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Ubuntu Dock for XWidget

Ubuntu Dock for XWidget

:bulletblue:Right click on Icons to change shortcut setting.
:bulletblue:DragDrop file to Icons to replace shortcut.
:bulletblue:DragDrop files to Trash (left-bottom) icon to delete files to Trash.
:bulletblue:Drag bottom edge to resize dock height.
:bulletblue:First run this dock will auto fill your screen height size.
:bulletblue:The first icon is OpenStartMenu , need XWidget1.2.3 version in this [link]

:bulletblue:Download this skin & double click to install

Thanks for Toni XWdiget for your correction :)
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I would like to get updates , please select .apps and stars icon
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awesome work. really a clever widget.
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I have some suggestions .. like maybe someone can make that this dock crops the desktop so its always visible like in ubuntu ... and Its would be great if you could make a folder on dock witch would expand and you can see all things inside in that folder .. like on Object dock with stack dock plugin (google it).


it would be my DREAM DOCK :D
How to minimize the application in the Ubuntu Dock for XWidget.
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Just so you know, the "Ubuntu Dock" is actually called a "Launcher". :)
I currently use Ubuntu Natty Narwhal, so I thought I'd inform you. :P
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thanks for your info friend, I have never use Ubuntu Natty Narwhal before, so I don't know how it works.:)
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Ahhhhh... your missing out! You can test it out for free without even installing it ^_^ Many advantages of Linux in general. It probs be half as fast as what it would be loaded on your PC but you'd get a rough idea how it works ^_^
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can you give me it link? I'll try it.
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Yeah sure! I've also provided the link to the Linux Community Forum, should you endure any problems.

Ubuntu Download Page

Linux Community Forums

You can also run the installation set for Ubuntu / any other Linux distro, from a USB. You can also "install" them to a USB, so that you have an OS in your pocket :)

If your going to make a LiveUSB, then you should take a look at the <a class"a" href="[link]">instructions here.</a>

I'm a member of the Linux forum so tell them "BkS" sent you if you do run into any problems.

Good luck! :)
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Thank you so much...friend, I've downloaded the latest ubuntu to try :)
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Not a problem buddy. Let me know wat your thoughts are, it's always nice to hear what the Windows crowd thinks of Ubuntu. :w00t:
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Previously I've used ubuntu gutsy and Lindows, but in my office all use the Windows OS, so I had difficulty using the files that are not compatible with Linux. but I am still interested to learn another OS, especially variants of Linux OS.
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Great job! Thanks for sharing :)
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Thanks for your correction brother..:D
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how can i stretch it to fix screens height?
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Right Click on the widget - Configure - ajust Height with your monitor height resolution
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If you need set widget window size in Configure, you must Checked the property XWDesigner- xwidget Window- Auto Save Window size.
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Thanx for the advice :D
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