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IBIZA foobar config

foobar config for ColumnsUI & Panel Stack Splitter

more Informations, FAQ & discussions on Hydrogenaudio : [link]


First release : 17/06/2008
Last Release : 26/10/2008
Version : 2.0b


- (optional) Foo LAST.FM Radio
- ColumnsUI 0.3 beta2 preview9 or higher - foo_ui_columns.dll
- Panel Stack Splitter or higher - foo_uie_panel_splitter.dll
- ELPlaylist or higher - foo_uie_elplaylist
- (Chronial) Cover Flow 0.3.0 or higher - foo_chronflow.dll
- Graphical Browser rev015 - foo_uie_graphical_browser.dll
- Lyric Show Panels or higher - foo_uie_lyrics.dll
- Track info panel mod 0.8.0 - foo_uie_trackinfo_mod.dll
- Quick Search Toolbar 2.8l or higher - foo_uie_quicksearch.dll
- Channel Spectrum Panel 0.16 or higher - foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum.dll
- Album list panel 0.2.3beta or higher - foo_uie_albumlist.dll
- Playlists Dropdown 0.6 alpha4 or higher - foo_uie_playlists_dropdown.dll
- WSH Panel 0.7.2 or higher (WSH panel mod can be used now, not tested)

/// FONTS ///

- Segoe UI
- Angelina [link] (free font)
- Smirnof [link] (free font)
- Uni 05_53 [link] (free font)
- Wingdings


1) extract ibiza.7z archive in the default foobar2000 folder (must be C:\Program Files\foobar2000\)
2) run foobar with ColumnsUI as interface
3) go to preferences -> ColumnsUI -> Main -> use Import Button to import the ibiza16b.fcl file, apply the imported layout !
4) you may have to configure stand alone components like Quick Search Toolbar, ChronFlow, Lyric Show panel ... cause the configuration file do not contains my settings (not stored in the .fcl)
5) you may have to change the PATH for covers and artist photos for each components using them, simply rigth-click on the component to update --> enter settings of the component --> modify the path for the variables cover.path and/or artist.path, generally coded in the first line of the code of the component (graphical browser, ELPlaylist, Panel Stack Splitter)

/// STARTUP possible Settings ///

1/ Playback Order

- to set the playback order to use on startup, you have to go to Splitter Settings (rigth click on the playback button bar except on the rating system! ---> Splitter Settings ...)
in the list of panels used, you'll find at top 3 panels (which are only used as boolean) : Playback Order Default, Shuffle & Repeat
==> to select which you want to use on startup, select which you want to display and on the rigth of this list, uncheck the box 'Hidden on startup' ... for the 2 other panels check the box !!!

2/ Left Panel display

same way, but select in the list of panels 'Left Panel' and use the box option to hide or show the panel on startup.

3/ Split Panel display

same way, but select in the list of panels 'Split Panel' and use the box option to hide or show the panel on startup.

^^ enjoy!
© 2008 - 2021 Br3tt
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Won´t work with Foobar 1.3.9 i´ve tried it but some Components are completly outdated
KraydThePlayerSlayer's avatar
you couldnt put download links for each of the required components? kind of a pain in the ass to google each one.
Br3tt's avatar
7 years old skin... foobar2000 and components have evolved a lot since this release. Better to you to try most recent foobar2000 skins i wo't update anything about this (too) old work. thanks for your understanding.
Shinu92's avatar
Holy fuck is this bullshit to install...
I got this error. Why?
I put this files  in components.
Br3tt, this is by far the best skin I've seen. Isn't there any way you could port this somehow to the latest foobar versions, if at all possible, so we could avoid most of the hassle that comes with its installation. 
Though I'm not certain  that you can even install this skin anymore.. I tried but I failed miserably. Downgrading the foobar client didn't do it for me and can't really find those old components anymore.. Some of the links are broken.

Br3tt's avatar
Ibiza II could see the light soon if i got time for this :p

watch me to be warned when it will happen ^^
Br3tt's avatar
but outdated :p
very nice skin! Now i am wondering, which fresh one would you recommend? Like this one but a fresh one.. :)
Br3tt's avatar
just avoid the old ones like IBIZA, Kung-Foo, Xchange1.0 and Xchange2.0. All other ones should be ok (check their installation notes)
Paranoiya's avatar
Hey, I am new to foobar 2000 and I want to change to this skin. I tried getting all the necessary components first but am I doing something wrong? I can't even get Columns UI and cannot find a more in-depth tutorial on what to do. Could you possibly give me more detailed instructions on how to go from a vanilla foobar to your skin? Thanks :)
Br3tt's avatar
too old skin, try a fresh one ;)
TheRessen's avatar
Very beautiful. I liked it.
FourKingHell's avatar
Thanks for the great skin.
FourKingHell's avatar
Thanks for the great skin It took me awhile to sus everything out but I still have one problem that is when I switch to library view no fonts appear unless I click on them , It's the same for sub folders as well. Having said that I can live without it by importing music through Chronflow but this is the last bug to bug me I spent the best part of my weekend sussing everything out and It was worth it. thanks again for inspiring me to tweak your excellent skin
nolliellama's avatar
darcklo's avatar
Nice theme, But is it possible to navigate in the library without foobar modify your playlist? Because when i wanna listen ton an entire album, I can play it but if i start to look around my library a song from another artist, album or whatever is played. It's like you navigate in your playlist instead of navigating your library and adding song to a temporary playlist (which would be a lot more handy). Is there a solution?
b3nnwar's avatar
Hi, I'm new to Foobar and would like to change the interface. I have tried many different themes/skins but seem to be unable to make them work. The big problem i seem to be having is outdated themes. Ive been searching for ages now and every seems to be released around 2008. Whats the best theme to use on Foobar 2000 V1.1.11?

Can someone help me get this working?

When I try to import the .fcl file it says that I'm missing WSH panel and Lyric Show. But both of them are installed :\ Well my lyric show is lyrics2.dll but WSH panel should be fine. Maybe it would help if someone linked me the "right" component links, if I got the wrong ones.
Br3tt's avatar
get some components required (and now "rare" version) here : [link]
Br3tt's avatar
lyrics2 isn't lyrics1 ! in the same way, WSH panel is not WSDH panel mod (the most recent one, the other is dead but required for ibiza skin)

so, find these old component version if you really want to use this 'old' skin :p
Thanks alot for uploading them, works as a charm now D:
vuvantien's avatar
Hi friend, what a beautiful skin out here. I want to increase the trasparency of the background art. Can u show me that? Tks :D.
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