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Is it too late,
to ask for forgiveness.
For all the sins I've committed,
against you.
Is it too late,
to understand my crime.
To know that what I said,
was hurtful insulting and wrong.
Even though the question,
was out of curiosity and understanding.
I should have never,
asked that question.
Or distrusted you,
because you know me.
Better then most people do.
You always seem to be there,
when I need you the most.
But now I look to the left,
and look to the right,
and all I see is nothingness.
just plain forgiveness.
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I've come along way in a month...
its like the passage from child to adult.
I realize that I was wrong again.
I failed as a friend and as a person.
I failed to listen to someone that knows me better.
Failed to understand that sometimes what we perceive
as a good thing is really dangerous and unthoughtful.
What I thought was insulting was really a cry to my inner self.
An attack on me because of what I was doing wrong.
Those days in August when you got angry at me.
You got angry at me because i wasn't being the Brett
that listened. I was being the Brett, that was the reason
you stopped talking to me in the first place.
I can't change the past... I should have never questioned
your friendship and the reasons you said those things.
I should have known they were for my own good.
When I see you again...
I hope I can make up for everything I did bad.
I told them ya know.
I told my boss... stood up to him
I told my parents about basketball....
and I ended up feeling better about mysel
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an agent of chaos
an agent of chaos
what I truly am.
I run on instinct
and desire
fueled by the logic
inside my mind.
Devoted to one thing
Total chaos is the only thing
that can fight crime.
Without holding back
or taking no.
If you can't be yourself
then whats the point of being happy.
There is no point
Just chaos.
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confidence part 2
An important goal in life,
A goal one should strive for.
Sometimes we feel that
Our confidence is lost
Without a trace
But sometimes
No matter what others say,
You must know that
You are a great person
Not ugly but beautiful.
Enjoyable and funny
Your existence is a pleasure.
You’re a great singer
No matter what anyone says,
Believe in yourself
You can do anything
You want to do.
And you will achieve
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I always knew I was different
I knew I was different because
I was Never popular
I was the Polar opposite
Picked on.
Used and Abused
because I was different
Why can't we all just accept
each other for who we are.
I'm tired of this Pointless fighting
These needless wars.
But I know that I only care what one person thinks
and she knows me
even likes me as a friend
because I am different.
And that Makes me Happy.
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ID1 by bpscool ID1 :iconbpscool:bpscool 0 0
You're awesome.
If it wasn't for you I would have never
tamed my tounge
and understood the gift of language
and how to use it.
You've been my friend for over six years.
You stuck with me
through thick and thin.
You're awesome.
I think of all those times
when we were in advisory.
You were my only friend in there.
A person that i can trust.
Thank you Thank you.
You are gonna be a great teacher!
Live your dream
I know you will!
Thanks for everything
especially the book!
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Knowing yourself
Know Thyself,
anyone who aspires greatness knows this.
The bullied becomes the bully if he doesn't.
The Betrayed becomes the Betrayer.
Life is a cycle everything is cyclical.
Live and have fun.
Learn to trust
as long as you know yourself
Happiness will set you free.
For Happiness upon objects
will never make you truly happy.
Know yourself
and you will find
your problems
and logic!
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the victim
Why am I always the victim of your cruel intentions?
Why when I poured my heart out to you into helping you and protecting you,
Did you stray away? Was it because I cared for you and deeply had feelings for you?
Screw it I'm never opening up ever again!
I try and I try am I just doomed to fail?
Never to ever have anyone Love me?
I don't Understand. No I don't Understand.
What did I do wrong? To deserve this terrible feeling that I hate.
You must hate me, but I won't hate you.
I'll remember the good times I had with you.
I'll remember the fights and the tutoring and the advice.
I'll remember the best of things and not the worst.
I tried my best to be myself. So thank you for the broken heart,
on this fourth of July.
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Sometimes I think
I expect to much out of humankind.
Sometimes I think
that I will be okay
when I'm really not.
Sometimes I feel
that I'm not wanted.
Sometimes I feel
that I am not loved.
Sometimes I feel
I am hated.
But there are sometimes
when I feel great.
Thinking about these things today
made me realize that I
should continue being who I am
no matter what and that
I should listen to my heart.
My advice
My time.
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Why is confidence
a treasured item
confused so much for hubris
arrogance and pride.
Over confidence.
Let me tell you something
sit down this might be a while
My confidence is not arrogance
it is not to brag because i don't
i'm confident because i believe in myself
and if you can't see that.
Then you need to rewind
and look at yourself.
The only overconfident person
and arrogant one is you.
Take that to bed
sleep on it.
Leave me be
i hate your type.
So please don't confuse
Confidence with arrogance
ever again!
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Never Give up
Never Give up
who you are
never change unless you want to.
Never Give up
your identity
your dreams
never change unless you want to.
Never Give up
your future
your reality
your hope
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i'm sick of being a cripple on one leg.
sick of the fact that i'm weak
two weeks ago i was stronger then this what happend
i got injuried
tired of being injured
i will fight back
fight my body
till it heals.
Till the pain stops
bleed it out
till the pain ends
and salvation is served.
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funny city sign by bpscool funny city sign :iconbpscool:bpscool 110 19
my inner peace
                My inner peace
I’ve made peace with myself
It’s been three years.
I’m finally at peace I can finally put to rest my past
My past that has taught me much.
Much about living and not to judge
Never to look at the world through the lens of others
But by the deeds you have done.
I can finally delete those terrible letters
Of the terrible deeds I did.
Of an arrogant fool
But now as I think of it
I’m grateful to have learned it at sixteen
And not when I was older
I will always be a good person
And try to do my best
Because life is supposed to be filled
With Joy and happiness
At best.
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The problems of Humanity remix
Why do we follow what were taught?
Our dreams taught to follow.
But there not followed
Not to heart
These dreams turn to hate
These hates turn to greed
And this greed turns to disrespect for others.
This disrespect for others
Turns to war
But why do we have to fight?
Why can't we follow our dreams?
Why can't we love each other?
Are we just hate consumed!
I refuse to do it!
I refuse to hate!
I refuse to fight!
I refuse to be apart of this!
I refuse to let the government control my life.
I refuse!
I refuse to do this!
The government is always in control
They know who you are
I don't want people controlling me
You don't know me.
We not you are the majority
If the majority had power
If the majority had the presidency
Maybe we would see some changes
But not enough would come
The whole system needs to come down
Democracy isn't democracy
When you have one person leading
This governmental system was put in place
Because we break rules
We kill and murder people
We rape men and women
We slaughte
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Okay so I'm back again for the second time in under two months.


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