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Quietude II


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Internal Ascension

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2011 As Seen Through Art

2011 was full of emotional events the world around, and our community responded at unprecedented levels. From natural disasters to historical celebrations, entertainment milestones to tearful goodbyes, our community spoke out like no other community can — artistically, creatively, and emotionally. In many ways, last year marked the final chapter of a few eras, opening the door to new beginnings for 2012. Let's take a look...


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Wishlist Project 2011

=nayruasukei used to do this the previous few years so credit for this idea goes to her. Guidelines: Write a Christmas Wishlist containing 10 wishes. It can be anything you want from small wishes (e.g. Christmas cards, a subscription) to really big wishes (a trip around the world). When you write your wishlist make sure, that it includes only things that you truly wish for. (smaller things like christmas cards, subscriptions, prints etc. are easier to grant but it's not only about receiving. And if it's your greates wish to have those $200 Highheels then put them on your list, even if it's an unlikely wish to get granted but you


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