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tumblr oo30a1ITNN1uinnsao1 540 by BPAP

Angelina knocked softly on the door to the study.

“Master, I’ve got your whiskey”.

When there was no answer she opened the door carefully, hoping to place it beside him and tip toe away. Sometimes Master got so caught up in his business transactions that he wasn’t aware of everything happening around him. However, on this occasion, Angelina was surprised to find he wasn’t there. With a shrug she went inside and placed the drink on his coaster. She was about to leave when she realised he hadn’t locked his computer and then the devious part of her bimbo mind began ticking.

“Sexy time”, she giggled quietly, grabbing the mouse and clicking around to activate the web cam.

Angelina made a quick video for him, wiggling her hips to an invisible tune. She buried a hand in her thick hair and pushed out her chest proudly. By the end she had pulled out her boobs, thrusting them right into the camera and rubbed at her pussy teasingly. When she heard movements upstairs she quickly ended the video and put the file on his desktop where he couldn’t miss it. Then she scampered away and started making dinner.

She was chopping up vegetables when she heard him return to the study. Angelina gave a soft smirk which widened as a few moments later she heard him rush out of the study and approach her.

“What have you done?”

Master looked furious. It wiped the smile off her face.

“I…um…horny cam show”, she muttered stupidly.

“You’ve wiped everything off my computer, everything. It’s all gone”.

Angelina dropped the knife which fell to the board with a clatter. She had never seen him look so angry.

“What? But how?”

She could only watch in terror as he rounded the kitchen counter. What the hell was he going to do?

“Daddy, I’m sorry”, she managed to cry out before he grabbed her.

An hour later Angelina fell onto the couch in the study. Her body was twitching involuntarily and she hiccoughed as her mind whirled at the ordeal, mascara streaming down her face.

She had never faced a punishment like it before. Angelina tried to remember everything that had happened and in which order. First it was her bottom. He had given it such a battering with his bare hand that even now the cheeks glowed red and hot as if painfully sunburnt. Then it had been the cane. Angelina looked down and groaned. Her stomach and back were filled with the red striking marks where he had let loose on her flesh. After that it had all been a mass of torture and discomfort, ending with him choking her as he pushed his massive erection into her tight arsehole. She felt his cum inside her and now sensed it dribbling out and onto the couch.

Master came into her view. She looked up as he ignored her, returning to his seat and pulling it up to the desk. Angelina nursed a painful nipple and wondered idly where her skimpy outfit was. She was also curious as to how he was going to fix the mess she had made with his computer but she wasn’t smart enough to even begin to figure out that conundrum.

Then she watched as he pulled up his latest document and began resuming his work.

“Huh”, she rasped, pointing confused at the screen. “But…you said Master…you said?”

“I thought you liked role play”, he replied, noticing the coaster. “Oh, thanks for the whiskey honey”.

“But I thought…naughty Daddy”.

Angelina let out a deep relieved sigh and shut her eyes ready for a nap. She was just about to drift off, comforted by the sound of Master’s soft typing when she had one last thing to say.

“I love you Master”.

“I love you too, little bimbo slut”.

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tumblr pmwh89VKJN1vz4u2q 540 by BPAP

Callum watched from the top of the stairs as Lottie came out of the bathroom.

“Coming baby!” She squealed as she headed to the bedroom and then when she caught sight of Callum. “Oh shit! I thought you were supposed to be at that BMBO conference…this…this isn’t what it looks like”.

He watched her calmly with arms folded, gazing at the stupid look on her face. The open mouth, the wide horrified eyes and of course the incredibly slutty angel outfit.

“Tell me, what does this look like?” he replied without a trace of emotion. “Who have you got in there?”

Lottie followed his gaze to the ajar bedroom door. There was complete silence from the other side. The bimbo nuzzled on her bottom lip and when she shuffled in her leather boots her two big tits gave a pleasing wobble.

“Just…Can you let me get them out of here? We didn’t do anything yet honest”.

Callum was instantly intrigued. She seemed a little ashamed at who she was about to cheat with. He wondered if it was someone he knew, perhaps one of his buddies from work. As he climbed the rest of the stairs she shut the door and shielded herself against it.

“No”, Lottie whined.

Callum gripped her by the bare hips and carefully pulled her out of the way. Then with a deep breath he opened the door. He was startled by who was inside.

Two feline eyes stared at him above the sheets which had been pulled over the body and most of the face.

“A girl!” he laughed, turning back to Lottie in surprise.

“Don’t do anything to her”, Lottie cried, hurrying inside and blocking him from the bed. “I like her just the way she is”.

“Just the way she is? You’ve been watching too many romance films”.

The girl lowered the sheets slightly, enough so he could see the rest of her face. She had pale skin and long, silky, jet black hair. The black mascara around her eyes and dark lipstick made her look a little gothic and yet there was a striking aura about her, sultry and sexy. She stared at Callum coldly and confidently as if ready for a fight.

“I’m going to go”, she muttered scrambling a hand down to the carpet to find her clothes, the other still clutching the sheet.

“No, stay”, Callum and Lottie commanded in unison.

“You’ve forgotten your place silly bimbo”, Callum scolded. “You think a slavegirl can invite round whoever she wants to fool around with without a master’s permission?”

“Don’t call her that!” The girl in the bed snapped fiercely.

“And you”, Callum rounded on her sternly.

With one hard tug he pulled away the sheet and threw it to the floor. She gave a shrill shriek as Callum observed her naked body. She was stunning. Huge natural boobs that looked a little unnatural on such a lithe, slinky body and the way her legs were raised suggested she had an equally incredible, naturally curvy bum too. Callum nodded at Lottie impressed.

“I have to admit you picked a hot one and feisty too”.

“I know” Lottie smiled proudly. “And look at those perky nipples”.

Callum just had time to look before she snarled and covered them with an arm. Her face flushed a little from embarrassment at the way she was being ogled by them both.

“We could have a lot of fun with her but she’s going to have to go to a bimbo conversion centre”, Callum pressed a finger to Lottie’s juicy lips before she could protest. “We just need to muddle her mind a little, nothing more. Make her compliant and ensure she doesn’t babble on about BMBO to her friends and family”.

“What’s he talking about?” The girl asked Lottie, shrinking a little in fear as Callum dialled the number for an extraction squad to take her away.

“It’s nothing to worry about sweetie”, Lottie answered sitting on the edge of the bed and stroking her thigh gently. “They won’t hurt you or anything. Trust me, I’ve been there. Your mind will go pop and then all your worries and fears will disappear and you can be happy and horny just like me”.

The girl shivered and then with one energetic bounce she was hopping out of the bed and running to the door. Callum just managed to put an arm in the way and push her back into the room. When she collapsed back onto the bed Lottie sat on her stomach, pinning her down and batting away her flailing arms.

“I always wanted my own pet to play with”, Lottie smiled above the sound of the girl’s cries and curses, caressing her dark hair. “Now I can have a pet girl instead of a puppy”.

Callum came over and forced a ballgag into her mouth to silence her. Then he took one of his large hands and wrapped it tightly around Lottie’s neck. She stiffened and her big eyes looked into his.

“Don’t ever bring a girl back like this again, understand”, he said firmly.

Lottie nodded as much as she could in the grip and gave a slight smile.

“Make…up…sex”, she rasped.

Callum smiled and thrust his tongue down her throat. The girl could only watch the passionate display in horror, still trying to scream and undo the lock of the ballgag. When she heard the sound of footsteps up the stairs she got the feeling her fate had been sealed.

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Jjjj by BPAP

Brett was adjusting his tie in the hallway mirror when he saw Vivian. She was wandering from room to room in the house thoroughly confused. He followed her into the study and watched her patiently.

“There’s something I’ve forgotten”, she muttered, hand buried in her brunette hair and mug of coffee swishing dangerously in her hand as she turned this way and that in the small room. “Something to do with work…”

“You don’t work anymore remember”, he interjected. “You handed in your notice two weeks ago and completed your final day on Friday. Today is Monday. No to do lists, obligations, meetings or commuting”.

Brett hoped that would bring an end to the matter and calm her down. However her demeanour didn’t change.

“Studying then…A deadline?”

“You finished academia years ago. When you got your degree it meant the end of assignments, studying for exams and all the stress and worry of waiting for results”.

“That’s it. I’ve got it. Errands, so many errands, so much to think about. Where do I start?”

“Vivian, sweetie we talked about this. At work I have a PA that can take care of all that stuff. If there’s anything urgent that needs doing she will remind me and between her and me we’ll take care of it”.

Finally she relaxed a little more. Vivian’s hand tumbled out of her hair and fiddled with the strap of her underwear. The wrinkle of thought between her eyes ceased and finally she brought the mug up to her lips and gave a generous swig.

“What am I supposed to do then?” She asked quietly.

Brett gave a soft chuckle and a shrug.

“A few house chores I guess, at your own pace, cooking a meal for me when I come home this evening, generally looking pretty, edging”.

She still didn’t look entirely convinced. Brett stepped towards her and snatched the cup out of her hand, placing it on the wooden desk. Then he embraced her in a tight, reassuring hug.

“I get it ok”, Brett whispered into her ear. “For so long you’ve lived such a busy, hectic life and now that its come to a sudden abrupt halt it’s hard to deal with. You don’t need to think, you don’t need to worry. You’re a trophy now, a doll, a submissive. That’s your new role and it requires lots of fun and relaxation.”

Finally a smile burst forth across her face and in the hug he could feel all the tension leaving her body.

“I’m sorry baby. It’s going to take me some time to adjust. I promise I’ll practice trancing and blanking and emptying my head today as you recommended. Lots of yoga and meditation. I’m determined to be the best bimbo I can be”.

“And that’s all I ask”, Brett said kissing her neck so that she erupted into a fit of giggles.

They pulled out of the embrace and Vivian began playing with his tie in her fingers.

“Do you have time for some ‘playtime’ before work?” she asked, looking up into his eyes expectantly.

“I suppose I can skip breakfast for you. You’re worth it. Get that naughty bottom up the stairs and back to bed!”.

He gave her bottom a hard smack as she scampered out of the room, confident that her new life was going to be a win win for the both of them.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

tumblr pqt9h6BQlu1xrm33vo1 540 by BPAP

“I feel so…feel so…feel”.

Billie’s brain was evaporating right in front of me and I obliged. I didn’t reach out a hand to fondle a marvellously swelled tit though, neither did I caress the luminous pink locks or the juicy lips. Instead I hovered a single finger and brought it up to her nose. There I gave a gentle flick of her ring. The movement caused the shiny metal to glint in the light and for a split second I saw the hue of ominous black which confirmed her destruction.

It was incredible, almost scary, to think that such a small, relatively insignificant object that clung to her nostril could be the source of such damage. The ring had caused everything in little under three days. The blonde of her hair was almost impossible to distinguish now and her lips, so thin and dry, were now so wet and luscious that they practically screamed to lock onto those of another or, even better, wrap around a large, hard cock.

“What? Why?”

I had to assume her first question was rhetorical. It was clear to see the physical changes and her speech alluded to the mental meddling.

“You know exactly why”, I replied, although right now I wasn’t entirely sure her memory had the capacity. “I told you not to get your nose pierced and yet you did. You deliberately disobeyed me. I’m disappointed, very disappointed in you”.

I could see that Billie was conflicted. Her big bottom lip wobbled in shame but she was also distracted by her transformation. Every so often her long legs wobbled and I could visibly see the muscles in her thighs tighten as the horny urges engulfed her pussy, wave after erotic wave. Meanwhile I knew a hot flush was building in her toes, rising rapidly straight up to her scalp and back down again, endlessly and relentlessly.

“I’ve had enough little one”, I continued when I could see she didn’t have the strength or intelligence to speak. “I’ve had enough of your lies and disobedience. John told me you had gone to his tattoo and piercing shop and so I gave him consent, consent to convert you. Now, turn around and reach down to your tippy toes”.

Billie groaned as she complied. Her eyes followed me for as long as they could before they had to relent and stare at the wall. Then slowly and carefully she bent down, ensuring her legs remained perfectly straight until her manicured nails were brushing her manicured toes.

Her arse was lovely. The cheeks had really swelled out as if she had spent months sculpting and perfecting it in a gym. I hovered out my finger again but this time it wrapped around her lacy, white panties and pulled them aside. She was soaking wet down there from her own juices and her holes looked red and sore despite not being touched.


I thought I had misheard the word that rasped out of her mouth. I rounded her and by grasping her mane of hair I pulled Billie’s head up
so that I could view her vapid face once more.

“What did you say?”

“Hornpid. That’s how I feel. Hornpid”.

I don’t know what surprised me most, the length of time it had taken for her to finish her opening sentence or the confusing jumble of words she’d flung together. I knew exactly what she was trying to say though. Horny and stupid.

“Perhaps it would be best if you didn’t speak for a very long time. It took three days to convert you so I think it will be best if we leave you here for three days before I fuck you”.

I was just able to see the horror in Billie’s eyes as I let go and allowed her head to flop down again. I could hear the squeaks and whines as I turned on my heel and left, along with the grunts as her legs began to ache in the awkward position.

It was midnight, twelve hours later, when I returned. You didn’t think I was actually going to leave her there for days did you?

Billie was a mess. She’d been crying which had resulted in her mascara running down her cheeks, combined with a runny nose. Naturally her eyes were red and puffy and at some point she had started hiccupping. I watched as she twitched, still obediently on the spot but with very sore legs.

“Open your mouth then, slut”.

The words almost seemed to dull the pain. She was able to muster a slight twitch of a smile and then instantly her mouth was curving into a wide o shape.

I was rough with her, gripping the sides of her useless skull as I pumped my raging hard cock down her throat. She gagged and choked but she didn’t resist. Throughout, her arms remained obediently straight and brushing her toes. When I did eventually cum she knocked her head back slightly to ensure she didn’t waste a single drop. I stepped back when I was finished, panting hard from the effort.

“Alright, go and clean yourself up and get ready for service doll”.

Billie collapsed in a heap on the floor and started nursing her pained limbs.

“Yes master”, she smiled happily, crawling to the bathroom.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

tumblr ppwsvyibRm1xufnmwo1 540 by BPAP

“This is an intervention”.

It was so hard not to laugh. Despite her serious expression Katya looked adorable with hands on her hips and foot tapping impatiently at my front door. She was a short, stout, curvy girl and also a natural blonde. However, her defining feature was centred at her core. Katya’s massive natural boobs made the rest of her insignificant in comparison. By the way, I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Oh, well you’d better come through into the garden”, I replied, feigning my best concerned expression.

It was an unseasonably hot day in England which meant girls were making the most of it. Katya was wearing orange booty short, short heeled sandals and a low cut black T-shirt that exemplified her pert pair. God forbid the man who make a comment about her teasing cleavage though. Girls make no sense.

The minute we were seated in the garden chairs she began.

“I think…we think…that Malia is an…alcoholic”.

She mouthed the last word as if saying it out loud would bring forth the devil himself. I understood ‘we’ to mean the rest of her girlfriends and Malia was my girlfriend. I gave a slight sigh of relief. For a split second I thought that she had found out about BMBO and my membership.

“Yesterday she was walking around with a massive bottle of Jack Daniels and she was definitely drunk, acting like a child. Also has she…has she had a…they look as big as mine”.

Katya was waving her hand around her general boobage area. I took it as permission to give hers a nice long stare. Again it was very difficult not to laugh out loud. Malia wasn’t an alcoholic, though from an outsider’s perspective I could see why that would be the natural assumption. The bottle had been laced with one of BMBO’s signature concoctions, the sort that diluted the mind and washed away intelligent thought. One of the side effects was boob growth, along with a dizzy personality.

“I guess she has been acting a little weird lately”, I chose my words carefully. “But I don’t think it’s a big deal”.

Katya was on her feet in an instant and they were jiggling and wobbling in front of my eye line, enough to know she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Not a big deal! She’s your girlfriend! I thought you’d understand. It sounds like you know nothing about her. She needs to go to AA as soon as possible”.

I held out my hands to reassure her. It was never a good idea to mess with the chief leader of a group of girlfriends. Besides, an idea was starting to manifest in my mind, a mischievous idea.

“Listen, I have a good friend who runs an AA style clinic. It’s called a bim…a conversion centre. He has excellent credentials and I’m sure he can help Malia get through this. If you don’t believe me then maybe you should go along to support her”.

Two for the price of one. I watched as Katya hovered for a second and slowly sat down in the seat deciding whether to trust me. I knew deep down that she didn’t really like me, that she disapproved of me and Malia. She had every right to but her devotion to a friend overpowered her sense of reason. She tolerated me to ensure that she didn’t lose her connection with Malia.

“Fine” she eventually muttered. “As her boyfriend I would have thought you would want to go along but if you can’t be bothered then I suppose I better step up to support her.”

“I’ll always be there for her. I’ll make the arrangements and send you the details”.

It’s true, I would always be there for Malia. Right now for example she was training at a BMBO strip club in preparation for her first performance. As Katya nattered on about her feelings and emotions towards her bestie I subtly began to imagine what she would look like post bimbo transformation. If those tits were any bigger she would barely be able to stand but cock sucking lips wouldn’t go amiss. I was going to have to buy her ownership. A Malia/Katya threesome negated the cost.

Finally she got up to leave and as she walked down the patio back around to the front of the house I couldn’t help myself. When I shouted out to her she turned around to listen.

“God, those melons of yours are to die for”.

She reeled as if I’d slapped her in the face and her face contorted into an angry scowl.

“Fuck you”, she screamed and stomped off.

Perhaps I would make it up to her later with a bottle of Jack Daniels…
Hey, hope you're all liking the new content. There's plenty more to come. Just want to let you all know that I set up a Twitter account a few days ago where I expect to post announcements, news and general thoughts and feelings about my writing. The link is below. I hope you'll consider following me:


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Bimbo-Puppets and Playthings
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I have created this Dev Art page off the back of my tumblr blog Bimbo-Puppets and Playthings and my twitter. The links are here:


This is going to be an additional place for all my captions about bimbos. One of the central themes is a global organisation called BMBO and their desire for worldwide bimbofication. The mostly female group Pax Populi attempts to prevent their progress every step of the way.

Please note that the picture in my avatar is not me.

This Dev Art page is NSFW. If you are the owner of any of these pictures and want me to remove something please let me know.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.



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