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Awesome. I think your art looks very dynamic, and I really like the subject matter since topless women boxing/fighting is one of my art...


Young Busty Betty-Gift from CB1964
Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Taking care of some financial stuff so I haven't been commissioning much as of late. I will likely commission new Busty Betty art (and other foxy boxing art) stuff sometime in the fall. But as for right now, got this cool little gift here from DA member CB1964. DA page is:

He did this cool Busty Betty render as a gift to me and in my opinion it is a great representation of what Betty may have looked like early in her foxy boxing career. In most commission work I have ordered from artists over the years, I've always had Betty depicted as a veteran foxy fighter in her early to mid-thirties. I think this render would potentially make for a great throwback story of Betty as a young up and coming fighter 10-12 years earlier.  CB did a great job! Thanks!  
Busty Betty Sexy Locker Room Pic-By Artbrosean
Well folks, we've come to our journey's end, at least for a little while. I'm taking a little bit of an extended break from commissioning and posting foxy boxing pics, but I intend to come back in the not too distant future with additional Busty Betty stuff as well as a few new foxy fighter characters I'm currently in the early brain storming stages of creating.

In this amazing pic by Artbrosean we have a sexy back stage/locker room pic at a topless foxy boxing event. Betty is standing by her locker posing for a sexy pic, topless, heavily oiled up prior to her big bout in the main event of the evening. In the background we have a young topless fighter who just lost in the co-feature bout making her way  to the doctor's office for some badly needed medical attention, using the lockers for leverage as she's still woozy from the KO. The girls who competed in the previous bout before that are currently soaping up their naked hard bods in the shower. 

Tremendous pic by Sean and an appropriate note on which to end on (at least for now anyway). See y'all around here on DA. Later.    
Valentine's Day Nude Foxy Boxing-By Malphasbcs
A terrific piece of art by Malphasbcs corresponding to the 2 part nude foxy boxing story by SJB Daniels that I posted: 

Links to parts one and two of the story are below:……

Malphasbcs' DA page is:   

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Fight Report with Ernie Saltz

V-Day in L.A.

February 18, 2018 - Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California


            After Tania left, I headed backstage hopefully to get a word with both the winner and the loser of the epic nude foxy slugfest the crowd had just witnessed. I found both fighters in the triage section, still naked draped only in their ring robes as they engaged in friendly chatter while getting worked on by the medical staff. It was kind of funny seeing they were so friendly especially after trying to take each others' heads off for a full six rounds of hard slugging action.  

            "Good fight tonight, bitch. You pounded me pretty good out there." Betty said. "Better bring your A-game whenever we get a rematch." 

            "You too, bitch." Katie replied. "Lookin' forward to it." 

            The medic finished up the tape job on Katie's left brow, stopping the trickle of blood while the fighter held an icepack up to her right cheek, swollen after a few too many wicked Busty Betty left hooks.  Katie was instructed to hit the showers and get some rest.

            Betty was still leaning back in obvious pain and discomfort as they stitched those nasty cuts over both brows up, the left eye looked especially bad due to the awful swelling underneath. That and the purpling discoloration of the raised welts on her massive breasts and torso indicated that she was in pretty rough shape after this fight. Still Betty managed to crack a little smile when she saw me enter the room despite being quite a bit worse for wear.

            "Hello ladies. Really entertaining fight out there tonight. Mind if I get a quick interview in?" 

            "Sure," they both replied in unison and shrugged their shoulders.

            "Katie, dominant performance down the stretch. I've seen you lose some back and forth brawls to Betty in the past. What was the difference tonight?" 

            "I've gotten a helluva lot better. Ever since I got with Valerie and her crew, I've been damn near unstoppable. Turned my foxy boxing career around. I've been able to take Betty the last couple of meetings now along with the rest of my last 9 opponents and that's catapulted me into the top 10!"

            Her exuberance was contagious. I had to follow up, "If Betty wants another crack at you will you grant her another rematch?"

            "She wants it again, she can get it. I'm delivering a beatdown to anybody who wants one. Especially that bitch Stephanie after what she did tonight. Superstar, my ass! She's gettin' the beating of her friggin' life real soon." 

            "Alright congrats again, and thanks for your time."

            "No problem, Mr. Saltz. Thank you." She said before turning to Betty giving her friend a quick hug and heading down the hall to the showers.

            "Tough night." I said to Betty as the medic kept working. 

            "I got my ass kicked," Betty replied honestly.  "Katie was on her game tonight. Just beat me to the punch all night. Even when I got some brutal shots in and was trying to build momentum, she'd answer back with three or four quick punches."

            "Well what's next for you?" 

            "Plastic surgery." Betty replied half jokingly with a snicker. "A CAT scan first per the doctor's orders when I get back to Florida. I took a lot of shots to the head in this one. Then a little nip and tuck from my surgeon for these nasty eye cuts, and I should be in the gym training serious in like 2-3 months. Get ready for my next fight. Can't cry over a loss. Gotta keep going, right?"

            "I suppose so." Busty Betty was a foxy boxing machine, that was still clear. "Who you got in mind next? From what I heard both you and Katie get your choice of opponents for the next big card."

            Betty sighed. "Furthest thing from my mind right now. I'll think on it for a few weeks. Right now if you'll excuse me, I'm still a bit woozy. Promise you a more in depth interview during the next show or if you're ever in Miami."

            "OK. Thanks for your time, Betty. I know you will bounce back soon."

            "Thanks Ernie."         

            Heading back to my luxury box seat after the interview I lost track of time. The house lights eventually dimmed and Three 6 Mafia's "It's a Fight" played over the loudspeakers. Coming out in a black and silver robe, surrounded by cornermen was the Black Diamond herself. Judging from the hooks and uppercuts she threw the entire length of the ring, Diamond was warmed up and ready to go. She jogged up the steps and hit the ring, pummeling the nearest turnbuckle like it was her next opponent.

            The crowd responded but it was not good enough for the egotistical Diamond, who threw back her hood and started taunting the crowd from the second rope. "You scream your heads off for them fat, old, bitches but you just clap an' shit for me? I'm gonna show you who the real fight is!"

            Her music faded away as the blaring guitar and booming drums of Guns N' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" screamed over the sound system. Jungle Jane ran out from the back, outpacing her trainers and storming the ringside area. She ditched her leopard skin robe halfway up the ring steps, grabbed the top rope and vaulted her impressive frame clean over the ropes and landed spryly on her feet.

            Black Diamond tried to go for her right then, but her own trainers held her back. Jungle Jane was not intimidated, she paced like a big tanned cat as her own trainers finally got to the ring. Diamond got her robe off, not wanting to wait for the introductions.

            Despite her the announcer climbed into the ring and did his job. "This contest, ladies and gentlemen, is your main event of the evening and the winner will be the recognized number one contender in the world today.

            "Fighting out of the red corner, wearing the black gloves and boots with the silver trim is one of the most feared competitors in professional boxing today. Standing 5'8" and weighing in a powerful 148lbs. she has amassed an impressive professional record of 22 wins and no loses, with 20 victories by knockout. Coming all the way to us from Detroit, Michigan, please welcome the number three ranked fighter in the world today, Dominique "Black Diamond" Davis!"

            Sans robe, with her sheen of body oil, sweat and skin-tone she did shine like a black diamond in the ring.

            "And her opponent, fighting out of the blue corner, wearing the leopard print gloves and boots, this stunning specimen of womanhood comes originally from Tampa, Florida but currently lives and trains in the deepest, darkest, unexplored jungle. This six year veteran of the ring has amassed a record of 33 wins with only 4 losses, 3 draws and 26 wins have come by way of knockout. She is widely recognized as one of the best foxy boxers to never hold the World Championship. She stands a towering 5'10" and weighs a trim 147lbs. Please welcome the number two ranked competitor in the world today; put your hands together for Jungle Jane!"

            With the introductions over, both fighter returned to their corners. They expected the non-combatants to clear, but the announcer did not.

            "Ladies and gentlemen, if I could hold your attention for just one minute there has been a slight change of plan. There will be a special guest referee officiating this fight; Please welcome former World Champion in topless and traditional boxing, and a licensed referee by the California State Boxing Commission. Originally from Linden, New Jersey she now resides in Los Angeles, please welcome Tania "Stay Lo" Louis!"

            I held my breath as she walked to the ring wearing little more than black ring boots. She smiled widely and waved to the crowd. As he climbed the steps I could see Tania Louis comically wore detached cuffs and a collar with a bowtie, without the accompanying tuxedo or underwear. She somehow wore and outfit of formal nudity. It was also nice to see she was still in shape.

            Tania took the microphone from the announcer. "Just so there is no question to the outcome of this fight, I have decided to officiate it myself. Both fighters were briefed on the rules back stage, the rules have not changed. Touch gloves and come out fighting."

            Black Diamond looked a little irate. She was not expecting this. But rather than complain she just took the offered mouthguard and prepared to fight.

            The bell rang and Black Diamond stepped to the middle. Jungle Jane circled the outside, throwing punches and keeping her distance with footwork. It was a sound strategy, especially against a powerhouse like Black Diamond. Diamond tried to work her way inside, but Jungle Jane would dance away as fast as she came. It looked like a classic opening round, two opponents feeling each other out; but when looked at with a more discerning eye you could see the chess game developing. These were two professionals, well studied in tapes of the other's matches.  Each woman had a battle plan and they would stick to it until it was time to go off script. The occasional jab to the face or glancing blow would not dissuade either of them. This would be a strategic fight.

            The second and third rounds followed the same script; attack, deflect, retreat, chase, and attack again. While it was repetitive the crowd never seemed to get bored, each step of the dance turned up the tension. At some point one or the other would make a mistake. The question was who would misstep first?

            It seemed to be Jane.

            The leggy blonde woman accidentally stepped into a punch to the ribs. Black Diamond followed up with a few more shots to the belly that backed Jane up to the ropes, punishing her mid-section. Diamond threw an overhand right that Jungle Jane barely sidestepped. Jane spun and fired off a jab that caught Diamond squarely in the face. It was nothing Diamond hadn't taken twenty times in the fight already, but this time Jane did not dance away. Instead she fired off three crisp jabs and a right cross that snapped Diamond's head back painfully.          

            Stunned by the turn of events Black Diamond tried to punch her way off the ropes. Jane retreated, throwing out a series of jabs that mostly connected. All of Diamond's punches went wide, making her look as foolish as she took additional jabs to the face.

            The bell rang signaling the end of the round. Jane returned to her corner, Black Diamond stared her down, kissing her glove and slapping her ass to show Jane what she could do. The blonde ignored her and went about getting her between round instructions.

            Things went the same as before in the fifth round, Jane working the bicycle from the outside and Diamond trying to minimize it with head movement. She came in bobbing and weaving as much as she could, but Jane stuck to the script and did not get greedy. Their clashing philosophies were showing, Jane willing to win by decision and Diamond craving a knockout. Unfortunately this left Black Diamond getting increasingly frustrated as she was taking far more punches than she was giving back. At this rate she would wear out before getting her chance at a big combo. Jungle Jane was willing to take a hard hit but would retreat before taking any more. The fight was going well in Jane's favor.

            That all changed in the sixth. It started out the same, but Diamond stopped leading with the heavy stuff. Instead she just stepped inside and moved her head, keeping her guard up the whole time. Jane fired away and retreated like the big shots were coming, but Black Diamond never loaded up a heavy fist. Instead she jabbed low. Jungle Jane backed up like a big body blow was coming, but Diamond closed and threw another low jab. Puzzled, Jane continued to throw out stiff shots that now bounced off Black Diamond's guard. Diamond simply jabbed back.

            Jungle Jane became emboldened. Diamond must be tiring. She sucked up a lot of jabs for the first five rounds and had nothing to show for it. With all those big swings never hitting a target, maybe the young bruiser was finally starting to wane? She was covered in sweat. Perhaps it was time to turn up the heat?

            Jungle Jane threw a combination of hooks at Black Diamond's head. The first connected but she ducked the second, came up and inside Jane's guard and the pummeling began. Diamond unloaded with a series of short hooks to the breasts and belly. Each was so hard they made a sickening sound of leather slapping on wet skin. She backed up Jane with the force of each blow. Jane tried to retreat but Black Diamond was on her like a shark that smelled blood.

            The crowd roared.

            With Jane up on the ropes  Diamond unloaded, doubling the woman over with a shot to the gut and standing her back up with a fierce uppercut. Jane was rocked. Black Diamond threw a wild right, one that looked hard enough to take the blonde's head off. At the last instant Jungle Jane managed to jerk her chin back and avoid the haymaker; Diamond pulled in the arc from her punch and connected with a hard elbow to Jungle Jane's jaw.

            Tania Louis threw herself in-between the fighters. "What was that!?!" She yelled into Diamond's face.

            "Git' the fuck out the way!" Diamond grit through her mouthguard as she dodged around Louis and went after the barely standing Jane.

            Tania jumped in front, she was the referee and she would give the instructions. "Neutral corner. Now!" She pointed at where she wanted Diamond to go.

            "Fuck you..." Black Diamond clearly mumbled as she turned her back on the ref and went to the corner.

            The ring doctor checked Jungle Jane out. She was clearly dazed but ready to continue. Tania Louis deducted a point from the judge's scorecard for the 'accidental' elbow and the fight continued.

            Things did heat up from there. Jane managed to fight her way out of the sixth and seventh, but a renewed Black Diamond chased her with more ferocity than ever. In the eighth round it finally caught up to Jane.

            Black Diamond slipped under a jab and came up with an uppercut that nearly burst Jungle Jane's left tit. She followed with a right cross to Jane's nose that sent her stumbling backwards. Bouncing off the ropes Jane tried to throw a cross of her own but caught a massive left hook square in the solar plexus. The force of the blow was such that in slow motion replay it seemed to collapse the blonde's chest cavity as both breasts and chin pulled inward and downward like a meteor striking a mountain range.

            A follow up right hook to the jaw was all it took to put Jungle Jane on the canvas.

            "Get up!" Black Diamond yelled like a sadistic Muhammad Ali. "I am not done with you yet you blonde-ass bitch!"

            Tania Louis jumped in-between and pointed Black Diamond to a neutral corner.

            With a grunt she went, but not without a tongue lashing for the special referee. "What's a' matter Tania? Scared I'm gonna break your Barbie doll?"

            Jungle Jane managed to be standing by the eight count. Even from this skybox I could see the regret on Tania Louis' face as she signaled for the fight to continue.

            There wasn't much fight left however. Jane was breathing heavy, bleeding from the nose, barely standing. Black Diamond came in like a bull. Backing the top contender to the corner she unloaded with a flurry of blows to the tits and pussy. Jane screamed. Diamond was not going for the K.O., Diamond was trying to humiliate Jungle Jane. Tania Louis couldn't do anything about it either as by bare-naked brawl rules such attacks were completely legal. On the street it would be sexual assault but here in the ring it was fair game. Black Diamond beat Jungle Jane like a drum until she got tired and threw a right hook that sent Jungle Jane back to the mat. Tania put a stop to it and called for the bell. Jane could not defend herself anymore. It was a merciful decision.

            Tania called for the ring doctor and announcer. Black Diamond took the long way to the corner and 'accidentally' bumped into Tania Louis.

            "What do you think 'bout that? Main event level beatdown or not?"

            Tania set her jaw. I knew her well enough to know she didn't like getting punked out like this in public, but she was the official for this bout. Any retaliation would clearly be met with a lawsuit. Instead she lifted Black Diamond's hand and signaled her the victor as the crowd cheered.

            Tania leaned over and whispered something into Diamond's ear before leaving the ring.

            Black Diamond was laughing as Tania made her way up the aisle. She pounded her breasts with her gloved fists like a gorilla. "Anytime you want it Stay Lo! You know where I am! Come and get it!"

            I left the box, heading back to the bowels of the Arena. I found Tania in her dressing room, getting past the guard with my all-access pass.

            There was the former world champion, drinking whiskey and balling her fists in anger at the mirror. I almost didn't want to disturb her, but she looked over her shoulder at me, "You have to know, don't you Ernie?"

            "Professional curiosity," I added. "What did you say to Diamond that set her off?"

            "I said I could beat her in five rounds."

            And that fight-fans, is all the news that's fit to print.

V-Day in L.A. (Part II)
Part II part of the Valentine's Day nude foxy boxing tale by SJB Daniels. 

Again, SJB Daniels' DA page is:

And Unleashed089's page is:…

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Fight Report with Ernie Saltz

V-Day in L.A.

February 18, 2018 - Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California


            The next big event on the schedule was a dual main event the promoter, former World and Foxy Boxing Champion Tania "Stay Lo" Louis, had dubbed "V-Day in L.A.". With a double main event between top-ranked contenders and well known rivals, this particular card attracted so much interest that Ms. Louis had to shell out the extravagant cost of renting the venerable Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena just for its sixteen thousand seat capacity. This would be the first time since that old 1980's cable show Bikini Boxing from the Sunset Strip that an all-nude, all-female boxing competition happened in the greater Los Angeles area, and it wasn't filmed in some dingy old studio in the Valley. With top-to-bottom bare-naked brawls like Black Diamond vs. Jungle Jane and Killer Katie vs. Busty Betty, this card should be enough to entice the normally apathetic Los Angelinos to show up to a sports arena on a Wednesday Night. Now it was time for the younger fighters to take the spotlight and the old lioness only to roar enough to attract the curious masses.

            Speaking of extravagant cost, Fight Report flew this intrepid reporter out to the Left Coast in economy class. Nothing like crying babies and stale peanuts to get me in the mood for a fight.

            Lucky for me, Tania Louis treated me better than my humble employers. She invited me to watch the fights from her personal skybox and gave me a full access pass to go anywhere in the facility. "You've been very good to Foxy Boxing over the years, Mr. Saltz. I want you to be the one who brings my brand of boxing to the world."

            "Your brand of boxing? Your own personal brand...?" I flipped my notebook open and got out a pencil, "would that be about the full nudity or the quality of competition?"

            "Both," Tania gave an easy smile, "Good, hard boxing with nothing to hide." She seemed to be getting a little wistful. "It's no secret I almost hung up the gloves back when I was World Champion, barely 30, and I'd beaten everyone in the top ten. Straight boxing had no challenges for me anymore. That's when we started to look all over for competition, found Busty Betty, and the rest is history.

            "But it's a good history. Going topless in front of so many people completely reinvigorated me, both professionally and personally. It added years to my boxing career, I didn't care if the council stripped me of the title belt, I found whole new levels of competition. Now it's time to give back to the sport I love."

            I took down the quote. Someday Tania was going to publish her memoirs and I expected that to be an excellent read.

            Tania showed me around the arena, I was there a few hours ahead of time. Even if the event was supposed to start at 8pm, Californian's have a well-earned reputation for arriving late. It was apparently more realistic to expect a 9pm start.

            Just enough time for the good meal I didn't get on the plane.

            I made my way back to the arena around 9:30 due to traffic, skipped around the line of limousines and walked right through the VIP entrance to the skybox. I found my seat just as the preliminaries were wrapping up, only one more match to go before the main events.

            "Did I miss anything special, Ms. Louis?"

            "Not much, a couple of matches I set up with the local fighters; B.J. Buxton knocked out Loren Love in the first round, Rosie Gracia knocked out Mamma Venja in the second."

            I shrugged. "I guess the local girls can't take a punch."

            "Well," Tania motioned to the arena floor below, "That shouldn't be a problem in the next fight, the Tomato Can is up."

            Ah,  Tereza 'Tomato Can' Tomasetti. For those who do not know the parlance of boxing, a "Tomato Can" is a boxer of middling skill that gets beaten up a lot, guaranteed to get bruised, dented, and spill red on the floor; just like can of tomatoes. Tereza Tomasetti had been around the South Florida scene for a few years, getting beaten up by the best. While I don't recall if she's ever won a fight, I also don't recall her ever getting knocked out in the first round either. How she faired would all depend on the quality of her opponent. "Who gets to kick the 'Can tonight?"

            "Madame Blaze."

            I was a little surprised to hear Tania's answer. Madame Blaze was a fading journey-woman in the world of Foxy Boxing. From what I knew she had been spending more time doing topless wrestling in mud or oil, at first to supplement her income between fights, and then as a full-blown side career. It's not surprising she's been successful, while not the most skilled boxer Madame Blaze was a natural athlete and always in tremendous shape.

            I watched as Tereza Tomasetti, the curvy Italian-American underdog, climbed into the ring with the techno-remix fanfare of the theme from Rocky. As far as I could see she was ready to go, bouncing in the ring and shadowboxing so hard her big natural breasts spilled out from her robe. Next to Busty Betty, she was probably the most well-endowed female on the card.

            Madame Blaze came to the ring as the decades old song "Fire Woman" by The Cult played over the loudspeakers. The crowd cheered a bit as the fiery redhead in the flame-coated robe hit the ring and tossed her covering to the side, showing off her well toned body and (most likely artificial) C-cup breasts. (I mean they have to be fake. They barely bounced as she did her version of the 'Ali Shuffle' in the corner.)

            If nothing else I can tell my readers one definite thing about Madame Blaze; the curtains matched the carpet.

            As both women stood in the center of the ring receiving instructions I heard Tania's cell phone begin to vibrate. The look on her face got a little concerned. "You'll have to excuse me, Mr. Saltz. I need to take this."

            I nodded. Tania Louis stepped out of the box to answer her phone. It was easy to forget she was the promoter for tonight and not just the old friend inviting me out to the fights. I settled in to watch the first round of Tomasetti vs. Blaze.

            It went exactly as I expected, The Tomato Can sucking up punishment right from the get-go. I had seen Madame Blaze laid low by the likes Busty Betty, Jungle Jane and Pam the Punisher; the redhead had a reputation for not being able to take a punch, so it was easy to forget how fast and strong Madame Blaze could come on in the opening rounds.

            The combinations started right at the opening bell as Blaze threw a flurry of jabs that mostly found their mark. Tomasetti's sloppy defense proved ineffectual as a strong right cross followed by a crisp left hook split her lip in the first minute. When Blaze saw blood she went right after it, throwing a heavy, seven punch combination that rattled the Tomato Can back to the ropes. Blaze pressed body-to-body with Tomasetti and tried to force an opening. The frustrated Italian shoved Blaze backwards and off-balance, cocked her right hand, and threw a haymaker. Blaze narrowly side-stepped the wild punch and caught the clumsy fighter with a sharp right hook that bobbled Tomasetti's head and sent her crashing to the mat. 

            I stood to get a better look. The Tomato Can was open. Blood flowed from a gash over her left eyebrow and dripped to the canvas as Tomasetti got to her knees. She was clearly dazed but standing by the eight-count. The ref cautioned her to fight back or he would stop the match. The Tomato Can nodded.

            When the fight restarted both women came out swinging. The crowd cheered through the remainder of the round as Madame Blaze tried to find the perfect combination to finish off Tomasetti, while the Tomato Can looked for the big punch to save her. This conflict of styles lead to a lot of excitement, but Blaze could not put the scrappy Italian down before the bell rang.

            Left alone in my thoughts for the minute between rounds I mused about Madame Blaze. She had the looks, the speed and the skill, if only she could take a punch like Tomasetti she would probably be a champion. But the reverse could be said about the Tomato Can as well. Either way the crowd applauded as the stools were removed and the second round began.

            It didn't last a minute. Blaze went in renewed from the break and nailed the Italian with a twelve punch combination of hooks and uppercuts that knocked Tomasetti to her knees. Blaze stood over her, motioning for the woman to get back up as she wasn't done, but the referee called for the bell. There was no reason to let this continue as it only increased the likelihood Tereza Tomasetti would get permanently injured.

            Blaze climbed up the second rope in celebration of her victory as both corners rushed into the ring. The crowd cheered in appreciation of the fiery redhead's performance and tight, toned body. This was really what erotic boxing was all about, brave women putting it out there for the world to see.

            So far, I liked the Tania Louis brand of boxing.

            I figured I would head down to ringside and see if I could get a comment from the fighters, but instead managed to get myself turned around in the back hallways of the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena. Truly a lousy way to kill 10 minutes.

            Coming down a staircase I found myself in the backstage area and was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight of three naked women on doctors' tables getting stitched or iced up. It was like a triage unit for a particularly violent orgy. One of them smiled at me and I came to my senses, tipped my hat, and moved on.

            Further on I heard the echoing resonance of raised voices bouncing off the concrete walls. A reporter's curiosity is part of his stock-in-trade, but with as many bare ladies running around down here, there was a good part of me that did not want to intrude; That is, until I came to the realization that one of those voices belonged to Tania Louis.

            I rounded the corner and  the former World Champion standing in the doorway of Black Diamond's locker room. The contender was tearing into Tania verbally, running down the promoter as being 'near-sighted' and 'playing favorites'.

            "I'm goin' on last, girl. Last!" Black Diamond stuck a taped up finger in the former champion's face. "Me and Jane are fighting for #1 contender spot, nobody wants to see them big-titty bitches in the main event. I can beat both those bitches in my sleep and they know it. I want this whole town to know who the best is, so the last thing they gonna see before going home is my hand raised in victory." She was hot. She didn't care that the front of her robe fell open and her double D's spilled out. "It says "Card Subject to Change" at the bottom of every poster for a reason, go tell them ho ass friends of yours that you makin' a change."

            Not really catching the beginning I missed the gist, but the slamming of a steel fire door in the promoter's face made the emotions clear.

            "Trouble with the talent?" I asked after giving her a few seconds to recover.

            "Yeah," Tania straightened her dress. "This is the side of fight-promotion you never see. Come take a walk with me and I will explain."

            I followed Tania as she told me her troubles. "It started with the poster. Black Diamond didn't think she was big enough on it and she never liked the 'co-main event' thing. Now that it's almost time to fight she is pulling shit."

            My hand was itching to get out my notebook, but I didn't want to antagonize the former champ. "What kind of shit?"

            "She wants her fight to go on last." Tania let out an exasperated sigh, "Busty Betty is still a big name in foxy boxing, she's an attraction. Killer Katie is originally a SoCal girl, and their match will probably be a wild brawl. There were a lot of reasons for putting Katie and Betty on last, not the least of which is the half-mile of limousines in the parking cue."

            I nodded. "That's probably why Diamond wants to fight last so badly. To impress the wealthy muckety-mucks and movie-makers."

            Tania smiled. "That's only the half of it. I'm sure Jungle Jane was just about warmed up, now she'll either cool off or tire herself out trying to stay warm while the others go on.  Busty and Katie will need 20 minutes to warm up and I'll have a hot crowd cooling off for a half hour before the next fight. Diamond is holding this card hostage but there is shit all I can do. I have to ask Busty and Katie to go on first."

            Dang. That is a tight spot. "Is there anything I can do?"

            Tania shrugged. "Grab a microphone and interview some of the crowd, sing show tunes or something? Anything to kill a little time. It's been 15 minutes since the last fight already and I have to go cash in some favors."

            "I'll see what I can do." I told her as I followed the signs towards the arena floor.

            Walking out there was something else. The arena was three-quarters full and people continued to file in, the floor seats being more empty on average than the bleachers, but that was just the L.A. rich and famous being fashionably late. It was an impressive crowd nonetheless for a Wednesday night, and sixteen thousand people were much more intimidating  from the inside the ring.

            I was handed a wireless microphone by a director who just kind of shrugged and said go for it. I spoke directly to the crowd, giving a history of the rivals about to hit the ring; Busty Betty and her decade long career of being the gatekeeper to the top ranks, Killer Katie who was a middling fighter until so recently training herself into peak shape for a title run. I went over the brief career of Black Diamond, the young knockout artist from Detroit who has laid some of the biggest names in foxy boxing on their backs; And Jungle Jane, the tall, leggy blonde who completely switched over from erotic dancing to become a total package fighter ready for a world title shot. I spoke until I was almost out of things to say.

            I managed to kill ten minutes, which I hoped helped Tania out, but as I was leaving the ring with my microphone I spotted the athletic blonde in the tight blue dress. "Stephanie?" I said and she looked up with a ten thousand dollar smile and gave me a wave. "How about a quick interview?"

            She nodded and I approached. "Ladies and Gentlemen we have "Superstar" Stephanie Darlington in attendance tonight. How about a quick word for your fans?"

            Stephanie nearly took the mic out of my hands. "Hello L.A.!" The crowd gave her the cheap pop for mentioning the current city, "How is everyone doing tonight?"

            I managed to get control of the microphone back and actually ask her a question. "So what are you doing here tonight?"

            Stephanie crossed her arms and gave a smug grin. "Well it seems Tania Louis is playing favorites; Here I am, the number nine contender in the world, and I'm not asked to be on the card in my own hometown. Does that make any sense to you, Ernie?"

             "Well I-"

            She grabbed the mic and cut me off. "No it doesn't, Ernie Saltz. So why is Killer Katie, who allegedly is ready for a run at the Champ, fighting a busted-up old broad like Busty Betty instead of the number nine contender in the world?"

            I tried to get the microphone back but she snatched it out of my reach and climbed up top her seat, (no mean feat in stiletto heels), and addressed the crowd directly.

            "I should be fighting tonight. I don't care if its Killer Katie, Busty Betty, Jungle Jane or Black Diamond. Hell, I could have beat Tomato Can or Blaze in less than a round. But no, Tania Louis wants her bedroom buddies to get a nice paycheck instead of a real up and comer like The Superstar."

            By the end of her rant I hopped the guardrail, (no mean feat for a man in his 70s), and managed to get the microphone back. "Superstar Stephanie, are you alleging that Busty Betty or Killer Katie are sleeping with Tania Louis to get bookings?"

            "Oh please, Mr. Saltz. This is Hollywood, we know all about the casting couch here." Stephanie gave one of the most evil smiles I'd ever seen. "And if any of them; Busted-up Betty, Clit-Licker Katie, or the washed-up world champion Tania "Stay Ho" Louis have to say anything about it you can find Superstar Stephanie right here, Row 1, Seat 12."

            I managed to hop the rail again with the microphone, thank Stephanie for her comments and get back into the locker room area without further incident.

            I saw Tania coming up the other way. "Mrs. Louis, I'm sorry that got out of hand-"

            "Don't be," she said with a wink. "Stephanie's ego doesn't know it but she just did me a favor and killed five minutes. If the intermission goes another ten I might have to go out there and pick a fight to keep the crowd into it."

            I laughed. "How's the next scheduled match?"

            "We'll start shortly. Thanks for keeping the crowd distracted. Go up to the skybox and watch the rest, I got it here."

            I tipped my hat and headed for the stairwell. By the time I got to the box the house lights had dimmed. The crowd perked up as the 80's favorite "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" blasted from the loudspeakers and Busty Betty entered the arena. She came to the ring with her train, a red and white hooded satin robe covering her from head-to-toe. Strutting down the ramp like the ex-stripper she was and got the LA crowd even more fired up. Going through the ropes she paced in the red corner, awaiting her opponent. The crowd applauded, even though she made no attempt to remove her coverings.

             A spotlight shinned down on the entrance and the hip-hop song, "Girlfight" by Brooke Valentine played. The crowd cheered loudly, louder even than for Busty Betty who was normally quite popular. Killer Katie's corner crew proceeded her down the aisle, followed by the fighter in her blue robe with white trim. She bopped to the music as she walked, her hood was back revealing her blonde pixie cut. She played with the crowd on her way out, waving, high-fiving, even posing for a couple of selfies with the crowd (one lucky fan even convincing her to open up her robe as she did so). The crowd was in a tizzy as Killer Katie stepped between the ropes and shadowboxed for good measure.

            "Ladies and Gentlemen," the announcer started as the ring began to clear of non-combatants, "This is your co-main event for the evening. Standing in the red corner is a living legend of foxy boxing on the East Coast. Originally from Hartford Connecticut, she now resides in and fights out of Miami, Florida. Currently ranked 11th on the Pro Foxy Boxing Circuit. As a professional she has competed in nearly 80 contests and has a respectable record of 55 wins and 24 losses, with 48 of her victories coming by way of knockout. She stands 5' 7" and weighs in at 149 lbs. Known for her knockout left hook and her massive, 42 inch Triple D-Cup chest; she is the former holder of various regional foxy boxing titles, including both the Northeast and Southeast Regional Foxy Boxing Titles, she's three time holder of the International Big Tits Foxy Boxing Belt and after her recent tour across the pond, is currently the reigning FBA Great Britain Champion, this.... is...... Busty Betty!!!!!!!!!!!!"

            The crowd cheered as Betty took off her robe, showing off both her magnificent body and the championship belt around her waist. While she had only won that regional title a little over six weeks ago, Busty Betty did not look any worse for wear. She was ready, blowing kisses and playing with her breasts for the crowd.

            "Standing in the blue corner," the announcer continued, "is one of the fastest up and coming boxers in the foxy boxing world. Originally from right here in Southern California, now making her residence in Las Vegas, Nevada, she was formerly trained in former champ Tania Louis's gym right here in Los Angeles California! Started out slow in her career but is now riding a ten match undefeated streak, with nine of those wins coming by way for knockout and is currently 8th in the world foxy boxing rankings. Her overall record 36 wins, 10 defeats with 27 of those wins by way of knockout, Standing a 5' 7" and weighing 145 lbs., she measures 41-24-36, with a right hook to match that killer look. Please welcome "Killer" Katie Keaton!!!!!!"

            The crowd applauded as Katie's robe came off, she pounded her gloves together in anticipation. Cheers a whistles rained down in unison as both women stepped to the center of the ring and pressed chest-to-chest, neither wanting to give an inch. Standing up close you could see how similar and different the fighters actually were. Killer Katie was slightly the shorter but only by fractions of an inch. The four pounds weight advantage should not make a difference in power, especially as it was most likely breast weight. Killer Katie's body was the more athletic, but Busty Betty was more experienced.

            Killer Katie was clearly not intimidated, staring down Betty with a serious expression. Betty smirked like she knew something the blonde didn't. They pressed breast-to-breast and forehead-to-forehead, camera flashes sparking from every corner of the arena. With a quick jerk Betty kissed Katie on the nose, Katie responded by chest bumping Betty a half-step backwards. The crowd ate it up.

            Smiling from the exchange Betty headed to her corner and Katie did the same. The anticipation from the crowd was palpable.  This should be a good fight.  

            Funny as it was Busty Betty was all business coming down to the ring but fun and flirty inside it. Killer Katie was the exact opposite, being so much fun coming down the aisle that who would guess she would be so serious inside it.

            "As a reminder," came the announcement over the public address system, "this is a non-title fight."

            The bell rang and both women stepped to center ring with a sense of urgency.  Betty threw first but Katie countered, starting a punch-up right from the get go. Betty was more than ready to oblige and threw back. The first round was fast and furious with fist-after-fist thrown in quick succession. While the pace was frantic, neither fighter ended the round with a clean advantage. Both had scored some good hits.

            During the interim, Tania Louis returned to the skybox. "How's the fight going, Mr. Saltz?"

            "Bell-to-bell action so far, Ms. Louis. Neither woman wants to give an inch and they are throwing bombs like they're going out of style."

            "Good," Tania sat down with a sigh of relief. "I owe both of them, big time. If I lost the crowd tonight I might lose the city. If we put on a good show they'll come back for the next one."

            The curiosity was killing me. "So what did you have to promise Busty and Katie?"

            Tania rubbed her temple.  "Next card, Betty and Katie get to pick their opponents. I have to shell out the cash to make it happen."

             Nice, for all of the money and favors they could ask for they were both thinking of the next fight, like true sportswomen.

            The bell rang and my attention was drawn back to the ring. Betty came out to the center  with Katie stalking around, looking for an opening. As Betty immediately threw a hook combo Katie ducked under with an uppercut. The fight was back on.

            After another full round of big misses and bigger hits, both women went back to their corners.

            I turned to Tania, "Who do you think Betty will ask for?"

            "World Champions from the top foxy fight leagues. Anytime this carrot gets dangled they all want the champions." Tania went back to rubbing her temple. "Expensive, gate-hogging, pay-per-view tanking, pain-in-the-ass champions."

            "That can't be the worst. People come out to see champions."

            Tania shook her head. "Betty will get beaten to a pulp. Katie might put up a fight. Both ways it's going to be expensive on the production side."

            The bell rang for the third round and both women came out swinging. Katie threw a big looping hook that Betty had to jerk her head out of the way, but the wild fist struck downward on her left tit. Betty covered it with both gloves as she recoiled in pain. Katie went in for the kill, unloading with a series of lefts and rights that backed Betty up to the ropes and with a powerful haymaker spun Betty around on her heels.

            It would have knocked an average fighter out, but somehow Betty hung on, suspended with the top rope under her arms and tits.

            The crowd went nuts. Katie unloaded on Betty's unprotected back, kidneys and ribs like she was warming up on a heavy bag. Betty didn't go down, no matter how much heat Katie poured on. She staggered to the corner with Katie throwing wicked hooks the whole way.    

            Finally turned around in the corner, Betty soaked a few additional punches to the gut. Injured and desperate, she shoved Katie back with both hands. Katie only got pushed back a few feet on her heels, regained her balance, and lunged forward, right into a desperate left hook from the buxom brunette.

            I found myself standing as the referee counted both women down. The crowd noise was deafening. Katie was standing by the count of four, shaking the stars out of her vision from the sucker-punch. Betty took a little longer, but was standing by eight.

            "Thank God," I heard Tania mumble, "Keep the fight going long enough for people to think they got their money's worth."

            That statement was debatable as I could see the fight degenerating. At the beginning of the round Betty was landing one good punch for every two of Katie's, but since the knockdown it's been four or five unanswered in a row. Both women were showing the marks of battle, but Busty Betty was getting the worst of it and was cut around both eyes now after the most recent exchanges. 

            After the bell, Betty slumped down hard on her stool, tired and battle weary as her crew began to frantically work on the nasty cuts that had started to form around both eyebrows, as well as a mouse under the left orbital.  Her boyfriend barked instructions as he iced down the welts around her breasts and rib cage, areas that were showing obvious signs of discoloration after the vicious assault from Katie in the corner early in the last round. 

            Katie was a bit bruised up too, having absorbed some really heavy leather from Betty over the course of this wild brawl, but she was a lot less worse for wear. They were telling her to mix it up, box in spots and revert to brawling only in the close exchanges. She listened intently as her girlfriend and trainer Valerie gave her the water bottle while explaining to her that Betty didn't have much left and might get desperate this next round. 

            Round four started out just as furious as the third round had left off, Busty Betty turning it into a toe-to-toe slugging match again, despite getting the worst of the exchanges last round. It was all out action with Betty hanging in and fighting hard, but Katie was outlanding her significantly, clearly getting the better of the exchanges with the now profusely bleeding brunette. By the fifth round Katie was completely in charge picking apart a groggy, staggering  Betty with a crisp jab and force-feeding the veteran brunette brawler her own tits with some well placed uppercuts. Desperately she tried to get inside and work the body only to repeatedly get one of her own tits in the mush due to those well timed hooks and uppercuts from her blonde opponent. Mercifully it ended in the sixth round with a wicked six-punch combo that left Betty laid out flat on her back.

            Killer Katie stood up on the second turnbuckle as the ref counted ten. The crowd roared as it always does for a hometown victory. Her trainer Valerie lifted her off the buckle, carrying her on her shoulder and parading her around for the L.A. fans to see.

            Busty Betty was sitting in her corner by the time the announcements were made, one of her crew members wiping blood away from around her damaged eyes, leaving the white towel blood stained. I was glad to see she was not going directly to the hospital. She even stood for the traditional hand-raising of the winner, then promptly left so Katie could have her moment in the ring.

            Killer Katie gave a heartfelt "thank you" to the fans over the P.A. System as they cut her gloves off. She fed off the excitement of the crowd, and they fed off her exuberance. Katie climbed out of the ring and rounded the ringside area, high fiving and accepting congratulations. It was a great moment for her-

            -until a blue fabric dress slapped her in the face. Stunned for a second Katie turned in time to see a woman in her underwear reach over the barricade and club her in the face. Katie fell to the arena floor in shock as security rushed in to bodily restrain Superstar Stephanie from following up on her surprise attack.

            "You ain't shit!" the starlet screamed as she was lifted in the air by yellow-clad security men. "I can beat you in my sleep! You're nothing Katie! Go back to breastfeeding your kids you lesbo-cow!"

            Needless to say Katie's moment was ruined and Stephanie Darlington would have to spend the night in jail. At sporting events in particular Los Angeles County frowns on assault. The crowd was into the post-match antics, but Katie's spotlight had been stolen rather cruelly.

            "Are you going to put up with this?" I asked Tania.

            She shrugged. "What can I do? Crazy bitch bought a ticket. I'm sure she'll get fined and suspended. Katie could press charges, but Stephanie can afford all that shit." Tania looked over at me and winked. "The only other thing I can do is book the match before anyone else does."

            That didn't seem the worst idea. Stephanie was a contender. Katie would love knocking her out of the top ten.

            "If you'll excuse me Mr. Saltz," Tania said, "I want to go make sure the last fight goes off without a hitch. Please enjoy and thank you for coming."

            "Anytime, Ms. Louis." I said to her as the door closed. "Thank you for inviting me."

V-Day In L.A. (Part 1)
The first part of a terrific short story by DA member SJB Daniels centered around a high profile nude foxy boxing event in L.A. on Valentines Day featuring foxy fights by my OCs Busty Betty, Jungle Jane, Black Diamond, Madaam Blaze and Tomato Can Tomasetti. Also included are the OCs of DA member unleashed 089 Killer Katie and Tania Louis. 

SJB Daniels' DA page is:

Unleashed089's page is:…


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Great story and art by the guys at Boob Colosseum  once again. This one centers around a young up and comer in the topless wrestling leagues reflecting on her wins and losses on her way up the ladder in the rankings. I like stories like these that focus on elements of several different bouts. They did a good job with this one. I bought it and loved it. Here's a link to their description of the story on their DA page. 

My Wrestling Journal 


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