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DUiTunes beta3

a DUI theme for foobar2000 v1.2.9 or better

Check DUiTunes help file.doc and change log from the .zip for the installation and features detail

Release History:
2013-11-10 12:30 : release of beta1
2013-11-21 21:10 : release of beta2
2013-11-27 19:50 : release of beta3

Thanx to thanhdat1710 for the scrolling method used in Album View inspired from it's WSH Panel Mod WSH library search V1.0
Thanx to T.P. Wang for WSH Panel Mod component
Thanx to Dron for UI Hacks component
Thanx to Apple for the Album View inspiration


PS: Don't forget to add it to your :+fav: if you like it or just want to support my work, thanx by advance :p
© 2013 - 2021 Br3tt
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This is my duitunes, like it???

My Duitunes

Hi, when I try to install I have a message that foobar has crashed due to script problem with wsh and others, if someone can help me...

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Help me, this theme don't work at all do is work with foobar version 1.3.17 ? and i have do everything is not seem to work how to install it ? 
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I use it since 4 years, and it works great.
I recently upgrade to last 1.4 beta of foobar2000 and it still working.
If it is your first skin installation, it may be a little bit hard.
Please explain your real problem if you want help, no one can help with just a 'this theme don't work'.
Kind regards,
Love this skin - thanks for all the hard work.

I would really like to add a bits per sample and sample rate column to the Media library View - I've managed to get bits by sample by overwriting the title and pattern of the bitrate column which I have less use using:

Bit Depth;$info(bitspersample)-bit;7793;bitrate;1

but when I try and copy the procedure for sample rate using:

Sample Rate;$if($strcmp(%__encoding%,lossy),%samplerate% Hz,%samplerate% Hz);8626;bitrate;1

it works first time but every time I reload foobar the sample rate column duplicates the bit depth and I have to manually right click on the sample rate column> edit column> pattern and simply click OK for the sample rate to appear correctly again.

I have tried swapping out bitrate for samplerate at the end of the string but this makes the column blank so am stuck now - the bitrate part of the string has me confused as I thought this would need to read bitspersample and samplerate respectively but it works for bitspersample so I'll just accept a lack of knowledge on my part here!

Grateful for any advice.

PS. Would also love to have the status bar shown by default rather than hidden if this is a simple tweak - every time I close and re-open it reverts back to hidden.
How do I swap Album Title and Artist name?
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Hello Brett,
Could you please give me some inputs on how to add some additional columns in the playlist view ?
Kind regards,
This is driving me insane.  Is there no way to simply sort the primary Media Library playlist? I can sort created playlists, but I can't sort the Media Library which seems to be used for the albums view.  Any help would be appreciated.
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How do I change the font for the tracklist? I think it's ugly.
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The theme that you have created, simply gorgeous and very comfortable ! Use only her ... But ! In my opinion , a button "Albums" and "Playlists" need to be reversed. Since the playlist menu on the left to navigate intuitively in the playlist , push the "Albums" which is also located on the left ... Can they swap them to eliminate random errors ?
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First time using foobar2000. Is there a way to ignore leading prefixes(The, A) from artists' names when in album view? I tried downloading Facets and enabling the "Ignore leading 'The' when sorting" option but that didn't change anything. 
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if you're newbee to foobar2000, i suggest you to get some help on its offcial forum, there, you'll find support:…
fantastic work! Couple quick issues - in album view some albums don't show the album art, and when i manually tag the picture file it adds it in the list view (that drops down when you click on an album icon) but not on the album icon itself. Attaching it as font cover, disc, icon, artist, etc. doesn't seem to have any effect. 

I can't seem to figure out how to add songs to playlists. Dragging them doesn't seem to work.

Also in the playlist view some artists are out of alphabetical order and seem to be missing the artist name next to the mini album icon. After comparing the metadata from these to others that are working I'm pretty sure this is because they're missing a .cue file. Is there any way to either a. create a .cue file for them or b. change the order of the list (like how normally if you click the artist column title it reverses the order)... similarly many albums are out of order by year. Normally I would fix this by choosing the order that I'd click on the column titles.

Thanks again for all your hard work.
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dragging songs to playlist only works in the ALBUM view
from Playlist View, you can drag files from Windows to the playlist panel normally.

i never used cue file, so i can't give any support on that point.
Thanks man.
For the ordering issue, I figured out if you search a specific artist in the Playlist View searchbar, and then organize the albums manually by dragging them around in the new playlist that pops up, when you exit back to your Media Library in Playlist View it will remember the order for you (this isn't consistent though, for whatever reason sometimes it won't work).
Downside is when you search that artist again the order will still be wrong in the new playlist again. Small price to pay I suppose. 

Anyway love the skin and am all in all supremely happy. I'd love to see you finish development if you ever have time!
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I am still learning how to best use Foobar and I will definitely stick with your DUITunes for which I firstly would like to congratulate and thank you for!
I also use MonkeyMote Remote and in the remote app on my iPhone the metadata from my favourite internet radio's are displayed.
Is it possible to also view this info in the small top centered window of DUITunes?
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Why can't we select multiple tracks on the grid view?
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because not coded
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Development for this ceased, right?
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frozen for sure but a reboot may see the light when i'll complete my JSBrowser panel...
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Is it at all possible to add a 'recently added' section in the albums view, just like in the current iTunes?
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