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JS Smooth Playlist

a jscript for the component "JScript Panel" v1.0.0 or better

[Change Log]
 * 2015-11-10 at 12:00 (GMT+1) : 0.9.0 >> Initial beta release version (for the new component JScript panel 1.0.0)
 * 2015-11-10 at 13:45 (GMT+1) : 0.9.1 >> cover size wasn't refreshed on zoom in/out with mouse wheel, now fixed
 * 2015-11-15 at 10:35 (GMT+1) : 0.9.2 >> added drag'n drop files support + bugs fixing
[/Change Log]

 * Groups (collpase or expand, add extra lines, ...)
 * True Smooth Scrolling
 * Screen Touch support
 * "in track" rating system
 * Playlist Header at Top (can be hidden with CTRL+T)
 * Vertical Scrollbar (can be hidden with CTRL+B)
 * Custom or Cover art Wallpaper as background supported (including a blur effect)
 * Collapsable playlists panel to easily drag'n drop tracks to a another playlist
 * Windows scaling compliant (you can adjust zoom size in real time with CTRL+mousewheel)
 * Custom Panel Colors (in Properties window)
 * ... and more!

 * Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
 * foobar2000 v1.3 or better >>
 * component "JScript Panel" 1.0.0 or better >>…

 * Font guifx v2 transports, to get better stars for rating >>…

 * copy folder "js_br3tt" into your foobar2000 Profile folder (it contains the "jssp" subfolder)
 * import/paste the main script into a "JScript Panel" instance of your foobar2000 layout (DUI or CUI)
 * Important: for any update of my scripts, replace the whole folder "js_br3tt\jssp\" each time
   and Clear the panel properties (hold SHIFT key + Right-click > Properties > "Clear" button > "OK" button)

 * Hold SHIFT key + right click to display Configure script and panel Properties entries
 * Always use Jscript9 engine for better performances (choice is to be made when you open the "Configure..." window from a JScript Panel instance (right click)
 * Change colors and fonts in foobar2000 Preferences > DefaultUI or ColumsUI
 * Some minor settings can be changed in window Properties (SHIFT + right click > Properties), use it carefully
 * Use Keyboard for "jumping" to an artist in the playlist (incremental search feature like in ELPlaylist) or to navigate in playlist
 * Right Click on items for contextual menu for the selection
 * CTRL+T to toggle the columns toolbar
 * CTRL+B to toggle the scrollbar
 * Hold CTRL + Mouse Wheel to scale elements (useful for 'retina' screens)
 * Hold SHIFT + Mouse Wheel to scale group header and so the cover art size
 * F3 key to show now playing track
 * F5 key to refresh covers
 * ... etc

Thanks by advance for bugs report and feedback :)
© 2015 - 2021 Br3tt
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Hello, I am getting errors with the newest version of this!

Microsoft JScript runtime error:

Object doesn't support this property or method

File: <main>

Line: 3281, Col: 5

Are you planning to create a new playlist based on the latest JScript Panel versions?
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Great list, very clean and really helping breathe life into my personal layout.  I'm having an issue however where multi-disc albums are being split into new entries for each disc.  Is there a line in the code I can adjust to tweak this behavior?
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Very nice! :) What kind of stuff are in the "Now Playing" and "Queue" tabs?
I mean, it's part of this script or something else?
Hi, may I ask a question about error? 

JScript Panel (JS Smooth Playlist v20151114-1630-540 by Br3tt aka Falstaff >>
JavaScript compile error:
syntax error
File: C:\Users\sang9\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000\js_br3tt\jssp\js\JScommon.js
Line: 540, Col: 8
   }; else {

What can I do?
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in the script, replace all }; with only }
it's due to new version of JScript Panel that do not accept anymore this syntax.

Thank you for reply!. may I ask one more question?
I am also using your JSPlaylist. It's very good too. and I think that JSPlaylist has one more feature than JS smooth.
when I  do 'add to playback queue' in JSPlaylis, playlist named "Queue Content" is automatically made. but not in the JS smooth.
Is this a unique feature of JSPlaylist? I hope that JS smooth has that function.
Thank you very much!!!
Is there any way to get rid of the white border on the cover ?
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Can you add support for "Prefences>Display>Selection viewers"? For 'Album Art Viewer' or 'Selection Properties' Element...
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hi dude, may i ask you how can i add a string to show disc number in playlist album header?
Does not work on resistive touch panels (on capacitive multitouch - no problem):
See video:
And please do sorting/grouping selection .
Also, please return "mood" ,look - it was the beginning ..
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i won't be fixed for resistive screen
There were also problems with caching images (> 500x500) on low-end PCs.
I have already made changes to resistive screen.
The script will send in Your PM (Scroll Setup)

also I have done, badly needed - sort 'by folders'
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what kind of problem for large images ?
When scrolling has appreciable freezes, sticking.
Tests on different PCs.
After sticking to scroll trying to catch up
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At the time of the next update, Displays the name of the album for stream as Stream ( or Unknown Album )? Like JSP. Or all streaming into a group, like Image 1( or Image 2( Because current JSSP show is a mess.(
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This has been preventing Foobar2000 from fully shutting down in Windows 10 Br3tt.  After a few weeks I finally got around to removing panels 1 by 1 until I found this was the culprit. No problem in Windows 7 though.
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Hi, i'm using it under Windows 10 since many month and i never encountered a such issue. Without more information about what happen and when exactly, and Jscript Panel version used and script version used and without a console log or crash report, i can not help at all
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Thanks so very much for replying Br3tt.  I just did extensive testing before replying here.  I found that FB2K with Smooth Playlist (SP) >does< fully shut down in Windows 10 as long as there are not any marc2003 jscript v4.0 panels configured.  It doesn't fully shut down when a SP panel is present along with any 1 of the 3 marc2003 panels listed below.

FB2K does not crash, and its console shows nothing unusual (I will send you the log in DA note).  I have to 'end task' on FB2K in Task Manager in order to restart it, and it starts normally without complaining. I have also confirmed that a duplicate copy of the portable FB2K build will shut down properly in Windows 7.

It's interesting that if no tracks are played after FB2K is started, it will fully shut down properly.

However I am having an unrelated problem with SP in a simple build with just 2 panels configured: SP and Playlist Switcher.  I have a >very< old 'Various Tracks' mp3 folder with a lot of files that lack album tags.  The cover art files in my library are named from the %album% tag, and they are stored in each album folder.  In this folder there are several %album%.jpg cover art files.  The problem starts when I select this 'Various Tracks' playlist.  SP scans & chooses the 1st art jpg in the folder in lowest alphabetical order a-z.  It then creates thumbnail files for every one of those mp3s that lacks an album tag.  If I then tag the mp3 properly and add the corresponding %album%.jpg art file to the folder, SP doesn't change the thumbnail it displays to match.  In fact I can find no way to change a thumbnail for 1 single track in SP without having to delete the entire \imgcache folder.

During my tests today I did see a connection between SP and marc2003's jscripts.  His Album Art Downloader panel will notice the thumbnail SP creates for mp3s lacking album tags.  And then like SP, his panel will then display that art for every track in the playlist that lacks that tag.  Also if I close FB2K, and then try to delete the entire \wsh_data\artists folder before ending task on FB2K, some sub-folders will delete, but some remain until FB2K is fully shut down.

Here is my setup:

Foobar2000 v1.3.9
foo-jscript-panel v1.1.4
JS Smooth Browser version "20151114-1630-340"
 * Now playing (basic) script
 * Thumbs script
 * Album Art Downloader script (latest marc posted on
PC: Windows 7 b7601 SP1
Notebook: Windows 10 v1511 b10586.318
Notebook: Windows 10 v1507 b10240 <- Recently upgraded from this
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Thanks for the fully detailled rport, this sentence is interesting "During my tests today I did see a connection between SP and marc2003's jscripts.  His Album Art Downloader panel will notice the thumbnail SP creates for mp3s lacking album tags"

issue is when SP is used with marc script, so something is badly interact in SP (or in marc script) ...

i'll give it a look asap

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Have resolved the problem with foobar not fully shutting down in Windows 10 Br3tt.…

I also removed all the thumbnail naming patterns in the SP panel properties and set just %album%.*. That seems to have resolved the problem I was having with SP selecting the wrong jpgs to make thumbs from.  It would still be nice to be able to remove and / or replace individual thumbnails instead of having to delete the entire cache folder and start over. Tho' the script is pretty quick. :)
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Looks like marc's and your scripts are not interacting Br3tt.  They're just doing the same thing. They are both choosing 1 jpg among many in the folder to display cover art for every mp3 in the folder that lacks an album tag.  This is a very old and very neglected group of unrelated music files, the oldest dating back to 2002.  Think I put poor marc through more time and effort than it may have been worth in this hydrogen thread:…
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