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Star Wars 7 Poster

By bpenaud
Playing with Photoshop and a destroyer...

Destroyer stock :…
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Saw the movie last week and man, so fun remembering when Ep. VII didn't even had a name, it was a fun journey from there to where we are now XD
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this gave me goosebumps looking at this, so keen for Star Wars 7, so it had better be good
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Should be the official poster <333
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Oh thank you :) But i think the official one will be much much better :)
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damn cut in half...
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Nooo... poor Star Destroyer.... :omg:
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Y IT GOZE 'BOOM'?  :tears:

Seriously though, that's how I felt when I heard the release date was "December 2015". :XD:

When they said Star Wars VII would be out in 2015, I was thinking (or more accurately hoping) along the lines of spring/summer... oi, still a whole 'nother year. :no:

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Hey bro did you see our posters made it on the front page of Yahoo today!! Pretty awesome!!…
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Oh thank you I didn't see ! :)
Is there any way to purchase this poster? 
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Have you try on deviantart ? I made it available^^
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Damn.. This is cool, man.
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Great work, is there a non poster version of this?
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Thanks ! No sorry there's not actually :)
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I really like this, it keeps the subject matter simple and doesn't give anything away. :D
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