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Applejack is best pony :).
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Nah, Fluttershy is best pony. I mean, it's obvious that if Applejack is best anything she's clearly best mermaid. :3
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Time to get popping those apples. ^^
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This artwork is amazing.
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Cute artwork, yay!
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I love Applejack :D
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Your smearing needs work, but it is lovely. Congrats haha
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Agreed, Applejack is best!
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What's this I rread of an all-out thermonuclear war engulfing Equestria and Canterlot ? Radiation changing MLPs into ghouls, Hospital Horrors, Alicorns,.... effects last centuries as survivors live in bunkers ....
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I adore Applejack, this is gorgeous. Very well done! You're a great artist!
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This is a nice picture of AppleJack. She is my favorite pony.
So pretty :)
Applejack is my favorite
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Here's a song for Applejack.
Act Naturally
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Ayy... My waifu EqG Applejack (SURPRISE MOTHERF*CKAH) Plz 
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No she's not because she's not real.
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Just stop with the stupid waifu crap and try to find an ACTUAL gf that's also into MLP.
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She's not real. Please find an actual gf that's also into MLP.
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Love the style of it
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Hello, I am making MLP themed Yu-Gi-Oh cards on my account. I would like to ask your permission to use this picture on a card. You will be given credit.
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Yeap, She is the best Pony :3
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