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HiFoo v1.7.5

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Published: July 25, 2011
© 2011 - 2019 Br3tt

ColumnsUI configuration for foobar2000 v1.x (extra .zip file to install for XP, check installation notes!) Inspired by audiofile engineering fidelia

Last update (v1.7.5) : 2011-08-21 at 17:21 (GMT+1)

What's new in v1.7.5 ? Just Check the change log file stored in the .zip

Config created/tested using foobar2000 v1.1.7


*Installation Notes, click image below

*Quick Help

*Info about Playback Statistics
HiFoo includes its own statistics system and rating engine for taging your music file, but you can install foo_playcount component ([link]) if you want to handle stats thru an external database and not in music file (HiFoo checks if foo_playcount.dll is installed or not ^^)

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DJ-Colonel-CornHobbyist General Artist
OMG I love this ! Thank you SO much for this !
What an awesome skin for Foobar2000.
I'm using Foobar2000 v.1.44 , and installation was a BREEZE.
SO easy, and so functional !
Yeah, I'm still using win7 in 2019. I wonder if this skin works on win10...?

Really nice skin.
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Also wondering how to resize or make full screen
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Fantastic skin. Thanks for your hard work! One question though: how can I resize the window?
vintagejakker's avatar
Hi Br3tt; Thanks as always for your amazing work.
I am trying an experiment with this skin on a small 8* win 10 tablet but the display size is way too small, is there anyway to make it full screen Please?
Best regards
firefly1336's avatar
How do you scroll your playlist?
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
no more got this config installed but if i remember well, the playlist viewer component is ELPlaylist, so, go to ELPlaylist settings et make the scrollbar to status = SHOW (right click on playlist to get contextual menu to get the ELPlaylist settings entry ...)

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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
of course ... mouse wheel works fine too ^^
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i love that skin, but after i reistalled my PC i didnt get the wave seekbar to work. i have installed the c++ runtimes (more than once) but still its broken. i tryed newer versions from foo_wave_seekbar but is did nothing. Any one with advise?
forty5cal1911's avatar
Any way to change the background image and scaling from the foo_logo_bg?
So I've been able to edit the Columns UI PSS Script to insert my image and defined the proper size in the Script. However, looks to be x axis padding to the left of my image as it runs out of the window at higher resolutions.
Anyone familiar with this code could give me a pointer on what to modify in the Script to adjust this offset? Newbie at Columns UI.
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TansJauharilHobbyist Digital Artist
Back to win7, install this beautiful skin again, omg...
But anyway, Show Now Playing button didn't work when window height is changed, i miss something maybe?
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
you're welcome, but to really thanks me, just add it to your +fav  :p
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SE ve genial.....quiero probarlo
Br3tt's avatar
Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
"Descargar" en la parte superior derecha de esta página
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Hi. HiFoo works wonderful on Windows 10 and with foobar 1.3.10! It looks very nice... and can integer in Rainmeter Theme ELEMENTARY perfect!!!

...but one question: when i want to read lyrics, it start a new window in white (!!!) it looks - puh - so bad!!! how can i change the window color????

hey very nice work! sorry for bad english!!! wir könnten besser deutsch schreiben ;-)

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Hi. I'm new in customizing foobar2000. Can somebody link or tell me how can i change to that theme step by step? Is it working with the new version of software?
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Well it wont let me re edit my comment so i ask another question, how to remove the glare underneath the cd case for portable mode and

how would i go about adding a DB level to the sound level knob? might you have a quick ref guide to editing somethings as of right now there is just SO much to to go through and i wouldnt almost know where to begin other then getting really lucky
Skatelate's avatar
Holy F*** and i thought my basic customized Columns UI was just ok for me this exponentially better then any UI for any media player i ever used in my life, for a long time i was using VLC then switched to foobar2000 once i found out about it. Bret could you imagine a variation of this ruining on a smartphone!?! Well i just had to say my peace, im sure i will have some questions for you in the future i guess i could post those here right? SKATELATE out....

Ok i have a question now., how can i disable foobar and your skin from making connections to the internet, NVM i just block in firewall :^)
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
thank you :p
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Baja002Student Digital Artist

I'm big fan of your work, but i have one question.

How to resize window, because on 2K monitor this setup looks funny (and i have lot of playlists). 

Thanks, B
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Br3ttHobbyist Interface Designer
you can't, just increase the height in "extra" menu
Baja002's avatar
Baja002Student Digital Artist

Damn how the hell "extra" menu slip by me :D
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