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Punting in Oxford
Punting in Oxford
Dappled sun on fresh-faced cheeks,
Trailing a hand in the green smooth water
Pulling blossom from passing boughs
While watching the ducks berate each other.
A bottle of wine is tied to the stern
Cooling in the gently rippling wake;
Laughter and chatter have softly faded,
Dozing happily to the sound of birdsong
Or else the lapping water round,
The slow and steady splash of pole.
Pimm’s passed round in plastic cups,
No words are needed to enjoy the sun,
To share an afternoon out on the Cherwell.
Essays are done or else forgotten:
No lectures today and the tute’s tomorrow;
The only things to concern them now
Are whether to stop by some grassy bank
Cut off from anything but the river
And crack open that wet, cold bottle of white
Or else carry on up to the Victoria Arms
And see who has enough for a meal and a pint.
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Song For The Internet
Falling apart at the seams
A ragtag ragdoll
Stuffing unravelling
Stitching coming loose
The day to day
Gets in my way
My brain only wants to fly
In my unreality
I can be who I want to be
Find the things in life I know will always pass me by
Behind the drab banality
My imagination’s running wild, you see
Creating complications, situations, flying high
Dragging my feet on the ground
A lumpish woebegone
Grey and washed out
A nothing on the treadmill
The dog eat dog
Is such a slog
I have to find the time to hide away
In my fantasy
All my dreams can come to me
I can lose myself in perfection that I know I’ll never find
Every possibility
Is lying there in wait for me
To hold it, grasp it tight and start to fly
Falling back down with a start
Dazed and disappointed
So much is wanting
So much unfulfilled
It brings me down
To come around
I yearn to find the time to soar once more
In my dichotomy
I’m close to insanity
I want to live my life inside something that never will be mine
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Skittering, tumbling,
Flittering, fumbling,
Skidding the length of my kitchen floor,
Rumptious, bumptious,
Utterly scrumptious,
Rolling polling bundles of fur.
Pottering, footling,
Nosing and rootling,
Dashing, crashing all over my toes,
Cavorting, careering,
Cat mountaineering,
Climbing, sliding, jittery small.
Squeaking and wriggling,
Tickling, squiggling,
Frolicking, rollicking flurry of paws;
A scattering smattering,
Stalking and scratcheting
Rumpus of tigerish tinies at work.
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Ode To Little Girls
Ode To Little Girls (or 'Who'd Be A Mother?' )
Sugar and spice and all things nice
That's what little girls are made of.
When they pee on the floor
And slam every door
Thump their brother hard straight in the eye
Or they pull the cat's tail
Then try to eat snails
Calmly tell you an out-and-out lie.
Dreaming of kittens and warm, woollen mittens
That's what little girls are meant to do.
When they're screaming for sweets
And demanding rich treats
Or refusing to do as they're asked
Throwing tantrums galore
(Or themselves to the floor)
When you just try to give them a bath.
Glitter and lacey frills, fairies and ballet skills
That's what little girls are supposedly into.
That they pull people's hair
Refuse ever to share
Run amok, cause chaos and riot.
They may dress all in pink
But ain't as sweet as you think
Little princesses? Pah! I don't buy it!
Flowers and fancies, sweeties and candies
That's what little girls are all said to like.
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But Since I Don't
But since I don't I'll stand here wet,
And since you do you have the towel,
But when did them have all the get
That go out walking in the foul?
And since I didn't we had no brolly
But 'cos you are you don't complain
If anything it was rather jolly
To go out walking in the rain.
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My Shame
I waited in the rain ‘mongst screaming girls
My best dress on, my hair all done with curls;
At last to see my hero in the flesh!
(In spite of being crushed by fans and press).
The limousine, all sleek and black, drew near
And screams of girls near broke the drums of ears;
A tailored trouser-leg, a well-heeled boot,
A melting smile to match the perfect suit,
But a million camera flashes split the night
And all the crowd was dazzled by the light;
Now blind, I stumbled, lost my bearings all,
Grabbed out to stop as through the rope did fall...
Twas front page news, accompanied by pics:
“Star’s Trousers Lost To Lustful Lunatic!”
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The Plaything
I’m just some trophy to you, am I not?
Some trinket to parade in front of your friends
On the arm of your Versace suit
Like a dog on a leash or a new pair of shoes.
I may have legs up to my armpits, it’s true,
I may indeed be a natural blonde,
But I also have a degree or two
(Not that you ever bothered to find that out).
I worked for the VSO out in Nepal,
I helped at the nursing home on the weekends,
I wrote a thesis on Proust long ago,
But all you care about is that my dress looks good,
That the people admire, stop and stare,
Wonder how on earth you acquired such a beauty.
I’ll admit I was dazzled by the lifestyle.
I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy parties in Rio,
The yacht in Cannes, the Italian villa?
But it’s beginning to pall, all the wining and dining:
The incessant jet-setting of the too-rich-for-words.
There has to be more to life than just this,
And I have to be worth more than mere diamonds and pearls.
I am your plaything, your insignificant other:
A toy to
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Ballad on the Deaths of...
Ballad of the Deaths of Elenros and Beriorgan
In all the tales of yore, long past,
Are the deeds of heroes sung:
How lovers joined or parted were,
Or else the victory was won.
Beyond hope was the Ring destroyed;
And Barad-Dur cast down, o'erthrown.
Then Middle Earth was overjoyed
As King Elessar took his throne.
And yet there are the lesser tales
Of those who lived through such dark times:
Heroes; their deeds unknown, unsung.
Yet knowledge of their valour climbs
With the cries of those they lost
Weeping to Eru of their grief;
Mourning loved ones now cut down,
Whose stay here was too short, too brief.
Of such a tale I now shall sing
Of valour, strength and more besides.
How elf and man together fought;
How side by side they fought and died
To protect one dear to both of them:
A boy, a man-child barely grown,
Who watched his father and his friend
Fight bravely till at last brought down.
One an elf of Doriath.
Tall, noble, fair as all his race,
Now living under Elrond's roof:
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Missing You
If I had the words, my love,
I'd tell you what you mean to me;
How in the darkened lonely nights,
With foreign sirens thoughtless wailing,
I thought of you and of your warmth.
How in the corner of my eye
I'd catch a glimpse of brunette curl
On the pillow too empty white:
A shadow-memory quickly shattered.
How in pain I'd sit all day
Aware of nothing but your absence,
Incapable of any act or thought
Lost deep within my memories
Of happier and loving times,
When I could hold you in my arms
And feel your kiss upon my breast;
When my heart was full and glad
And all my world was you and yours.
So come to me my other half,
My love, my lover, and my life.
Come hold me in your warm embrace
And, this time, never let me go.
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For Me?
If I told you that I loved you
Would you take a bullet in the head?
For me
For me
If I dared to let you in my life
Would you climb Everest in the nude?
For me
For me
If I chose you above all others
Would you wrestle an anaconda?
Would you find a grizzly bear and poke it hard?
If I let you kiss me
Would you dive off Niagra Falls?
For me
For me
If I bared my soul and all
Would you sacrifice a limb?
For me
For me
If I let you stay the night
Would you stab yourself in the heart?
For me
For me
Before I make my choice
I need to know how far you’d go:
I’m insecure and love’s a tricky thing, you see.
If I finally let you love me
Would you boil yourself in oil?
For me
For me
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Stop The World...
Stop The World, I Want To Get Off
It’s what makes the world go round,
The little things that matter.
‘I love you so,’ ‘You are enough,’ -
Seemingly innocent, idle chatter.
‘That haircut really suits you,’
‘No, of course you don’t look fat,’
‘It’s just what I’ve always wanted.’
We exchange them tit for tat.
‘It wasn’t me, sir, honest,’
‘Me? I didn’t say a word,’
‘The cheque’s already in the post,’
‘They should be seen and never heard.’
‘You know size doesn’t matter,’
‘Of course I’ve never faked!’
‘It happens to everyone now and then,’
‘Sorry, darling, I’m working late.’
‘I love Christmas shopping,’
‘Your mum’s come to stay? Fantastic!’
Everybody’s at it now:
The truth’s become elastic.
The white ones become black ones:
‘I barely touched him, sarg,’
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There is a sandwich on the floor.
Does no-one love it anymore?
It sits there, sadly, gathering dust:
A pathetically mouldy piece of crust.
One wonders what might lie within?
What jam or cheese or relish thin
Coats the bread and butter there?
But nought is seen for all the hair,
The bits of crumb, and old boiled sweet,
That cover its top, once sliced so neat.
A green and furry pile of fluff
Is all that’s left of what was once the stuff
To satisfy a tummy’s roar.
How did it end up on the floor?
Did some child throw it in a fit of pique,
Sick of marmite yet again that week?
Was it simply once one of a nest
Of cucumber sandwiches – only the best
Laid out to greet the vicar’s tea?
Or perhaps it was just meant to be,
For the message in that mouldy squidge
Says I need to clean behind the fridge
More often than I’ve done of late;
Thus sandwiches could avoid such fates
And rest content their work was done:
If not in the bin, then in the tum.
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Well, here we are then.  *looks about*  It's rather... grey, isn't it?  I suppose that's so it's suitably neutral so as to make the pics people post stand out, but even so.  Bleck.  :|

*pokes*  Can we tweaks and pretty it up, preciouss?  Apparently not.  Humph.

Anyway, yes, I decided, in my infinite wisdom to get an account on here.  I will not be posting my pitiful excuses for art, have no fear.  This is so I can keep track of friends' stuff and also see 'members only' pics.



On the remote chance that anyone might be interested, then I suppose I should confess my main 'artistic outlet' is writing, rather than 'art proper', and my main poison is LOTR.  I post fanfic on, OSA and Stories of Arda.  I post ficlets and random writing on my personal LJ.

I also dabble with GIMP and make icons (100x100 - suitable for LJ) - a skill in which I'm slowly improving, I think.  Those now have their own little LJ comm.

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