Breathing Steadily With The Others

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Breathing Steadily With The Others

Breathing, a spontaneous act,

You don't think about, it just happens.

Everything around me breathes,

From what we see such as animals.

What we take for granted breathes,

Our world, the sky, the Earth.

In this time of reflection,

We should embrace the healing.

Our planet deserves our solace,

It requires our stillness.

I listen, I hear, and I feel,

My senses alive.

And what of our senses,

They are alive, just listen.

As the Earth speak,

It breathes, expanding and healing.

Breathing Steadily

At one with the Universe.

Today I am Grateful For

1, My Parents

2, Being Alive

3, Friendship

∂ Bramel P. Sheretan

Writing, expressing our life within words.  DeviantArt 
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