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Cutie Mark Crusaders vektor

By BR-David
Practice in Adobe Illustrator
CMC vektor from the last episode (Hearts and Hooves day)
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© 2012 - 2021 BR-David
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It was a wwe youtube poop called "john cc goes to wrestlemestle"
AndresCortez7's avatar
I've seen this in a youtube poop.
fluttersandrainbow's avatar
Can I use this for a fan fiction? It's adorable!! ^_^
1MotorHead1's avatar
My heart is mealting the black ice :) 
gugggleee's avatar
OMG! there so cute!!!!!
MrKeybladeMaster1992's avatar
Is there a chance :icontrainman666: and I could use this?
AceBlazewing's avatar
Daww, you adorable little rascals...=)
MarkusFire's avatar
I hope you don't mind but I also used you Vector for a wallpaper, could you tell me what you think? If you don't like it, I could remove it if you want. [link]
Chaz1029's avatar
Hey, so I used your vector in a wallpaper I made :P Let me know what you think! :) Btw, good vector :) [link]
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Seriously one of the cutest poses they did!
LordVurtax's avatar
Much appreciated for your time and effort into making this. I used it in some cover art I made for Haymaker here: [link]
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Hey i was wondering if i could get this for one of my youtube videos
it's more like music cover of the perfect stallion remake ^^
BR-David's avatar
Fell free to use it as long as you give me credit... (btw, if i found the AI file, i will fix Sweetie horn)
LittleInfernoNova's avatar
Sure thing if you want to fix her horn

just tell me when it's done ^^
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when i first saw that scene i thought " they liek rape"
JJazon's avatar
yay! :)
congrat, bro! /)*(\
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Aw... This reminds me of picking up my pug! :matteo:
eligeti's avatar
Sweetie belle was cute in that...when she says..."love potion"
sistemx's avatar
you missed scootaloo eyeslash! but awesome work
BR-David's avatar
Nope.. she has only 1 eyelash on the original pic....
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