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Pointing Hands Vectors

A bunch of vectorized pointing hands in various styles.
Free for all your vector hand pointing needs.
© 2011 - 2021 bozoartist
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Thanks for the useful upload!
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+karma mi viejo
Thanks for saving me some time... Great job!
I know that I'm also late in saying so, but...Thank You!
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I'm extremely late in replying- but... you're welcome! :)
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Perfect for signage!
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Hey, I used some of these hands in this poster:…

Thanks a lot, it was just what I was looking for. :)
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Brilliant hands. Any chance of one like the sketched versions that only shows the back of the hand and the pointing finger? Where the thumb and other fingertips are hidden? For some odd reason it's a very rare style to find and I have no drawing ability at all but would like one for a graphics project. :D
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Sorry- the book that I took these from did not have any hands like the one you describe. I also did a google image search- you're right, it's a hard style to find. I found a few photos of hands like that but no drawings.

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That's cool. Thanks for looking. :)
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Thank you. I needed a basic old fashion hand pointing for a free aboard I am doing for my neighoborhood meetings.
Thanks so much for having this available for me. You saved me time.
But I don't see a download button
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thanks for providing this set :)
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No problem. Enjoy!
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