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Slate 1.2

:new: v1.2 released : bug ("maybe") fixed in playlist tab manager (crash the script with some bad handled fonts)

- Show Now Playing by double clicking on status bar
- Stop action by double clicking the Play/Pause button

BEFORE INSTALLING, check requirements below

*Required Fonts
*VIDEO of the full install and settings
    Check it if installation notes below are not enough : [link]

*Installation Notes
  1. Install Foobar (when prompted, select Normal or Portable installation, as you prefer)

  2. When installation process is over, when prompted, RUN foobar2000, then CLOSE it before resuming below

    • If Normal install done, extract the .zip file into your foobar2000 user profile folder, FYI on Seven it's C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000\

    • If Portable install done, extract the .zip file into your foobar2000 program folder, for example C:\My Programs\foobar2000\

  3. Now, RUN foobar2000

  4. When prompted, select as default interface "ColumnsUI" then OK

  5. Installation is now over, Slate layout is now visible, first your have to configure your media library : click the icon button before the playlist "Library" or use the main menu entry "Library>Configure"

  6. To personalize the QuickSearch icon, click the default one > Options > Custom bitmap > ... browse for the Slate icon (quicksearch_icons.bmp) placed in your foobar2000 folder (program or profile one, depending of your foobar2000 installation mode as discribed step 1.)

  7. Additionnal tasks: configure Shpeck visualisation plugin (File>Preferences>Visualisations>Shpeck). You may have to set some other useful features, like "Cursor follows Playback" (menu "Playback") ...

Enjoy! :D
© 2012 - 2022 Br3tt
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Thanks for the skin.

To fix incorrect multi-channel reporting (ie always reports 'Stereo' when '5.1' etc.)

-right click on status bar.
-select Configure...
-scoll down, find line 'var tf_channels = fb.TitleFormat......'
$ifgreater(%channels%,2,' '%channels%' ',[' '%channels%])
-Click 'OK'
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Great skin. It's hard to find good skin for foobar2000, I used Zix ++ with some tweaks for a long time but it's overloaded with useless features and request too many modules for it's work. That skin not monstrous and using screen space wisely, you choose nice and sensitive spectral analyzer, I did not saw youtube video and didn't know what visual analyzer already here and start searching for equalizer, found and installed this…. Thank you. Some thing track title near control buttons, Artist name near cover art - maybe do it light gray for better visual usability ? is it using sqlite for track rating?
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very powerful and simple  skin,I love it. Thanks very much.
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you're welcome
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Excuse me. I just made my own modification of your [WSH Tabbed Playlist Manager], and want to include it in my project, which will be published on DA. Credits will be indicated.
I was wondering if you would kindly give me the permission. It will be appreciated.
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with Credtis, no problem :)
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Finally a skin that looks and works great, and doesn't have a finnicky install :D
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Sexy! Thanks for this!
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So many skins for foobar. Didnt even know there are skins for it here. Great work
I like so much this skin, I customized a bit by myself and now it's just fine. As I understand, it's impossible to change the scroll bar without changing the Windows Theme, huh?
I have a little "request". Can you add somehow a Stop button? You have only Previous, Pause, Next. Can you do something like Previous, Pause, Stop, Next big button?
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"Can you add somehow a Stop button?" ===> already done, just DOUBLE click Play/Pause button to Stop playing track ;)
Interesting. You need to make a tutorial for your skin :)), there are a lot of hidden features :)). But still, the idea with two separated buttons for pause and stop is still active. :)

And I have a couple of questions more, I hope you don't mind.
1. How could I change the color of this font (black is a bit too dark) and in the quicksearch, the font is a bit, too big.
2. How could I add a " - " between the artist and the song ? And I can't find how to change the font and colors here, neither.. Maybe make it bigger and make a bit brighter the colors.
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changinging colors in 1) => edit the jscript and find the color parameter used in gdiDrawText method used to draw the title format string for the now playing tracks (in menu OPTIONS, "unlock right click" first, then right click text area > "Configure..." to edit the script, i will not help further, i've better things to do to read my 2 years old script and tell you what is the line number to edit and the string to change, you have to search a little bit to get more falimiar with script éditing if you want to custumize things, i hope you understand this pov ;)

in 2), you have to edit the TF script of the ELplaylist panel and as 1); find the color used for the different line text parts (right click playlist > Settings...)

Hey Br3tt, is there any way for me to change the scrollbar to be black? Having it is nice but with it white it can kind of be an eye sore when everything else is dark themed.
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scrollbar depends of the windwos theme (visual style), ti change it, change the window visual style. HTH
Br3tt, how could I add a scrollbar on the right-hand side?
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right click on playlist, enter settings of ELPlaylist, there is an option to hide/show the scrollbar.
I can't seem to find this option you speak of.
Or even one of those fancy ABCDEF etc things on the top or right hand side?
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I have added a "filter" in the Columns UI. Can you please tell me how I can get this in black?
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install a windows theme/visual style that matches black, or add this Filter in a Panel Stack Splitter in order to set its borders hidden (out of range of the Panel Stack Splitter panel). no other way.
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Alternatively, is there a way to make two ELPlaylists and have one showing artists and the other albums and their tracks? (Sort of like Itunes navigation...)
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thank you, Br3tt! i want to ask you that why does genre not appear while i saw on group header it got codes for genre? :)
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