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Update and Jobs for Artists

Update and Jobs for Artists

Life has been awesome but incredibly busy. I just bought a Hello Kitty sewing machine and have been teaching myself to sew. My friend's app that has my art in it comes out in about a month, so I've been crash-coursing mobile design and animation. Everyone's been needing headshots and videos lately, and video is also very new to me. Bought a boom mic and LED panel light for that. Also, working on a movie prop for another friend. So many things. btw anyone watching Arrow? That and Dragon Age are what I'm addicted to lately. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ bQw (


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My Bio
Who the heck are you?
I'm Brian.

Okay, what I mean is "what are you doing?"
I'm typing at my computer. Well, I mean by the time you read this I will obviously already have finished typing and saving it and will probably be doing something else... .

That's NOT what I mean! I mean, what makes you so special?
My fingerprints?

You're a jerk.
No. I'm a Brian.

Sheesh. No need to yell. Nothing anymore. For 18 months I was the Street Photography Gallery Moderator. Now I'm retired and enjoy being a genre Nazi.

I'm currently interested in stalking you. What are you outside of DeviantArt?
In a previous life I was a software engineer. Then the bubble burst on that and now in my current existence I am an Elementary school teacher. I was born and raised in the South Bay area of California (err...not Oakland, but the SoCal South Bay...Torrance, Hawthorne, Carson, etc... .). A few years back I took a software engineering contract in Taipei, Taiwan and moved 10,000 Km to the left. I've been here in the R.O.C. ever since.

Brian, will you FAQ me?
FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
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FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?
FAQ #84: What are the Core Values of the Community Relations Department?

Favourite Visual Artist
Van Gogh
Favourite Movies
4 cinematography: Blade Runner. 4 boyhood fantasy: Star Wars IV
Favourite TV Shows
Fringe, Eureka, Sherlock
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
smashing pumpkins, the cure, ash, pixies, breeders, reel big fish, jane's addiction, 80s mod st
Favourite Writers
H.P. Lovecraft...and whoever wrote the "Encyclopedia Brown" series when I was little
Favourite Games
Civilization, Gabriel Knight series, Broken Sword series
Favourite Gaming Platform
iPad, PC
Tools of the Trade
Olympus E-P2, 17/2.8 lens, Lightroom, Photoshop, iPad
Other Interests
Travel, Culture, Languages, History
Hey Everyone! I wanted to let you know that my book, Shift, is taking pre-orders on Inkshares! It's a hard science fiction story about multiple-dimensionality and was inspired by my favorite Lovecraft short, "From Beyond", and a Star Talk podcast on ...
Okay, so everyone who reads my stuff here knows that I'm working on a SciFi book. There's something that's frustrating me, so please forgive this brief anti-New Age B.S. rant.

Call for Submissions for a Book Cover

Call for Submissions for a Book Cover

Today I officially passed the halfway point of my first real effort in writing a long-form story and I decided that it was time to start putting together the more ancillary things like a blurb, pricing line editors, And cover art. And there's no better place than dA to do that, so... It's a hard SciFi story dealing with interdimensionality so surrealism is okay.  The main protagonist is a 20s Asian female, physics PhD, science journalist. A secondary protagonist is a middle-aged African American male, photojournalist. Oh, and the other dimension has giant floating Portuguese Man O War jellyfish. And less gravity. If you are interested and

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