking about. a deviant art folder ? could you tell me where you access to it ?
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Is it possible to always display my entire library in the cover flow? 

Now only the covers from the current playlist are shown. 

I would like to use the cover flow to choose an album by cover from my entire library. 
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
this version do not support library view, maybe in a next update
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I was just wondering if there is anything else displayed besides the covers? Looking at your code it would seem there is. But all I see are covers. Thanks.

Edit... I got it working in horizontal mode and now I see the title.
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That's awesome! I have been using it for a long time. Sorry I haven't said thank you until now..
One problem: I'm afraid that in Windows 10, the floor reflection is no longer displayed. Is it possible to bring it back?
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
I will check that point but that's surprising.
Scrummble's avatar
Sorry to trouble you, but I just figured out that this wasn't a problem at all... It was just because of a missing parameter in properties panel. Apologies.
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
no problem.
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First .. BIG THANKS for the great foobar script !!
I can nothing about scripting, and had problems with error
To help others, Win7 x64
Ensure that in "WSH Panel Mod Configuration" to change in (drop-down-menu)  Script: "JScript9" / import the script.

Question to Br3tt Have you done something similar script that shows simple thumbnail view? I still use "graphical_browser"
I mean thumbnail only as "WSH Panel Mod" script ?

Fast Thumbnail view in foobar is the only thing i missing :)
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