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TECH v1.5.2

By Br3tt
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ColumnsUI config for foobar2000 v1.0+ (v1.5.2 tested with foobar2000 v1.3.2)

Versions History:
v1.0 : Released on 2010-05-02
v1.1 : Released on 2010-05-16
v1.2 : Released on 2010-05-19
v1.3 : Released on 2010-05-27
v1.4 : Released on 2010-07-28
v1.5.0 : Released on 2011-08-26
v1.5.1 : Released on 2011-08-29
v1.5.2 : Released on 2014-05-08

What's new in v1.5.2 ? Just Check the change log file stored in ...skins/tech/ folder

BEFORE INSTALLING, check requirements below

*Cleaning previous Tech Installation
  • If you want to update an existing TECH config, you MUST delete the previous .../skins/tech folder before extracting the new .zip file, otherwize, it could generate some WSH crash later!

*Required Fonts
*Required dependencies
*Installation Notes
  1. Install foobar2000 if not already done (Normal or Portable installation, as you prefer), then :
    • If Normal install done, extract the .zip file into your foobar2000 user profile folder, on Seven it's C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000
    • If Portable install done, extract the .zip file into your foobar2000 program folder, for example C:\My Programs\foobar2000
  2. Run foobar2000
  3. When prompted, select as default interface "ColumnsUI" then OK
  4. Now Tech layout is visible, first your have to configure your media library : use the main menu entry "Library>Configure"
  5. You have to setup Shpeck component: 1st, rename file winamp.xxx to winamp.exe (in the user profile folder), then go to "File>Preference>Visualizations>Shpeck" then Change Winamp Directory with your foobar2000 user profile folder, it contains the fake winamp.exe (just renamed from winamp.xxx). After that an available plugin will appear in the list, configure if you need, click Start/Stop button to active the panel
  6. Installation is now over, you may have to set some other useful features, like "Cursor follows Playback" (menu "Playback") ...

It's that easy :D

- Right click on the ELPlaylist > Group/Sort by ... will give you 4 presets :)
- Try the right click on all items ... there are some useful context menu there ...
- For a smoother scrolling in playlist, disable Pseudo Transparency in ELPlaylist settings (recommended for slow computer or netbooks or simply is playlist is so huge!)

Br3tt aka Falstaff

If you like my work, please, do not forget to add it a :+fav:, Thanx

PS: Visual Style used in Preview is Placebo VS for Seven : fav.me/d346dad
© 2010 - 2020 Br3tt
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soigrevNew Deviant

hey mate thanks for the download <3

Also any way to change colour of the song lists and status bar, one's too dark and the other is too bright

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Hi Br3tt. I have DirectX 12 already installed yet when trying to configure/start the Winamp plugin it says it has "Failed to initialize DirectX 9.0 or later..... The latest version of DirectX must be installed etc", followed by an error message :"Plugin's initialization procedure failed."

Do I have to install from your link above and if I do will that cause conflicts between my already installed version of DirectX?

DirectX Foobar
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hi. i want to change the font of the time display (upper right). which file have i to edit to get this?


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Thanks very much Br3tt.
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droot1986Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry to bother you but could you tell me how to lighten the font
I can barely see what's written
TigerJackson's avatar
The link to the font does not work?
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Great skin. I'm new to foobar2000 and was surprised how easy it was to get going. The only problem I have is that the "ALBUM BROWSER" button at the bottom only gives me a line of empty boxes, where I assume album covers should be. How do I turn this function on?

Thanks again for excellent  work.
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Resurrected ancient account just to say this is f*cking awesome. 
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Hey man, sick skin, but for some reason it is splitting some of my albums in to multiples, with the same title and album art, but each instance has a few of the albums songs. Why are they all not just under one heading?

It looks like 

"Album 1"

"Album 2"



and so on
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Try this: right click on the ELPlaylist > settings > Grouping tab > mess with "group format" or "sort format". 

The variables between %'s should be simple enough to figure out. See your own playlist and try to make out what is the grouping based on and change it.

E.g. my case was albums with .cue files had their last tracks separated under another group header even though the album and the artist are the same, like

==Album/Artist 1==
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
==Album/Artist 1==
Track 5

and the durations for them showed 00:00 even though there was nothing wrong with the audio file. So I figured grouping based on duration was the cause, and with the original group format for "Artist/Album" grouping preset being 


I just deleted the %length%.

Late but hope this helps.
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ISkyArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Is there any way to change the behavior of the jump-scrollbar? I'd rather it not cut to playing the first track in the section...
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pls share me how can add coverflow? thanks you.
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From where can I download the skin?
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
download button on the right
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OughtaKrawl General Artist
Glad to see you boss. You were the only reason I used to come on here. Thanks and bring your ass around more brother we missed ya!
Br3tt's avatar
Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
i'll try, promised :p
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leodude74Hobbyist General Artist
Great UI, thanks dude
Br3tt's avatar
Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
you're welcome :=
Br3tt's avatar
Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
you're welcome :)
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I am so lucky, that I found your theme, thank you very much.

Please allow one question, how can I manage to set german or englisch in the biography tab when "wickipedia" is activated as source for information? I receive wikipedia bio informations always in french.
This is just to make things perfect to me in your theme.

again thank you

best regards

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MStoutProfessional General Artist
Didnt even know there were themes until today...where have I been for a year?!  Awesome theme!
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
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The second link to the foo_wave_seekbar is broken.
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