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Kameleon v1.2.2

Kameleon 1.2.2
foobar config
(ColumnsUI interface + Panel Stack Splitter)

- Release date : 15/02/2009 00h30 GMT+1
- Update date : 22/03/2009 16h14 GMT+1 (v1.2.0 -> v1.2.1)

READ instructions, get needed fonts, components, tutorials, files, extras here : [link]

*** for all FAQ and new questions, use HA : [link]

enjoy :D

Change log:
1.0a : initial release
1.0b : some fixes
1.0c : some fixes (bad scale on Vista and Seven fo cover case)
1.1a : see detail below :
- album list panel and playlist switcher panel moved to the left panel as mini-panels
- added QuickSearch toolbar always visible at the bottom of the left panel + Quicksearch buttons to look for same ... artist/album/title or genre
- added 2 buttons + and - to collapse/expand groups in the active playlist
- bug fix in Track info panel about db info doubled + some alignement fixes
- added a new button in the playlist header area to hide/show the top panel (Path + Google buttons + Last.FM radio button)
- added a grid dot background for the now playing panel (under scrolling texts)
- added Popups in ELPlaylist on Track mouseover if %comment% exists (display the comment in the popup)
- added Popups in the right Graphical Browsers (artist + album for Cover case mode, artist name for photo mode)
- dropdown menu entries are now transparent
- documentation updated below (popup transparencu in ELP, statistics &rating : where to store them? ... ), check chapter D
- tweaks

1.2.0 :
- Playback Order button now remains good image on restart (memory added)
- New foo_run button added on the top right, named Scaicha, personnaly, i use this foo_run path with it to see my stats "[link]", but be free to link it with what you want !
>>> TAKE CARE : if you want to use the Scaicha path above, you need to declare before a new foo_exvar variable that will contain your username : kameleon_lastfm_username
- Font fix: Added in the archives (main and fonts) the free font Saxmono that i use in the WSH seekbar to display the elpased time - Album List (AL) and Playlist Switcher (PL) panels are now opened in maximized mode by default in the LEFT PANEL
- Added the possibility to hide the vertical scrollbar in AL and PL panels by usinbg a new extended variable (foo_exvar settings) named kameleon_hide_scrollbar_AL_and_PL ==> set it to the value 1 to hide the scrollbar in foo_exvar
- bugs fixed

1.2.1 :
- OPTIMIZED version of KAMELEON ! Elplaylist refresh is 60% faster ! very notable on big playlist load/change, a really big improvement.
- AL, PL and INFO panels in the LEFT main panel are now opened maximized by default for comfort.
- Added a new foo_run button to launch Wikipedia info about the now playing ARTIST. foo_run button name = Wiki / foo_run path command is : "[link](%artist%,' ','_')"
- bugs fixed (File/Open, AL/PL display over other panels fixed, ...)

1.2.2 :
- Bug fixed : sometimes playlist switcher left panel had bad refresh (very annoying) => no more now (btw no more reproduced with the fix)
- Bug fixed : buttons + / - to expand or collapse the playlist ativated too the 'Show now playing command' => removed
- YEAR display in the playlist header : now, long dates are accepted but it still display only the Year (it take by default the 4 digits on the left : 2005-07-24 => 2005)
- Tweaks

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Many, many thanks. 10+ years using this foobar2000 configuration.

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i like your skins, at least as they look here, but i can't install them, 'cause i don't know how.
You keep directing to an unexistent page for instructions, would not be simpler to just enclose a text file with you skins?
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this skin is outdated, try a most recent one, instructions will fit
BigSaccs's avatar
Check ur messages Br3tt
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This is, by far, the best Skin I had and I never could found any like this, with my preferences.

1 Question, I never knew what does mean that small box that is between the Rating Stars and the Song Time. Also I don't know how to use it. What is that box?
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lyrics present or not (embedded or in the lyrics folder
Jorchking's avatar
Please author I have a question, this skin is outdated and will have an update? When was the lastest update, 2009?
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no update planned. for the last update, the info isalready done in the description: "- Update date : 22/03/2009 16h14 GMT+1 (v1.2.0 -> v1.2.1)"
So out of curiosity would you be against me updating this skin with more recent plugins and whatnot and re-releasing with a link back to you of course. I have spent some time making it work for current foobar and have made some progress. Would love to share it with people.
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feel free to share your updated version as "Kameleon Mod by ChaosTherum" when at least you give a link to the original da page.


I am having the most difficult time trying to get this to work. I downloaded everything that it needed and disabled safe mode on WSH. I load up the text file from your folder and I receive an error message, Scripting Engine Initialization Failed ({19656264-3F55-4712-8233-4B2A999502F0}, CODE: 0x80020101). I'm I making this harder than it seems? I can't get any skin to work for me.
JustTree's avatar
This doesn't seem to work with Foobar 1.2.9, any suggestions on what I could do?
Br3tt's avatar
could you explain the "seem" ?

bt, as the config is old one day it will no more work and no support is available for this config anymore from me, i have other priority and i can't be everywhere, i hope you'll understand that point.
JustTree's avatar

I stopped trying to make it work since I found a better software than foobar and no longer use it. I just thought your artwork was awesome.

I hope what you are doing right now is equally brilliant as this theme :P Cheers!
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How can I change the Background?
Jorchking's avatar
There is a Way to have differents cover songs on a same folder? In Metro Skin I can Have differents Cover songs on a same folder, How can I change in Kameleon?
I Wont to show lyric
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thanx for the :+fav:
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Real nice, I am very new to foobar and was wondering, can I change the look of the e.q. to the look of the e.q. in the Exchange 3.5?
Enorme celui là, par contre comment je fais pour modifier l'image en arrière plan ? Genre si je veux pas que ça mette à chaque fois la pochette de l'album de l'artiste que j'écoute, je veux mettre une image personnalisée par exemple.

never fail to fascinate me,
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