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I got into a car accident today. Ugh.

Thankfully, I'm not injured, nor were the people in the other vehicle. But I just feel TERRIBLE. Why? It was my fault.

I'm to blame for this.

What happened was I was on my way to DeVry, and there must've been some road work down the way (on Dunlap Ave.) so there were signs for the right lane to merge into the center lane. And because of this, I wasn't sure if I would be able to use the Dunlap entrances into DeVry, so I decided to use one of the other roads that surrounds DeVry (22nd Ave.). But as I tried to turn onto 22nd Ave., I couldn't seem to slow my car down. I got a bit panicked and lost control of my car, and hit another car head on.
I have a tendency to overreact to things, and I just started crying about this. Hysterical over what this was gonna cost me. Yes, the most important thing is that noone was hurt, but let's face it: living is EXPENSIVE. I was just worried over how this would affect my insurance rates, and how much it would cost to have my car repaired (and the other person's).

Damage to their vehicle was minimal. Damage to my car was... not so minimal. When a sedan (my car) meets an SUV (their car)... the SUV usually wins. Their front bumper was dented in a bit, but the front end of my car was pretty badly messed up. I think one of my headlights broke off... the hood's all dented... the Ford logo is missing from the grill... and other stuff...
I'm not entirely sure of the extent of the damage (I've yet to have someone look at it. It was towwed away to a body shop, though), but it didn't look good. My engine had a lot of steam coming from it, and a lot of oil was dripping onto the road...
My mom says not to worry too much, that perhaps all that happened was some hoses were busted and not any engine parts... I sure hope so... I really liked that car, and I'd hate to buy a new car AGAIN.

... And I STILL don't have a job, GODDEMMIT. >_< WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?

... Relax, man, relax...

Thankfully, I can take some sort of defensive driving class so that this will be removed from my record (and hopefully, not driving up my insurance rate by a lot... I hope)...

What an bad day...

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