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Watchers feature #43
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Holiday wishlist project 2011!
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S U N D A Y. F E A T U R E #72
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S U N D A Y. F E A T U R E #71
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Charitable deviants feature (part 7)
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Holiday wishlist project 2011!
Holiday wishlist project 2011! This is my wishlist for the Holyday wishlist project by glowingkitten ( You can read more about it in this journal - but for short, you make a holiday wish list with 10 wishes, write a link to them in the comments section of her journal about it, and go through all the other posts - looking for wishes you can grant. This is not about spending money (well you can, if you want to) - it's about making someone's Christmas better. I hope you will take a look at it, I really think it's a good idea. I'm going on the hunt to grant wishes now, right after I've posted my own wish list :meow: :bulletblue: The thing
Charitable deviants feature (part 7)
Charitable deviants feature (part 7) This is a continuation of the feature of deviants that donate more than 10 points to my donation pool (see the donation pool on my profile page to read more, or take a look at the first part of the feature). PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4, PART 5, PART 6, PART 7 auto64 ( donated 24 points: :thumb259272303: :thumb262103234: yearoftheboar ( donated 60 points: :thumb256275998: :thumb267166504: :thumb216468033: :thumb217058982: :thumb259728711: :thumb263845837: FStop231 ( donated 20 points: :thumb212996303: :thumb259685714: Synthemum ( donated 20 points: :thumb256843339: :thumb259276332:
Time to give another deviant a premium membership
Time to give another lucky deviant a premium membership Yes, you read right - finally it is time to find a new under-appreciated promising artist, who could benefit from a premium membership, donated by my points collection pool. So now, my wonderful watchers, please think a little about who you think could use a premium membership. You should obey the following rules: The person shouldn't be yourselfThe person should do great artThe person shouldn't have a premium membership alreadyWhen you've found one or more deviants to nominate, do the following: Send me a note with subject "Donation pool nomination"Write who the deviant is, and why
Time to fill up the feature wall! - Get featured!
Time to fill up the feature wall! - Get featured! Hi everybody! Long time no see, but I want to change that :la: It's been a long time since I had a small competition to fill up my feature wall (on my front page, to all the new readers here ;)), and hence I want to do a new one. So, if you want to be featured on my front page, reply to this journal entry in a comment with up to five links to some of your newest deviations. The best and most beautiful deviations will get a spot, and then I'll choose some of your older deviations as well to feature alongside them :meow: I'm really looking forward to you people sharing some of your new work,
Busy summer
Busy summer These last months have been a hectic time for me. I've been a teachers assistant in an experimental physics course during April, May and June, and followed a course on X-ray scattering at the same time. I must say that I actually enjoyed teaching (I would never have thought that!), but the course was almost made for me to be teaching in it anyways: Helping students learn LaTeX and MATLAB - two programs I use daily on a pretty advanced level. And then helping them to write some professionally feeling experimental reports and articles. It turned out really nice - and their final exam, a small conference where they each had to give