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I got into a car accident today. Ugh.

Thankfully, I'm not injured, nor were the people in the other vehicle. But I just feel TERRIBLE. Why? It was my fault.

I'm to blame for this.

What happened was I was on my way to DeVry, and there must've been some road work down the way (on Dunlap Ave.) so there were signs for the right lane to merge into the center lane. And because of this, I wasn't sure if I would be able to use the Dunlap entrances into DeVry, so I decided to use one of the other roads that surrounds DeVry (22nd Ave.). But as I tried to turn onto 22nd Ave., I couldn't seem to slow my car down. I got a bit panicked and lost control of my car, and hit another car head on.
I have a tendency to overreact to things, and I just started crying about this. Hysterical over what this was gonna cost me. Yes, the most important thing is that noone was hurt, but let's face it: living is EXPENSIVE. I was just worried over how this would affect my insurance rates, and how much it would cost to have my car repaired (and the other person's).

Damage to their vehicle was minimal. Damage to my car was... not so minimal. When a sedan (my car) meets an SUV (their car)... the SUV usually wins. Their front bumper was dented in a bit, but the front end of my car was pretty badly messed up. I think one of my headlights broke off... the hood's all dented... the Ford logo is missing from the grill... and other stuff...
I'm not entirely sure of the extent of the damage (I've yet to have someone look at it. It was towwed away to a body shop, though), but it didn't look good. My engine had a lot of steam coming from it, and a lot of oil was dripping onto the road...
My mom says not to worry too much, that perhaps all that happened was some hoses were busted and not any engine parts... I sure hope so... I really liked that car, and I'd hate to buy a new car AGAIN.

... And I STILL don't have a job, GODDEMMIT. >_< WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?

... Relax, man, relax...

Thankfully, I can take some sort of defensive driving class so that this will be removed from my record (and hopefully, not driving up my insurance rate by a lot... I hope)...

What an bad day...

Yeah. I'm still alive. You need to hire a new assassin, mm'kay?

Onto the following topics of no real importance...

Well... I finally got one. Yay. Sadly, it wasn't a free one. Why? Because no one really wants to help me out.
So, I bought a 20GB iPod. I don't regret paying for one (sure they're a nice sum of money). It is pretty awesome.

My PC's been crappin' out on me lately. Wanna know what's been wrong? I'll tell ya what's wrong!
1) CD Drive. For some odd reason, it doesn't want to autorun discs with autorun files.
2) CD Burning. I don't know why, but it doesn't want to burn.
3) Music. Any application that tries to run music files (WMP, Firefox, etc.) freezes.
4) Movies. See above.
5) CD Drive (again). Trying to reinstall Windows 98SE wouldn't work for some reason. Trying to do so in DOS would just freeze, too.
6) MIDI music. Unlike the rest of the music file types, this won't cause programs to crash. However, no sound is produced.

Well, I managed to mostly fix it though. When I reluctantly upgraded to Windows XP Home SP2 (I've had a XP Home disc for a long time, and recently picked up a free SP2 disc). Why reluctantly? You have to understand that my PC is running of 64MB of RAM and a 530MHz Celeron processor. In other words: XP is frickin' slooooooooooooooow.
Still, it fixed most of my problems. Autorun still doesn't work. And I've yet to test burning.

You might be saying "Well, why not get a new computer?" Easier said than done. After buying that iPod, I have NO money. And I have NO job (I've been applying everywhere, and I can't seem to get hired...).
So, my plan in the meantime is to make backups of all of my files and the such, reformat the PC, and reinstall 98SE. Hopefully, things will run smoother this time.

... I hope...


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Katamari Damacy. What an awesome game. Seriously. If you have a PS2, and $19.99 (plus tax and any other possible charges) then you have no reason not to buy this game. Unless, you don't like GOOD and ORIGINAL games.


I still want an iPod, and I've had no luck getting people to sign up via my link. Bummer. Won't YOU help?…

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Um... lessee here...

1) Happy 19th birthday to me. As December 31st was, indeed, my birthday. Hm. Nineteen years old. Hmm... doesn't feel much different than being 18, huh.
Well... for a birthday present, you could help me get a free iPod! :D…

2) Wow. 2005. Man, that was quick. Hm... 2004 was alright. I got nothing against it, but now it's over. Time to move on, huh.

3) I no longer have a job. As my job at Kmart was only seasonal. And they didn't have it in the budget to keep the seasonal people, huh. Oh, well. At least now I have a positive work reference, which may make it easier for me to get another job, huh. Though, to be honest, I'm glad it's over.
Why is that? Due to the fact I was switched over to a different position. Yeah, the took me off of the register, and put me in what they called "exit monitoring." What it is: I check customer's receipts as they leave (Yes, just like Costco, Sam's Club, Fry's Electronics, etc.). Good Lord, I hated that job. It was so simple, it was boring me TO DEATH. Perhaps others would like to have such a simple-minded job (really, no skill is required to do this job!), but I like something that actually challenges me a bit. Something that requires SOME skill. That's why I liked being a cashier. I had to take training for that.
That's another thing, I wasn't really told HOW to be an exit monitor. I thought I was supposed to look down the receipt and make sure all the items are there in the basket, and nothing more. But I guess not, because the loss prevention (aka security) manager was telling me I was taking too long. Well, buh. So, from then on, I just took a quick glance at the receipt and the basket. At least it would get these jerk customers out faster.
That's another thing I hated about that job: A lot of customers were rude to me about it. Several people got angry at me, and said they'd never come back to Kmart (Good! I don't have to see your ugly face again!). Some people told me this was illegal (If that's so, then Costco should have been in legal troubles for years, ever since they still used to be called Price Club!). And one guy had the nerve to call me "dick." How rude. I think it was Randall from Clerks who put it best: "This job would be great, if it weren't for the customers." Truer words have never been spoken.
Oh, well. It's over with, and I'm glad.

Um... I guess that's about all I got on my mind. So, good day, and don't do drug! I mean, drugs!

Well... the AMC thing from a while back didn't work.

But... now I'm a seasonal cashier for a local Kmart! Huzzah!
I don't care what my job is, I just wanted a job, huh!

I start today.


Holy crap.

I start college tomorrow. Man, where has the time gone?

Oh, well. There goes all of my wasted free time...


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Argh. On Tuesday of last week (Aug 23rd), I was fired from Sardella's. Man, that made me ticked. All they told me was that I was taking too long to make deliveries. I thought that was expected since I was new! Two weeks wasn't a lot of time to get better at making deliveries! Oh, well.

Just last Monday, I went it for an interview at a local AMC Theatre. I hope it went well. I'm just waiting for a call back now (and if they don't call soon, I'll try calling them). I need a job, demmit!


Hm. Well, have you heard about that free iPods deal? Believe it or not, it isn't a scam. Yeah. And now I've signed up. So, if you're reading this, wouldya be so kind as to use my referral link to sign up for it? I still need all five referrals.…

Also, I'd recommend checking out the following site, so that you'll know exactly what to do (so that you're not tricked into paying for something):


And in closing, I'd just like to point out the only deviantART club that you ever would need to belong to:
I have a job now. Huzzah!

I'm a pizza delivery boy for Sardella's Pizza & Wings (a local, family-owned company)! My first day was today. And it was alright.

I can buy pizzas for 50% off! Sweet!

I just hope I don't have to make any deliveries to someone named I. C. Weiner.

Something important should go here.

But I don't know what.

I'm back. Hoorah.

Um... yeah. Good trip. Mostly. Some of the driving was unpleasant. Particularly San Antinio, Texas. The section of the Interstate 10 there was a bit... odd, I guess. And there seems to be quite a few bad drivers in Texas... but I guess they're everywhere, huh?

So... yeah. I didn't get much for myself. I picked up an Action Replay for GBA. Strange thing is, some retailers carry a GBA AR without the USB port, and some with the USB port. I picked up the one with a USB port (from a Toys 'R' Us). Makes code entry much easier (plus, it allows me to upload my game saves to use with an emulator to take screenshots).
I was actually searching that Toys 'R' Us for MegaMan NT Warrior figures and the PET (I want the figures for the BattleChips, really). It's been tough finding them, though. Of course, they're not officially released until mid-August. I just think Toys 'R' Us set up some sort of contract with Mattel (who is handling the MegaMan Battle Network based figures) to get 'em a month early or something. But, I'm rambling.

The other things I got were a Sega 32X and Bomberman Hero for N64 from a place called The GameTrader. Normally, I wouldn't buy from them (very overpriced), but they had a buy one, get one half off sale. The total purchase was about $20 (about $15 for Bomberman Hero and $10 for the 32X, but it was half off).
Now, a mini flame rant about GameTrader. They know the temperature of their own colons. Seriously. They're overpriced, and the staff didn't seem to know much about games. A kid came in asking about Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, and even after I told the kid it wouldn't be out until August, the clerk said that all of their Pokémon stuff would be with the Game Boy stuff. Buh.
And believe me, they are overpriced. They're a used video game store located in some Louisiana malls (such as the Esplanade). So, they rarely carry anything new. But they sell a lot of things near the new price, at the new price, or even OVER the new price!
-They were selling a used Classic NES Series The Legend of Zelda for $30!! That's ten more bucks than to get it new!
-Megaman (NES) was being sold for about $45! I got it used from GameStop for $20!
-Megaman VII (Super NES) was going for $60!! When you can get the Megaman Anniversary Collection for PS2 or GCN $30 new, why would you pay twice that for JUST ONE GAME?! I may be a very big Megaman, but I'm not about to throw away money.
-The two promo Zelda GCN discs (Ocarina of Time/Master Quest and Collector's Edition</i>) were about $54 each. While I got 'em for free each (because I did what to do to get 'em for free), I think you can get 'em from GameStop or the such for $30 (if anyone's actually willing to sell them...)
-Super Metroid (Super NES) was about $27 (I think). I got it from a local place called Bookman's for $15.

So... yeah. Don't buy from GameTrader unless you think it's a decent deal (you won't get good deals from them).

I think I also saw a pirate copy of Pokémon Sapphire at one of 'em. I think it was in Chinese (because it didn't look like Japanese... I think). The Game Pak was black (instead of the usual clear blue), and it was poorly assembled. It wouldn't fit in my Game Boy Advance SP (they let you try out games)! I should've got it for the heck of it... but... I didn't. Oh, well. Can someone back me up on this?

Oh? What did I get you? Oh, yeah!

Well, here's an LSU shirt for you.

For you, a kaleidoscope from the Alamo's gift shop! It even says "The Alamo" on it! Ain't it great?

And here's some rosary beads from you I picked up at a old mission we passed by.

Um... so... yeah. I guess that's about it. How to end this? I guess with a Family Guy quote.

"Holy crap! Uhura's black?!" - Peter Griffin
I'm goin' on vacation tomorrow (that is, Monday July 19th). My mom and I are driving to Luling, Lousiana (from our home in Phoenix, Arizona). And will be gone for two weeks!

Two weeks without the internet... that's gonna be tough. Seriously.

Oh, well. I'll manage. Somehow.

Bass PikaMew.EXE, jacking out for a LONG time.
Well.. here's a tale to tell.

If you've actually been wasting your time reading my journal, then you may recall how I got in an auto collision back in April. Yeah. Well, bad news about that.
Titan (the auto insurance company of the person who causes the collision) decided that my car, a 1992 Geo Prizm LSi, was a total loss. How? Well, despite the fact that I had already obtained two estimates (both which were about $2,000 and I had sent copies of to Titan), they got their own estimate of the damage. Their estimate was $3,000! I don't understand why it is so rediculously higher... I mean, they did the same thing the other two estimate sources did: look at the car and guess at the damage. And since the current Kelly Blue Book value for my car was $2,900, they decicded to total out my car. Pissed? You bet I am! I mean, they're at fault! Yet, they hold all the cards. Feh!
So, here's the crap they try to feed us. A settlement of $1,900 plus we have to buy the car back from them with a salvaged licensed (What the ffff?! I already own it! And now I have to buy it from them?!). They're trying to low ball us, I say! The low KBB value for my car is about $1,785. And the high KBB value was $2,965. Which averages at about $2,375. So, we're asking now for $2,400 plus tax and title. Which is pretty reasonable. Well, we got a call back today saying that they're bumping up the settlement to $2,100. Which still isn't enough (considering all of what we put into this car). So, the Titan rep says she'll see if they have any money left (the woman who caused the collision only had a mere friggin' $10,000. And that's to cover ALL FIVE DRIVERS IN FRONT OF HER!!). Here's hoping that goes well.

Oh, did I mention we never got a rental to temporary replace my Prizm? Yeah. My mom and I have been with one car between the two of us for about two months! Why we didn't get a rental? It would've come out of our settlement!

But, I got good news. We decided that instead of getting the Prim repaired (kinda pointless we realized), we would get me a new car. And thanks to this very reliable leasing company, we got a perfect car for me.
It's a 2001 Ford Taurus LX. It is a very nice car. Automatic doors, automatic windows, automatic driver's seat (you don't see that everyday...), adjustable brake and accelerator pedals (or that...), automatic transmission (I will not use manual), remote keyless entry (the remote even has a button to open the trunk! Crazy!), A/C (very important in Phoenix), anti-theft device, and so on. It only had 3,500 miles on it.
We got it for about $8,000. Which is pretty good considering how few miles it has on it (and how new the model is!). I believe the KBB value for this car was about $18,000. So, we got a GREAT deal.

So... yeah. I like my new car. And I hope we get that settlement finished soon. That way we'll have even less payments to pay. Woo!
I feel ignored.

I go to several forums, and I'm lucky to get at most five replies. It's kind of discouraging how little attention my drawings get. My latest submission, RIP PA!/FC, took three days to complete (it would've been two, but I was missing the font). Then when someone post a SKETCH that they may have put just a few hours into (or less) and gets 20 something replies... Well, it just kind of bugs me. I'm not saying these other people are bad artists or that I'm better than them, but I put a lot of work to finalize my drawings. I would like SOME attention, ya know?

I don't know... maybe people just don't respect me as an artist... Sure, I wouldn't say I'm a professional (I've never taken an art calss, unless you count my one graphic design class). Nor do I intend to make drawing my profession in life. I do it for fun. And I've been drawing my entire life. Even before I could write, I drew stuff like Super Mario Bros. characters.

Meh. Whatever.
o/¯ School's OUT forEVER!!
My SCHOOOL'S been BLOWN to PIECES!!! o/¯

Alice Cooper, man. Cooper.

Yeee!! Yesterday, Friday the 21st, was my final day of my high school life. Technically, anyways. While that was the last school day for me (juniors and the rest still have four days left at the high schools of the Paradise Valley Unified School District), I still have the graduation ceremony this Thursday. No big deal.

Now, hopefully I'll be able to get a job so I can save up major money for college and the such.

Speaking of college, I currently am in two free classes I'm taking at DeVry University of Phoenix. I enrolled in their Summer Scholars program last summer (a free program for HS juniors) and by passing that class, I was enabled to take some free bonus classes. So, I have a Sociology class on Mondays, and a Comp100 class (intro to Windows 2000 and Office 2000) on Tuesdays and Fridays (though, I've had to miss a few classes since my car is out of comission and I can't always use my mom's car. :/). I only take these classes because they are requirements for my degree. And, besides. It is better to take them now for free instead of paying later.
I won't be a full-time student until November. Several months of do-nothing bliss!

So... yeah. That's about it. Word.
Recently, I had to read a book in my English class (No, really? Reading in an English class?! [gasp]). It is Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. It's Frank's memoirs. A rather interesting read. It's really depressing, but for some reason, I like this book.

It makes you grateful how good your life really is. Kinda puts things in perspective, ya know?

So, go read it. I command it!
OK, bear with me. I got a tale to tell.

I was driving home from my class at DeVry University like I do every Friday. Then I came to a stop at a red light. The next thing I know, I get flung forward and then backwards.

What happened? I got rear-ended. First the force of the cars behind me (it wasn't the car behind me that caused the collision, but the one behind him) thrusts my body forward, and my stomach pained after that (I'm not sure if it was the seat belt or the steering wheel that caused the pain. It happened so fast). Then, the force of hitting the car in front of me thrusted my body back so fast, it knocked my seat back! My driver's seat is now permanently a recliner! The impact with the car in front of me also caused my glasses to be thrown off of my face onto the back seat! I didn't even realize my glasses flew off until a few minutes later. That's how fast it happened! Got the wind knocked out of me. Needless to say, I was in a state of surprise.

Oh, yeah. There was three cars in front of me that got smashed into. It was a six car chain reaction. So, from the back of the line (who caused the collision), I'm #3. From the front of the line, I'm #4.

So, then someone who saw what happened stopped to see if everyone was OK then called 911 on her cell phone. Luckily, no one was hurt seriously (or at all, as far as I could tell). The worst human damage I saw happened to the woman driving the car that caused the collision (which I shall now refer to as car #6). Her right hand was slightly burned from the air bag (ouch).

A fire truck came by. They put down flares to divert traffic and checked for any injuries. Then a police car came by. Took the license, registration, and proof of insurance from all six drivers (me being one of them, of course). Checking to see if the vehicles were drivable (all but car #6). So, we all drove into the nearby parking lot. The police car had to push car #6 into the lot.

When we were in the lot, the policemen gave us forms to fill out to exchange info with everyone. After that, I drove home.

Well, the good news is I'm mostly OK. All I can tell what happened to me is:
- A scrape on my left hand (kinda burns).
- A scrape on my left knee (kinda burns).
- My stomach hurts from either the seat belt or the steering wheel (hurts to move).
- My first headache in MONTHS.
So, my mom and I are going to a doctor for a check-up ASAP just to make sure nothing is wrong.

Yeah. I'm OK. My car has seen better days, though:
- Front bumper has a slight dent in it.
- Back bumper is pretty messed up.
- Because of that, my trunk door won't lock shut! It'll stay shut, but it won't lock!
- Driver's seat is all messed up. I can pull it up, but it won't lock in place. It's like if I tried to lean it forwards. Really hard to drive because of this. My back hurts slightly because of that.

Arghh... I'm pretty ticked about the whole thing. What really burns me is the person who hit me (car # 5) was UNINSURED and UNLICENSED. Friggin' illegal drivers...
I just hope that #6 (the one who caused the collision) is responsible for paying for my car (because she has insurance), and not #5. Otherwise I'm SOL (because #5 is uninsured). Not to mention my insurance company will have to pay for #3's damages (which will then result in my premiums going up).
And I hope this doesn't go on my record (because I'm not at fault). I was kinda going for a clean slate (at least for several more years).

Well, the good news is I'm OK with a few minor things. The bad news is my car is messed up. Could be worse. Could be better. Oh, well. So, up to today, I now know what my worst day ever is.

And since I woke up Saturday, EVERYTHING aches. Ow.

And I've taken photos of my car so I can share the damage with the world Woop!

So, that was my day. How was yours?
I forget.
OK. Here's the NEW rundown. In additon to the versions for my drawings (to denote how far in the process it is), I will also add something to notify you how old it is.

-old- - Means it was created a few years back. Say, 7th-10th grade
_OLD_ - Means it was created sixth grade or ealier.

And currently, I'm in 12th grade. So, yeah. Of course, this is assuming I can remember an estimate as to how old they were (I really should've dated my drawings... oh, well).

I've got plenty of ideas for new drawings, it is just I've been lacking the time and such. But I may try to work something in.

Oh, and the Metroid is still here. But I don't think he'll be much of a problem.


Quiet you.

(TRANSLATION: I am a Metroid.)

Screee scree screeeee!!!!
(TRANSLATION: I am draining BPM's energy.)

(TRANSLATION: Buy Metroid Zero Mission and all other Metroid games NOW!!!!)

(TRANSLATION: Please donate your energy to your local Metroid.)

(TRANSLATION: Together, we can make a better future for the Metroids.)

Scree screee scree screeee!!
(TRANSLATION: So, please. Think of the Metroids.)

Sigh... I'm back. Finally. Where have I been? Mostly, doing homework. I'm somewhat glad that my high school senior year is almost over with.
Second, I've been job hunting. I need a job. And, things haven't been going so well. I must be doing something wrong... I don't care what my first job is, as long as I have one!
Third, I've been playing many games. Currently, my time has been split between Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GCN), Pokémon Colosseum (GCN), and MegaMan BattleNetwork 3 White (GBA). Oh, what luck. They are all consume-all-your-time RPGs. Buh.

Why haven't I drawn anything lately? Lack of motivation, I guess. It's not like I'm low on ideas. Oh, no! I have plenty of ideas! It's just I really haven't been feeling like drawing lately. Though, hopefully, that's changing. As I have a submission today. Yay!

Unfortunately, I discovered more than the file types I listed in the last entry had been corrupted by... whatever the heck corrupted my computer! Such things include compressed files (particularly those that contained .EXEs in them), almost all of my Game Boy ROMs* (the only one that does work now is Sonic Battle. Which, oddly enough, was NOT compressed in a .ZIP! Funky...), as well as several .PSD images. Which is a bummer in particularly two instances:

1) My Blaziken desktop. Ya see, I got a new monitor recently (a 19" flat panel with built-in speakers! Hoo hah!), and its resolution goes as high as 1280x1024 (very nice!). So, I wanted to seamlessly make my Blaziken image larger. However, the original .PSD was badly corrupted, and a lot of the image is distorted. So, I have to use Photoshop to resize the .BMP version of the image. It probably doesn't look as smooth as it would've looked if the .PSD was resized, but it looks better than Windows 98 resizing the 1024x768 version to fit 1280x1024 full screen.

2) My Bass PikaMew spritesheet was also corrupted. Ya see, I was in the process of improving the original BPM sheet to have completely custom frames (such as a self-created weapon, the Bass Blade), as well as a set of sprites for my left AND right side. The reason? I shoot my Bass Buster primarily with my right arm. So, I wanted to make sprites that reflect this. Kind of like how Samus's sprites in her later games always show her Beam on her right arm, no matter which way she faces. Most games are too lazy to show this amount of detail, and usually just flip one set of sprites over for both directions. But not me. I'm into detail.

Also, I'm plugging the crap out of Mozilla Firefox (hence the title of this entry). Why? Because it's just that good. If you're using Windows, there's no reason you should be using IE instead of Firefox. Unless:
1) Your computer is VERY old, and any browser beside IE runs slow (due to IE's integration with the OS).
2) You prefer the Mozilla Application Suite. Firefox is just a browser. Mozilla is a browser, email client, chat client, etc. Or perhaps another browser that is far superior to IE, such as Opera (I've never used it personally, but I've heard good things).

If neither applies to you, then please see the light. Switch to Firefox. I won't force you until I finish this sentence. NOW GO DOWNLOAD IT!!! [evil glare]

Well, that's it from me for now. Will I have more later? Who can say? Who really knows? The Shadow knows!


*NOTE: BPM does not condone the use of downloading ROMs to replace owning the real Game Pak. In fact, all of his Game Boy ROMs are games he owns in real life (with the exception of ROM hacks, since there is no way to really own those in physical form). Even so, no matter how you cut it, ROMs are still illegal. The so-called rules about "delete it after 24 hours" or "you must own the real game to own the ROM" are not true. These were made up by ROM archive sites to make people think there was a loophole, but there isn't. Any archive or backup of a copyrighted video game is illegal, sharing it over the internet or not. Blah blah blah... All your base are belong to us.
Well, I don't know how, but two weeks ago, I managed to get my CD burner to work again. The only problem was that some files were corrupt (like one font file, a few Flash movies, a few installer .EXEs, and sadly my arcade ROMs). But, the good news is I was able to back up MOST of my files. So, it's not a total loss.
After that, I completely reformatted my computer. So now, everything works again! Hoo hah!
Of course, I had to redownload a lot of things (like Mozilla Firebird, sadly), but at least my computer works properly again.

Besides, this only has to hold me over until I have enough money to buy the components for THIS. Oh, yeah. That'll be awesome.