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Infini8 Modern Age - BETA

By bozidar
BETA Prerelease of Infini8 Modern Age Visual Style. Infini8 is a pack of 4 different visual styles developed to closely follow MS Style specifications to reduce the bugs as noticed with many other visual styles. This is the first of four styles and currently is in beta stages. Due to a lot of requests to test this beta, I've decided to make it public.

The Infini8 - Modern Age comes with 3 different caption bar styles and 2 shell styles (one normal and one slightly modified Stefanka's shell style).
This visual styles will consist of Firefox theme, Trillian skin and Winamp skin when the final set is released. Included are all needed files including fonts, links to appropriate fonts, wallpapers and registry scripts to extend Windows system font usage and make everything as consistent as possible.

I would like to thank people who contributed to this visual style either by testing first initial beta release or by supporting this style from the beginning. Also I would especially like to thank a few people and their work because without it this style wouldn't look as it looks now:

1. Stefanka for creating modifications to system files and creating visual styles that break all the rules and look damn fine. ( [link] )
2. Marvilla for creating an incredibly smooth and modern looking icons and icon packager themes ( [link] )
3. ChiLam for creating a very nice Aero Smooth / Aero Slate YZ Toolbar theme ( [link] )


Dear friends,

Infini8 - Modern Age is at it's final stages and a fully working Release Candidate is available for you to download. The Zip file consists of 3 different versions of Modern Age and it includes all of the necessary files for you to work with.

Installation instructions:
1. Unzip directly to Windows>Resources> Themes folder
2. Install the fonts from Windows> Resources>Themes>Infini8 (any RC version)
3. Under Display Properties pick the Theme Set not Visual Style (Infini8RC1, Infini8RC2, Infini8RC3)
4. The cursors configuration along with wallpaper should automatically become available.
5. Download the Pastels icon set (instructions provided inside the folders)
6. Copy the appropriate files to YZ Toolbar Themes folder (usually under Program Files>YZ Toolbar>Themes)
7. Depending on your choice of fonts (from within the styles) go to Windows> Resources>Themes>Infini8 (any RC) and follow the instructions in the Registry Scripts folder.

That's it. Please report any bugs (possibly with screenshots) at your convenience. Bug report link : [link]

Thanks for your interest and participation.

Boz Bundalo
[creative director]
Infinity Creative Group LLC
Phoenix, AZ 85022
web: [link]
© 2004 - 2021 bozidar
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luzbelito92's avatar
Inspira that beautiful font.
paulomsn's avatar
So, is there a final version?
Doesnt look to be that there will be a final stable version made, this is a 4 year old deviation now :(
Wow! Can't wait the final release!
Very cool visual style.. I liked everything <3:headbang:
scraphead's avatar
It's pretty nice, but i don't like the task bars that much
dling now! very nice
death-au's avatar
Great work, but I think it would've been a better idea to include each of the release candidates as substyles...
awe-inspired's avatar
beautiful theme :)
Cojaro's avatar
:shakefist: School won't allowing downloading this, for some reason. :shrug:

:+fav: because it's that good
DL7's avatar
I like this theme so much, the colors, the glassy effect, everything. My only complaint could be the taskbar being a lil' too thick, but I'm using these visual style regardless, great work! +fav
DawgFighter's avatar
I know I'm waaaayyy late on the posts but thanks for this! Awesome job!
What happen to the final release of this?
this theme is very great, nice work mate !!
Does this require some sort of software, like windowblinds or something? Also Does this require windows xp? Thanks for answers, Looks sweeter everytime i look at it! :jawdrop:
scrap my last post, I figured out the answers. This is now my reason for upgrading to xp

this by far my All Time Favorite! INCREDIBLE! :worship:
jayy1's avatar
superb one!!!!!
Stradivarius's avatar
Hi bozidar,

Thank you very much for this marvelous VS. I have reviewed hundreds of VS since 3 years. I have found yours by browsing page/page in deviantArt VS section. I was used to look for new VS in Neowin but Neowin's VS forum seems to have few updates since 2005.

I've constituted a personal best collection of about 50 VS. Your VS is #1. I like better the Infini8RC2 variation. I am rather lucky to find a VS that has every things I like: balanced fonts & colors, not too flashy like Mac's or Longhorn themes, easy to the eays, works flawlessy with Firefox.

I hope you are still working toward the final version. I have a few requests:

- Default button: would it be better to have a colored border rather than a gray border?

- More colors :-)

Thanks you very much in advance.
5/5 !!! 10/10!!! 100/100!!! BEST OF ALL!!!
neoflox's avatar
Congrats for that gorgeous Theme! I use RC 1 because the "_[_]X"-Buttons look fantastic that way! Keep it up!
Totally awesome skin! Love it...
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