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JSBrowser Project (that ain't Facets!)

* 2015-04-06: new project started this week-end from scratch, a new WSH library for foobar2000 (right panel is my JSPlaylist WSH panel in v1.3.2, nothing special there!). Behaviour is close from the one coded for my DUiTunes config, no expand playlist in place in this new version until i crack for it ^^
* 2015-04-08: preview updated (yes, those 2 jsbrowser are linked as filters :D)
* 2015-04-15: preview updated : 3 jsbrowser panels linked: genres / artists / albums, each in one of a different display mode. Populating 3 jsbrowser panel a the same time take ~ 4 seconds for a 50k library, quit acceptable, after filtering respond less than a second :), a stand alond jsbrowser (no other panel filter) populates in les than 2 seconds on a 50k library (core i7 cpu)
* 2015-04-30: preview (finally) updated, changes are inside so not really visible on a picture ... i may add a video soon !
* 2015-05-09: preview in columnsUi

TODO list :
- customization and tests to be sure it's relable now, engine rewrote this week to make it working as component Facet does in the multi-panel selection filter :)
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How i can download themes ?

Simply the Best!!
How do you get your artist view like that with the images? I've been searching everywhere.. lol .:(
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Awesome work :-)
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thank you ... but not fully happy with the result, i've to adjust some functions ;)
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But looks great at least ;)

Would like to code something like this, too... but don't find the time for it...
Maybe once you finished it i can adopt it for my DarkOne project?

Need a replacement for ELPlaylist and EsPlaylist, too... i should really go into coding again... :D
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i'll do my best to release JSBrowser and new JSPlaylistSmooth asap !
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Tried your current JSPlaylist.
Looks also great ;-)
Unfortunately it sometimes blocks my CPU... especially in Shuffle (tracks) or Random playback order.
I guess its caused by loading covers in very large playlists...
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weird, what's your CPU, maybe it is a little bit old than the avarage ?
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Yes, its an older Pentium Dual Core 2,6GHz.
My All-in-One-PC is now six Years old... ;-)
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it might explain things ^^
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'm sorry that I interfere, try input reset_cover_timers(); in function on_mouse_..., for me it helped.
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Thanks for this hint. Will try it asap :)
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You are welcome;)
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i'm a newbie and using this theme, it look like whs v1.3.
how to move the spectrum to the backside the lyrics pane? or insert some visualizations? and can i insert an animation picture (.gif for example) to wallpaper??
thanks you very much.
english isn't my native language, sorry for any mistake
I hope the project is not dead :)
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no. I'm in holidays ...
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can you make a facets?
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Eagerly awaiting the release of this one! 
It's looking awesome!
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Maybe the beta for testing...if possible.:)
 ^^ This. Wouldn't mind testing a beta out.
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I also would not mind to test, but apparently Br3tt has no free time to finish the JSBrowser.
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Hurry up and release it bro :) .I bookmarked  this page and visit it almost every day to see an update.:happybounce: 
(a beta maybe)
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Have You thought about moving code to GitHub? It has nice bugtracker (that is also can be used for suggestions).
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