S U N D A Y. F E A T U R E #46

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Welcome to the 45th Sunday Feature!

Sunday Features are a special concept, where deviants can get three deviations featured for free. You can read more about the rules and how to get in in my journal:

Don't forget to give the article some :+favlove:, and to leave lots of :love:, :huggle: and :+fav: to the artists!

:iconmadmantnt:: sun flower dof by MadManTnT sky is so deep by MadManTnT winter magic by MadManTnT

:iconexekillan:: Marie Under BW by exekillan Feel the sound by exekillan Life through a lens by exekillan

:iconarbaxa:: Reach Out. by arbaxa Rain Down on Me. by arbaxa Green. by arbaxa

:iconwhiteicetiger:: :thumb190837788: :thumb187793513: :thumb189491710:

:iconmckatalyn:: Pulp Fiction - Lego by mckatalyn Beatles Abbey Road - Lego by mckatalyn Lord of War - Lego by mckatalyn

:iconluckydog33k:: Zoe Jane by Luckydog33k The Gang by Luckydog33k

:iconprince-in-disguise:: CSI Miami - Part of the Scene by Prince-in-Disguise CSI Miami - Cause of Death by Prince-in-Disguise

:iconcami86:: life is just like that by Cami86 The Witch by Cami86 Seung Mina - SC IV by Cami86

:iconburnedbydesires:: :thumb176662286: :thumb180822692: :thumb172994119:

:icon814200:: Speed Painting 'Underworld' by 814200 Matte Painting: Foreign Planet by 814200 Stream of Consciousness rem. by 814200

:icontheycallmeurska:: :thumb184338029: :thumb182762849: :thumb182534963:

:icondaily-telegraph:: Random photo 2, Donetsk by daily-telegraph Paris 4 by daily-telegraph City pond, Donetsk by daily-telegraph

:iconellinrep:: Fun with colors by ellinrep memories by ellinrep Lime and flowers by ellinrep

:iconoutstarwalker:: slash from quake 3 arena by outstarwalker graveyard of broken dreams by outstarwalker slight case of overbombing by outstarwalker

:iconmaddi-jane:: go west by maddi-jane the path less taken by maddi-jane detach by maddi-jane

:iconartisticsoldier:: Cameron Star by ArtisticSoldier Shining Bunny by ArtisticSoldier Blood Craver: Ch. 47-50Protection
This was the only time that I had to ask both Mark's and Harry's parents if they could stay with me. I didn't want anything like this to happen again and it being my fault. And if it was to, they would have to be with me in order for me to get them out of it. I didn't know how their parents were going to react to a grown man asking for their child to stay him, but I had to be sure of their safety. I didn't want to be the cause of their death it someone that I knew was to come here for them like John did.
When I got there, someone was standing at the door. It was a man, and quickly assumed that it was either his father of uncle. Maybe even stepfather. Like before, when I was 17 and a vampire, meeting Derrick for the first time, I was nervous. I could tell that Jennifer knew what was up, but she didn't say anything, just looked.
"What?" I finally asked.
"He's not going to kill you, Justin," she told me. "He's just concerned."
"And if he's not, and he does kill

:iconmorbid-vixen:: Rouge Snow White by MoRbiD-ViXeN Light My Fire by MoRbiD-ViXeN Drops Of Silence by MoRbiD-ViXeN

:icon6th-room:: blank by 6th-room

:iconnemesis158:: Green 4 by nemesis158 Up into the Sky by nemesis158 Morning Dew 4 by nemesis158

:icong2ksurivemors:: Still Wet by G2KSurivemors Line of Fire by G2KSurivemors


:iconcata-angel:: i love sunflower by cata-angel Tower Eiffel by cata-angel Playa de Arembempe 2 by cata-angel

:icontsenny:: It's Like Poison by Tsenny Westward by Tsenny

And then some shame-less self-promotion :giggle::

Golden bliss III by Bozack The storm by Bozack Withered I by Bozack No access by Bozack Basilica by Bozack
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thanks a lot! I love all these features! :heart:
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Needless to say it came as a complete surprise when I got the note stating I was one of those featured as my friend didn't say a word about it to me, however I thank everybody for doing what they do <3

It really is a nice collection with a lot of artists and photographers I hadn't seen here on dA which is certainly very nice.

Once again, thank you very much and I hope everybody has an amazing day <3
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you have a lovely day as well - I must say I think it was a really great idea of your friend :hug:
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Great stuff here. thanks for the feature :)
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thank you so much!!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Great collection. :clap:
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6th-room's avatar
Great! Thank you!^^
TheyCallMeUrska's avatar
thank you!! :heart: great feature! :D
have a wonderful sunday! :la:
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Bozack's avatar
darn - forgot to change 45 to 46 one place :lol:
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